Meta Tries To Get Support For Trending Topics Feature On Threads!

Threads was launched by Meta earlier this year, and clearly, it was a competitive move against another social media platform, X, previously known as Twitter. There is an option for the Trending Topics feature on Meta, which allows you to find any discussed topics on X.

According to the screenshot accidentally posted by a Meta employee, Meta is looking for support for the Trending Topics feature. It is a new feature, but it isn’t very clear regarding the competitiveness towards platform X.

When Meta first launched Threads, many people observed and claimed that it was created to compete with X, which Elon Musk owns! However, in an interview with The Verge, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri informed that the social media platform aimed to compete with something other than X!

Instead, Meta’s aim for creating Threads was to form a platform for communities on Instagram. According to him, hard news and politics are good, but incremental engagement is more important for him. Negativity and scrutiny are all a part of the revenue of the media platform. However, it is integrity that matters!

Many users have concluded that the Trending Topics feature is related to the development of Threads! However, this feature might never be accessible to users or will never be introduced, but it is a source of information.

Politics and breaking news are easily available through this feature for any outrage on Twitter. So, it is one of the best resources for information, considering the topics are ranked numerically.

App developer William Max first spotted the screenshot that exposed this information! He identified the screenshot posted by an employee at Meta whose name has not been disclosed. You can find several topics and how they are published in numerical form through the feature!

The keyword search feature on Threads was unveiled last month! It is quite updated and is accessible in both Spanish and English.

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