10 Best Skyrim Mods to Enhance the Gameplay

Skyrim has been around for a long period and most individuals have finished this game by now. You can now run away from the fact that it is an incredible game that brings forth several gameplay hours that have unique foes and quests. However, there is very little you can do in this game after some time. The only way you can gain more from this unbelievably popular game is to make good use of the available games. The challenge is that we have thousands of mods that are added every single day and finding the right one for Skyrim can be quite challenging. This article presents to you the top ten best Skyrim mods that are available for your use. The most important thing is to have a clear understanding of how to apply these top Skyrim mods before you even download them on your device.

10 Best Skyrim Mods

1. Cutting Room Floor

The world of Skyrim is quite broad. It is full of several landscapes, characters, and creatures. The game can take you close to 100 hours but you may desire to check out on this mod after exploring and completing everything. This mod allows you to venture deeper into this game and explore some of the things that didn't make the final cut in Skyrim. It is one of the top Skyrim mods as it exposes to you all the new NPCs, quests, among the other items that were taken away.

2. Alternative Smart

Are you over with the game and wish to get a new beginning? This mod will take you to that place. It is an alternative start mod that delivers several starting points for various characters. These characters are quite different and fit in the storyline is Skyrim in a perfect manner. You will be able to integrate this mod into your game and begin an alternative new storyline in your game. Some of the characters you can start to include a necromancer, farmer and many more. It offers an exciting spin in your original gameplay and characters such as the shipwrecked on the island with only rags make up this fantastic survival style gameplay.

3. Monster Mayhem

Its fine to battle the monster but beating the same target each time can become so boring. There is no way you will replicate the thrill of facing unknown and new creatures. The monster mayhem comes in handy as a remedy to this problem. The mod introduces several new creatures to this Skyrim world. It opens up a slew of various levels and each of them has its exclusive behemoth. It’s quite thrilling to battle these monsters as it delivers what most people are searching for which is more things to destroy.

4. Relighting Skyrim

You should have realized light coming from some illogical sources if you have been playing Skyrim or are just a beginner. We have doors that emit light or there may not be any realistic directional light. This mod can help you to fix this problem and make Skyrim graphically appealing. This mod will reprogram the whole game and give a much better lighting effect in the game. It is an excellent skyrim mod manager for this game. The light will only come from that stars, and fires among other light sources than the ordinary non-luminous objects such as rocks and benches.

5. Duel Combat Realism

This mod offers an incredible fix to Skyrim’s unrealistic combat system. The mod will completely change how you fight every battle. As a user, you will be forced to pay maximum attention to the stamina bar making it critical for survival. The mod brings realism by tying in your weapons and armor. If you apply an excellent shield, it may end up stopping the attack completely. Therefore, all users are expected to be tactical and apply both offense and defense if they expect to report some victory.

6. Moonpath to Elsweyr

You will agree to the fact that exploring a single place for a long time ends up being quite boring. This mod will help you to introduce a new gameplay and landscapes to Skyrim. The mod gets the user to Elsweyr which is a beautiful landscape that has wilderness and forests. The user can hunt and stalk his prey and also explore Elsweyr with six short quests. All Elsweyr characters are created carefully with voice acting. The mod pairs up with the 2K texture mod and the Elsweyr landscape is a beautiful one. The use of these textures makes the beauty to come to life.

7. 2 K Textures

Do you have a top of the line PC that has bleeding edge specs? If yes, then you need to try out this mod. Skyrim is a relatively old title and hence it does not have some fine details and textures. Even though it has an HD patch, this mod also tends to go beyond it. The textures that this mod offers are up to 2160 resolution (4K). It completely modifies the game’s visuals. These details will make the game more life-like and appealing, at some fps cost and the mod taxes the GPU.

8. Reverse Crafting

This mod brings some of the most needed features in the game. In the old plain Skyrim, if the gamers on the quest discover a useless thing such as a lower tier sword, the item will be thrown away. You cannot reutilize these materials to make a different thing. This mod delivers that feature to Skyrim. You can either recycle or re-purpose the materials of any junk item you come across. It makes the overall game playing better for all players as you can easily use the materials in another place for better and bigger things.

9. Apocalypse Spells Mod

Not all the free skyrim mods have the power to enhance the visuals of your game. However, some of the mods will spice your gameplay and add extra features that bring a lot of fun to the game. Apocalypse brings 140 spells to the gameplay. The spells vary from smashing enemies to the calling of basic objects and summoning fierce tornadoes that will suck everything along their path. The spells have an excellent design and play well with the tone and history of Skyrim.

10. Bondolier Extra Inventory

Skyrim has a massive world with several weapons and items. You will come across several items on your quest and most of them are useful. Therefore, it can be a daunting task to choose between these mods. This mod will allow the game character to hold more items that is the case of plain Skyrim. The implication is that you will have all the items you require without leaving anything behind.


This article only presents 10 best Skyrim mods that will enhance your gameplay. However, you can still find a long list of mods that will take your Skyrim gameplay to the next level. All you need to do is know the most important ones and you will be good to go.

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