Human Fall Flat continues getting chaotic with a sequel: anticipation rises!

The physics-driven, slapstick action game is fun to play and has been popular across all ages. It has been such a success that it has created the opportunity to make another sequel.

Devolver Digital will publish the sequel. However, there has not been any official date announced for the game. You can feel the teaser chaotic when you see it, appropriate to the feel of the first game. The official site describes the sequel as “bigger, better and clumsier.”

The game is in the process of development; hence, initially, it is being created to release on PC. However, the developers are also working to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and 5. The physics engine of the sequel will be completely new. Hence, it has the capability of becoming more challenging.

The first game, Human: Fall Flat, has been widely praised worldwide, and the average score that the game users have rated is 7.5. The MetaCritic score is also 70, and overall, the game has been considered significantly positive in 2016.

The teaser has elements like wobbly humanoids, sandbox levels, new mechanics, and new gameplay interactions. The game also features a more refined control of the gameplay by the players. The music and the visuals are further developed concerning graphic development.

Human Fall Flat continues getting chaotic with a sequel

The game’s motto is destruction and construction in balance; therefore, the sequel has been designed in such a way that it takes the motto forward. A significant feature of the first game is that the contents are free, and it keeps getting updated. It ensures that the users come back again and again.

The original publisher of Human: Fall Flat was Curve Games, which has given over the complete publishing duties to Developer Digital. Considering the physics-based platformer genre has become more challenging, Developer Digital can take the game to the next level.

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