Sony Launches A New Program “Foster Parents” For Aging Robot Puppy In Japan

Sony recently launched the “Aibo foster parent program” for its aging 2,900$, which ensures that dogs are sustainable for life. According to the information, this program is for those owners who have finished living with Aibo robot dogs. This means it is the saddest way to tell that those owners are not using Aibo robot dogs that program this for them only.

In 2018, the Sony ERS-1000 Aibo was introduced for a whopping 2,900 USD. This is an AI-powered doggo puppy with multiple external cameras and touch sensors that respond to the owners petting it. After reviewing the robot dog, it has been said that it is smart, capable, and a perfect imitation dog. The battery life of this robot dog is short, and they can’t go outside. Aside from that, this robot dog is pricey.

Aibo has so many capabilities to perform various tricks, such as standing on its hind legs or even greeting its owners at the door, and this has been manufactured to be “Mature” as per time.

Sony will charge a minimal fee for participating in the “foster parents” program, where they will provide treatment for the adopted Aibo robot dogs. The treatments will depend on Aibo’s conditions, such as thinking about donating robotic organs. The “Foster Parents Program” hiring process will begin this December from various medical institutions and nursing care facilities. Thus, if you are currently the owner of ERS-1000 and want to donate your Robo puppy, you can join this program, which is available in Japan.

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