PC Gaming versus Laptop Gaming: What’s the Difference?

The selection of personal computers available to the gaming enthusiast has increased dramatically in just the last five to ten years. It seems each new generation of machines has at least one feature to make gamers think twice about waiting to upgrade. It goes without saying that the regularly introduced new models of graphics cards and processor hardware are usually a good enough reason for an upgrade on their own. You can view on ALLIEDGAMINGPC these upgraded components for gaming.

One question that has perplexed more than a few new PC buyers is the choice between laptop models and desktops. Some contend there is little difference between the two or, at the very least, not enough difference to justify one over the other. Others insist desktops have an inherent advantage due to their capacity for more powerful cooling mechanisms and compatibility with multimonitor displays.

As with most contests between divergent viewpoints, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

The Human Factor:

There is a compelling reason that aircraft, motor vehicles, and hand tools haven’t been completely redesigned in the wake of the technology revolution. The cockpit yoke, steering wheel, and hammer handle are the correct form factors for the human hand. Motor vehicles are very much like medieval swords. They were designed to be wielded and/or controlled by a human being of average height and reach.

Whenever hardware is being compared, it is important to recognize the important role the human frame plays in how each device is designed. For example, a laptop computer may be equipped with a touchpad, but it will still require an external mouse and, sometimes, a controller in order to be useful as a gaming platform. This is because the mouse and the controller are superior alternatives to a touchpad when it comes to accommodating the human hand.

Laptop Gaming Advantages:

The most obvious benefit of having a portable computer is obviously its portability. While this was likely a far more important issue in the days of the LAN party, being able to pick up your machine and move it from place to place has a unique appeal.

Laptops also give users the option of taking their games and their work or school assignments with them wherever they go. This can be a deal maker for students, who likely already have a portable computer for classwork.

Laptops optimized for gaming also often have considerable power, which can be utilized for processor- or graphics-intensive activities like video editing, graphics processing, and animation. This kind of versatility combined with portability can increase the convenience factor to the point where some gamers find they can’t justify a machine that is essentially locked to a specific location.

Unlike gaming desktops, laptops also take up little or no room, which is sometimes an important issue for students living in dorms or with roommates.

Desktop Gaming Advantages:

From a hardware equivalency standpoint, it is true that a properly designed and equipped gaming laptop can compete well with a similarly equipped desktop PC. However, the desktop models do have some considerable advantages.

Desktops can often take advantage of mainboard features that simply aren’t practical on laptops. RAID arrays, large-scale RAM arrays, and multiple-video-card configurations are among the possibilities. The multiple-video-card setups can also often drive ultra-high-resolution displays as well, which can add to the appeal of certain kinds of games.

Desktop PCs compensate for these features with the capacity for high-end cooling systems, which, in certain cases, can improve CPU performance incrementally. They can also be upgraded over time, which can be a consideration for hobbyists intent on keeping up.

heavy-duty gaming PC lives indoors where there is no need for portability. This means they can be hooked up to high-end audio systems, multimonitor displays, and high-speed internet access to get the best of all the various options. While it is true some laptops can take advantage of some of these options, the graphics issue, in particular, is where their larger cousins pull ahead. Therefore, extras bought on sites like yesgamers may well look better on a PC than a laptop so, if how things look is a priority for you, that may sway you more towards a PC.

Superior versus Better:

Ultimately, the question boils down to one of versatility compared with the needs of the niche hobbyist. A true sports car fan will restore a 1962 Ferrari and drive it occasionally. The more practical-minded sports car fan will buy a Corvette and drive it to work.

Is one better than the other? Ultimately, it depends on your point of view.

People for whom gaming is a lifestyle are likely to combine their dream desktop PC with a console or two and dedicate some square footage to their hobby. People for whom gaming is an occasional diversion may splurge for a new gaming laptop and then repurpose it during the day for graphics work, word processing, and email.

In either case, the games are likely to look great and still be a lot of fun.

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      Arina Smith

      Arina Smith

      Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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