The Largest Samsung 83 inch OLED TV Is Set To Be Shipped!

In order to compete with rival LG inch for inch, Samsung has officially unveiled their largest OLED screen size, which measures 83 inches. According to Samsung’s website, the Samsung QN83S90C will be offered later in July for a cool $5,400.

In my side-by-side comparison tests, premium TVs with OLED panels produce the clearest images. Although the QN83S90C is notable for not using QD-OLED technology directly, Samsung’s QD-OLED technology has presented LG with a more significant challenge than ever this year. Instead, it employs LG-compatible “WOLED,” or conventional OLED, technology.

LG provides OLED TVs in seven sizes, ranging in size from 42 to 97 inches, with the 97-inch model costing $25,000, however. Samsung now offers four OLED screen sizes, ranging in size from 55 to 83 inches.

The S90C series, of which the 83-inch Samsung is a part, does feature QD-OLED technology in its lesser sizes. The 83-inch S90C only supports 120Hz input, whereas those smaller sizes offer 144Hz gameplay. This difference isn’t significant, though, as 144Hz is only used by PC gamers with top-tier video cards. The latest OLED TVs from Samsung include built-in cloud gaming, which I appreciate but don’t think is a necessity.

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