6 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Phone in 2018

With a lot of brands, apps, features, and prices making the market of smartphones today, it is easy ending up purchasing a phone which does not serve your requirements. With phones playing a vital role in life, investing in a novel one is not a thing to take lightly. To assist you navigate the purchase process, there are several things you need to remember while shopping around.

1. Durability:

Would you like to purchase a phone which will break after several months? Nobody would like to purchase a fast breaking phone. Phones possess particular durability levels, and it is as if they are quite invincible. There are many durability reviews of phones online and you can also read others from offline sources. Populous phones possess drop tests which have been done on them. In case you have children, it is probable that you will require a durable phone. Additionally, you will need a durable phone if you are accident prone or have slippery hands.

You need to choose phones that have exterior materials that are metallic or those phones with screens that are resistant to scratches. It is recommended to purchase a casing that is resistant to shock as it will protect the phone well. You need to make sure that you get a screen that is made of plastic because it is resistant to scratches.

2. Camera:

The camera is a very crucial aspect on the phone. You need a phone with a camera that you can rely on for taking quality photos. A camera with more megapixels does not necessarily mean that it is better. The advantage of having more pixels is print quality. When you have plans for printing huge photos from the phone, you require a camera that has a lot of pixels. The camera needs a flash because it is crucial when shooting in low light. A camera with the LED dual flash will provide the best lighting for your photos.

3. Memory:

Many people complain when their phones have limited storage. Many people download a few apps and then get the notification of insufficient space. Internal memory is very crucial for your phone. It is where your videos, pictures, and apps will get stored. Having a phone with a small storage amount can be frustrating. It is recommended to get a phone that has at least sixteen gigabytes of internal memory. The phone should have a memory slot that will allow for expandability through the microsd card. These cards are not expensive and will help increase the storage of your phone.

4. Battery Life:

Phones with low battery life can be annoying. It is inconveniencing and ridiculous to carry a charger everywhere. Many phones provide a battery life estimate but it is crucial to seek consumer reviews to get the actual life of the battery of the phone you are purchasing. You need a phone that has a proven battery life. A good phone needs to last you at least forty-eight hours depending on usage.

5. Reviews:

There is a belief that before purchasing something, it is vital to spend some time reading its reviews. There are many places that provide reviews for purchasing new phones like https://anewcellphone.com/best-phone-out-right-now/. They have a lot of info on the pros and cons of the phone. After reading several professional reviews, you will then read consumer reviews. This is the only method that will help you find details about the performance of the phone daily. You need to opt for a site with many reviews for you to know how the phone functions. YouTube is also a great place for viewing videos on new phones. It also has a lot of consumer reviews.

6. Apps and operating system:

Android and iOS have been topics of debate for many generations. Individuals who are fans of each operating systems will just go for what they know. It is, however, vital to note that some features and apps are not compatible in these systems. It is crucial to do your research on the operating system of your new phone before purchasing. Many people will go for an operating system that will give them access to features on all devices. Such conveniences need to be put into consideration when shopping for a new phone in 2018.


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