10 Best B2B SEO Experts In Europe

In light of the growing complexity and competitiveness of the digital landscape, B2B businesses face many challenges. Establishing an online presence is undoubtedly a major one. Amid changing search algorithms and a constantly growing sea of competitors, maintaining a stronghold on organic traffic and lead generation can seem impossible. But fear not! A myriad of solutions exist in the form of B2B expert SEO  right here in Europe. 

They are not just versed in the technical aspects of SEO but also understand the unique intricacies and demands of the B2B industry. It’s time we introduce you to these game-changers.

List of The TopB2B SEO Experts In Europe

The following list contains a list of the top B2B SEO experts in Europe. Let us discuss them right here. 

Alexej Pikovsky

Alexej Pikovsky

As the founder of NUOPTIMA, one of Europe’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, Alexej Pikovsky tops our list due to his exceptional leadership and innovative strategies. And it is precisely these skills that he has utilized to propel his firm to a record-breaking achievement.

Moreover, Pikovsky heads a 40-member team of SEO professionals who specialize in many facets of digital marketing, such as SEO content authoring, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. He only hires the best talent from around the globe to ensure NUOPTIMA stays at the cutting edge of the industry. 

Under his able leadership, the agency developed significantly, going from $0 to $1.2M. This success helped him win several awards along the way.

The journey of Pikovsky

But lets us recede a bit backward. The journey Pikovsky’s in digital marketing didn’t begin with  NUOPTIMA. Alexej is an investor who has turned into an operator. The journey started off with Investment Banking in London. Thereafter he went into becoming an investor (venture capital) (Delin Ventures) and private equity. 

Slowly he started off with diverse models in the business. He understood the many levers to attain growth. He went on to increase his skills in raising funds.  At the close of 2019, Pikovsky, a B2B founder, ventured into the CBD industry, where SEO is key to success. NUOPTIMA was born on the pedestal of success in the marketplace.  After a few circles of capital investment, he was able to extract wealth to create fromalphawellbrands.com – holding many highly returning internet-based businesses.

His drive for success in his ventures was highly motivating, just like his dedication to knowledge sharing. This finds demonstration particularly when he and his team orchestrated a program on SEO ACCELERATOR. It brought to the forefront secrets of the industry and fetched new clientele.

  •     Company: NUOPTIMA
  •     Specialization: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and  SEO,
  •     Base: London, The United Kingdom
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /alexej-pikovsky

Viktor Bartak

Viktor Bartak

Viktor Bartak, an alumnus of the esteemed Imperial College London with a degree in Nuclear Physics, has been making waves in the web optimisation industry for the past 15 years. As the Head of SEO at the best B2B SaaS SEO agency, he has worked with over 300 European B2B businesses to help improve their online ratings. Hence, his experience is not confined to a particular industry; he has worked with organisations in e-commerce, hotel, agro manufacturing, SaaS, finance, cybersecurity, and real estate.

As the head of Search Engine Optimization at an SEO agency of high repute, Viktor Bartak has made a name for himself through his remarkable track record of success. His achievements in the field of SEO are marked by notable accolades and recognition. His most recent feats include winning the most interesting and effective  B2B SEO Campaign at the UK Search Awards 2022.

In addition to this prestigious award, Bartak has been recognized as a finalist in different categories, reflecting his versatile expertise in the field of SEO. He has been a finalist for Best Search Engine Campaign, Best Use of the  B2B Search, Best Use of the  B2C Search, and Best Optimizer of the  FMCG Search. His consistent recognition in these diverse categories showcases his ability to deliver exceptional results across various industries and search contexts.

Viktor Bartak Previous Achievement 

Before stepping into his current role, Bartak had already made significant strides in the industry. He freelanced for approximately 100 clients and demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by acquiring and revamping websites to generate passive income. Moreover, his passion and deep understanding of search engine trends led him to secure a job at NUOPTIMA.

His SEO approach traverses beyond the periphery of generating traffic; he is proficient at drawing an audience. His primary area of focus is inundating his clients’ websites with consumers primed to make a purchase, a technique that proves to be more effective and sustainable in the years to come. Bartak also extends his expertise beyond his professional role, sharing valuable insights on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube. He offers guidance on critical topics such as selecting the ideal SEO agency and devising effective SEO strategies for IT and Cyber Security companies.

  •     Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Area of Specialization: SEO, Digital Marketing
  •     Based in: London, United Kingdom
  •     LinkedIn Profile: Viktor-bartak 

Lisa Mazharova

Lisa Mazharova

Lisa Mazharova is experienced at delivering high-quality SEO content to businesses of all sizes across Europe and worldwide. She holds a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from the esteemed University of Maryland, a qualification that prepares her with a unique mix of content-creation skills along with scientific insight. Over the past decade, she has meticulously studied Google’s algorithms, gaining a deep understanding of what works best to deliver SEO copy that ranks and converts.

Mazharova heads a team of over 30 SEO writers from around the globe. Her ability to translate complex marketing objectives into actionable guidelines ensures that her team adapts quickly to changing search engine algorithms and industry trends. Together with her team, she actively collaborates with over 20 clients from diverse industries. One of her notable achievements includes generating expert-level technical content for 105 pages for a cybersecurity company in just four months.

Simply, with a decade of experience, Mazharova has mastered the art of discerning the content that best aligns with different clients’ needs. She is skilled at in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Analytics.

  •     Company: NUOPTIMA
  •     Specialisation: SEO, Content Strategy
  •     Based in: Ukraine
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /lisa-mazharova-095a47134

Aman Ghataura

Aman Ghataura

Aman Ghataura is renowned for ushering in the growth of SaaS businesses development  B2B service providing. A the  NUOPTIMA, managing the Head of Growth, Ghataura attained a solid portfolio. This includes investing around  $3m+ in paid ads. He thereafter generated qualified hundreds of sales calls. Consequently, it successfully steered an agency from ZERO to £1m ARR at an astounding speed in merely 18 months. 

Ghataura’s background in education is as superb as his professional attainments. He finished his MSci from the Imperial College London in Physics. This strong academic foundation helped develop his analytical approach to Search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Ghataura, at the same time, is a professional renowned for organizing workshops. There he shares his organic strategies. He frequently contributed to digital platforms, plus his LinkedIn and the YourTube channel of NUOPTIMA. There he hosts sessions on topics like return on investment forecasting from SEO.

  •     Company: NUOPTIMA
  •     Specialization: Email Marketing, E-Commerce, B2B Marketing, SEO, Webinar Funnels, Personal Branding, and  Ghostwriting,
  •     Based in London, United Kingdom
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /man growth

Patrick Langridge

Patrick Langridge

Patrick Langridge is the SEO Director at Screaming Frog, a renowned search marketing agency based in Henley-on-Thames, UK. His role involves delivering best-in-class technical SEO services to diverse clients. With a rich background in PR and media production, Patrick has successfully transitioned into the realm of SEO, where he now leads a team of search marketers and content specialists.

Patrick’s expertise lies in comprehending the intricacies of search engine algorithms and applying this knowledge to improve websites for increased visibility and ranking. His leadership role at Screaming Frog involves strategizing and implementing SEO campaigns and mentoring the next generation of SEO professionals.

Despite his busy schedule, Patrick is also an active participant in industry events and discussions, often sharing his insights and experiences with the broader SEO community. Simply, his contributions have helped shape Screaming Frog’s reputation as a leading search marketing agency in Europe and beyond.

  •     Company: Screaming Frog
  •     Specialization: SEO, Creative Content, Digital PR
  •     Based in: Greater Reading Area
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /Patrick-langridge

Hazel Jarrett

Hazel Jarrett

Based in the UK, Hazel Jarrett, a corporate digital consultant, is the dynamic force behind SEO+. Her journey into the website optimisation industry began 20 years ago when she joined a local web company. Over the years, she has refined her skills and broadened her understanding of SEO, assisting many businesses to enhance their digital footprint and boost their conversions.

 She has curated various resources and courses to democratize effective SEO, making it accessible to everyone, irrespective of their budget. Her flagship offering, the SEO Accelerator, is designed to transition business owners from SEO-related stress to success.

Hence, Jarrett’s dedication to the cause of enriching the digital ecosystem has earned her widespread admiration and respect. Her trailblazing efforts have enabled businesses to seize untapped opportunities, witness unprecedented growth, and establish a powerful online presence. Her journey from a humble beginning to becoming a preeminent figure in the SEO landscape is an inspiration to aspiring digital entrepreneurs everywhere.

  •     Company: SEO+
  •     Specialization: SEO, Sales, Content Marketing
  •     Based in: Newton Abbot, England
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /seo-consultant-hazel-jarrett

Henrik Bondtofte

Henrik Bondtofte

With over 15+ years of experience, Henrik Bondtofte has established himself as a leading figure in the European SEO landscape. He’s employed as the administrative director of Bondtofte & Co., a digital marketing agency based in Odense, Denmark.

In addition to his role at Bondtofte & Co., Bondtofte also serves as an Engagement Partner at Obsidian Digital, further showcasing his versatility and commitment to the industry. His dual roles allow him to stay at the forefront of the industry’s latest trends and developments, ensuring his clients benefit from the most effective and up-to-date techniques.

Primarily, Bondtofte’s expertise lies in grasping the complicated dynamics of search engine algorithms and using this knowledge to optimize websites for placement on Google’s first page. He can achieve this through various online marketing aspects such as content optimization, keyword analysis, and meta-tag optimization.

  •     Company: Obsidian Digital
  •     Specialisation: SEO, Link Building, Online Marketing
  •     Based in: South Denmark, Denmark
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /henrikbondtofte 

Thomas Cubel

Thomas Cubel

This French SEO marketer has been helping entrepreneurs grow for over a decade. Thomas Cubel’s clientele primarily consists of website owners seeking long-term support or one-off services such as site migration, traffic drop analysis, and SEO audits. He also collaborates with agencies and other consultants for white-label services or knowledge transfer sessions.

Cubel’s YouTube channel, created in 2012, has garnered over 2.11k subscribers and serves as a platform to share his knowledge and insights on SEO and online business. His content ranges from tutorials on popular tools and advice on good SEO practices to in-depth discussions on key topics in the field.

Cubel also hosts a series of podcasts on his channel, where he discusses various topics related to web-based marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship. His “SEO tools” playlist highlights a selection of viable tools for optimization, providing demonstrations, tutorials, and advice on their use.

  •     Company: Freelancer
  •     Specialization: SEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing
  •     Based in: Paris, France
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /Thomas Abel

Olaf Kopp

Olaf Kopp

Donning multiple hats at Aufgesang GmbH, a renowned web marketing agency based in Germany, Olaf Kopp is the co-founder and the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). Since 2014, he has also been the guiding force behind the company’s SEO operations. His wealth of knowledge isn’t just confined to SEO and content marketing. He has a solid track record in orchestrating successful PPC advertising campaigns.

 Beyond his contributions to Aufgesang, Kopp extends his influence by co-organizing SEACamp Jena, a well-attended event centered on search engine advertising. He has also been a lecturer at Steinbeis University, teaching SEO, Google Analytics, and content marketing from 2013 to 2018. Furthermore, he was a seminar leader at the IHK Hannover for Google Analytics and Google AdWords from 2010 to 2015.

But his engagement doesn’t stop there. Kopp is also an active contributor to the broader SEO community. He’s given talks, podcasts, and interviews on topics including semantic search, E-A-T, digital brand creation, and entity-based search.

  •     Company: Aufgesang GmbH
  •     Specialization: SEO, SMM, Advertising
  •     Based in: Hannover, Germany
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /olafkopp

Gregory Liénard

Gregory Liénard

Gregory Liénard is the CEO and CTO of iPower, a company he launched to assist businesses in establishing their presence on the Internet. Based in Belgium, Liénard has always been fascinated by computers, writing his first programs on a Commodore 64 as a child. Since 2004, he has been analyzing these algorithms, gaining a deep understanding of how search engines rank websites.

Moreover, under Liénard’s leadership, iPower offers numerous effective online marketing services, including SEO, web development, and content strategy. His expertise in SEO and his technical skills as a CTO allow him to provide comprehensive solutions to his clients. He is also an active member of tech-related social media groups, where he regularly shares his insights and experiences, contributing to the industry’s understanding of SEO and online marketing.

  •     Company: iPower
  •     Specialization: SEO, SMM, Advertising
  •     Based on: Automation, Business Strategy, AI
  •     LinkedIn Profile: /gregory-liénard-617a3b1


This curated list of the 10 top SEO maestros based in Europe. These experts have many skills, from their keen understanding of search algorithms to their knack for boosting online visibility. So, whether you are a fledgling business trying to spread its wings or an established company aiming to take flight in new territories, you will find an SEO specialist here who can guide you. 

Remember, the path to success begins with the right partner. So explore, engage, and choose the perfect fit to help your business stand out and soar in the digital sky. The world of opportunities is just a click away!

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      Barsha Bhattacharya

      Barsha Bhattacharya

      Barsha Bhattacharya is a senior content writing executive. As a marketing enthusiast and professional for the past 4 years, writing is new to Barsha. And she is loving every bit of it. Her niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel and entertainment. Apart from writing, Barsha loves to travel, binge-watch, research conspiracy theories, Instagram and overthink.

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