5 Ways New Pet Tech Promotes Safety

As pet lovers, it’s very easy to count animal companions as part of the family. That is why, just like people, they are given the best care that can be afforded to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. This has brought about the creation of the pet-tech industry, which prioritizes what pet owners want for their little friends.

It has been a while since then, and pet technology continues to evolve and impress everyone. There’s nothing like the fear of potentially losing a beloved pet to an accident or neglectful mishap whether indoors or outdoors. And although it takes constant vigilance and dedication of pet owners, certain pet tech takes some of that burden away for the convenience they give. If you’re curious, read on to learn more about ways pet technology makes it safer for pets.

Keep Track (at Home):

Pet cameras were invented to satisfy the market of people who want to keep track of their animal companions when they’re away to work or on vacation. These cameras are similar to CCTV cameras with some that are controllable by Wi-Fi. Pet cameras usually come with a mobile app that allows pet owners to swivel the camera via Wi-Fi to look for their pet at home.

Some pet cameras can also interact with pets apart from keeping track of them and giving the owners a sense of security. You can also talk to your pets indirectly through a speaker, and you can hear their answering yips and whelps with the camera. Apart from seeing and talking, there are similar gadgets that allow you to give treats or “play” with them as well.

Locate Pet When Lost:

The last thing you want for your pet is for them to get lost when they roam around outside or, worse, get kidnapped by criminals who may want monetary compensation in return. Microchipping or GPS-tracking tags can help with that problem as these methods allow you to locate your pet on an app during these heartbreaking situations.

GPS pet tags can come in the form of either a collar or something that can easily be concealed in your pet’s fur or body part. They can be waterproof and come with LED lights or an alarm to easily give you a vision of the exact location of where they are in the area. This is especially useful for cats who may like to hide or injured pets whose protective instincts tell them to keep themselves hidden.

Microchipping involves inserting a microchip under your pet’s skin. This procedure does not require anesthesia because the implantation does not hurt the pet in any way. It can be done in a few minutes, and most pet owners choose to do this in conjunction with other kinds of surgeries, like neutering.

Each microchip is linked to a unique ID with the name of your pet, home address, and contact information so that others know where to reach you when they found your pet. The tracking can be done on an app or a web browser, which makes it easy for pet owners to locate their beloved animals anywhere.

Protection from Bugs and Diseases:

It’s no secret that the furry little friends we call family can easily get fleas from the surroundings. It can be a hassle if they do get infected with the pesky little bugs because it can be hard to track down their nest and it may take some time before all the fleas can be purged from the pets and the home. That is why bug-protection and prevention gadgets exist.

Pets, especially when they are younger are more prone to putting things in their mouth. Their curious nature makes them eat dangerous and poisonous pests that can harm them. This is why you need to employ the best exterminators in NY if you want to keep your pets safe and sound while they are at home. A clean house that is pest free is always good for pets.

From flea treatments, sprays, shampoos, and collars—these pet tech items are designed to protect your pets from bugs. When your pets are free from these pests, they reduce their chances of getting sick from it as well.

Vision at Night:

If you’ve ever been a fan of walking your pets or jogging with your pets at night, then you know that it can be dangerous. There are paths that are not as well-lit as others are, and it is a problem for both drivers and those who like to run at night. That is why it is important to alert others of your and your pet’s presence to prevent accidents.

Light-up dog collars are an efficient solution for nighttime woes. They sometimes come with LED lights or are made with a special reflective material that shines when car lights hit it. These collars work just like an ordinary collar, but they provide extra vision at night for the benefit of everyone.

Safety from Dehydration:

Everyone knows that water is important and hydration should be a priority for everyone, including pets. Pet bowls may do the trick of holding water, but what happens if it runs out of the water, your pet is thirsty, and no one is at home? While mild hydration is already alarming on its own, you never want to let your pet experience it or even anything beyond that because it can cause permanent damage or cause illness.

The evolution and innovation of pet tech have allowed the invention of the automatic pet fountain to provide fresh and clean water all the time. It can hold a lot of water, and you don’t need to replenish it ever so often. There are some that come with an advanced filtration system and a way for pet owners to clean them easily.

Understand Your Pets:

It goes without saying that the love owners have for their pets can be boundless. Gadgets and pet tech can only do so much for them, and while those are convenient, the best way to safeguard your pet is to understand them, to anticipate their reaction, and to plan for situations.

What are your favorite pieces of pet tech that you regularly use out of convenience? Share your answers in the comments below.

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Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at MashumMollah.com.

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Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at MashumMollah.com.

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