Top 20 AI Apps of 2023 You Must Know About!

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to redefine the way we interact with our devices. AI apps have become indispensable in our daily lives, from boosting productivity to enhancing creativity.

In this thorough guide, I will walk you through the top 20 AI apps of 2023, ensuring you stay ahead in the tech game. If that is something you want to know, I have you covered! Keep reading this blog till the end to learn more…

Top 20 AI Apps that You Should Try!

Gone are the days when people used to worry about the dangers or threats posed by AI. At present, people who use Artificial Intelligence in their day-to-day work are only interested in looking forward to the future of AI.

In this part of the blog, I will discuss the best twenty lesser-known AI apps that are making a difference. These AI apps cover a wide spectrum of needs, from education and health to travel and finance, showcasing the versatility and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

From personal well-being to productivity and creativity, each app brings a unique selling proposition that distinguishes it in the competitive world of AI applications.

So, without further ado, let us dive deep into this extensive list of AI apps that you should know about:

1. Replika

Firstly, on this list, we have a friend there to take care of us and listen. Imagine having a chat buddy who understands you better with each conversation. Enter Replika – an AI-powered chatbot designed to learn from your interactions, providing a unique and personalized conversational experience. So, whether you need a virtual shoulder to lean on or a friend to share your thoughts, Replika is there for you.

2. Lensa AI

Secondly, Lensa is on this list of the best AI apps. Say goodbye to mundane photo editing! Lensa AI takes image enhancement to the next level. Besides, with its advanced algorithms, this app automatically recognizes and enhances facial features, making your selfies Instagram-worthy in seconds. Embrace the power of AI for picture-perfect moments!

3. Copy AI

Thirdly, if you are struggling with writer’s block, Copy AI is your solution. This revolutionary writing assistant employs AI to generate compelling and creative content effortlessly. Above all, Copy AI understands your writing style, from blog posts to marketing copy, and produces content that feels like you penned it yourself.

4. Alexa

Fourthly, Amazon’s Alexa, launched in 2014, has become a household name. This AI voice assistant boasts sophisticated natural language processing, enabling fluent conversations. Recently powered by a new large language model, Alexa seamlessly integrates with smart devices for convenient control.

5. Socratic

Socratic, an educational app, transforms the homework experience for middle and high school students. With a simple picture taken on their phones, students receive AI-driven visual explanations across various subjects. Besides, since its acquisition by Google in 2018, Socratic has employed advanced text and speech recognition to assist in literature, physics, biology, trigonometry, and more.

6. Fyle

Fyle is a versatile expense management solution. It is seamlessly accessible on both desktop and as a mobile app. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Fyle streamlines various facets of employee expense management. Furthermore, this includes but is not limited to expense reporting, real-time data extraction, travel requests, advances, and comprehensive analytics.

7. FaceApp

Harnessing AI, FaceApp allows users to edit their selfies creatively, adjusting aesthetic features and even changing physical attributes. Besides, the related FaceApp Video extends these edits to videos. This provides a comprehensive tool for enhancing visual content.

8. StarryAI

StarryAI stands out among AI art generators, utilizing GANs and stable diffusion to turn text prompts into captivating images. Above all, as one of many text-to-image generators in the market, it empowers users to create diverse visuals, from AI avatars to NFTs.

9. Ask AI

Ask AI, powered by ChatGPT API and GPT-4, excels in answering user questions, chatting, and generating content based on text prompts. Above all, it offers diverse topics and multilingual capabilities and is a versatile tool for engaging conversations and content creation.

10. Cleo

Cleo is one of the best AI chatbots at the moment. It is designed for budgeting assistance and employs AI and natural language generation. Besides, it offers financial advice, sets budgets, tracks spending, and provides personalized messages based on user preferences.

11. Ally Financial

Ally Financial integrates AI into its mobile banking app, featuring a text and voice-enabled chatbot for inquiries, transfers, payments, and transaction summaries. Notably, the AI streamlines the loan approval process by extracting and verifying applicant information from various databases.

12., an assistive AI app, excels in audio transcription, note-taking, and live summaries. Ideal for collaborative content, the app allows multiple users to edit transcripts and add comments.’s versatility extends to iOS, Android, Slack, and a Chrome extension, making it a comprehensive tool for various needs.

13. Duolingo

Duolingo, with its AI-driven approach, provides language exercises with gamification elements. The app tailors lessons based on individual performance, leveraging data and machine learning for continuous course improvements across various languages.

14. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, as well as GPT 4, is a leader in chatbots and AI companies. It engages users in conversations, answers questions, and generates various types of text content. Widely used for creating articles, emails, scripts, essays, and code, it demonstrates OpenAI’s commitment to advancing AI language models.

15. Pi

Inflection’s Pi, a notable app in the tech landscape, competes with the likes of ChatGPT. Besides, users can engage in human-like conversations, seek advice, and receive interesting responses from the Pi chatbot. Currently exclusive to iOS, Pi has plans to expand to the Google Play store, generating user anticipation.

16. FitnessAI

Exclusive to iOS, FitnessAI uses AI to generate personalized workouts based on user experience and goals. With millions of preset workouts, the app optimizes sets, reps, and weights, allowing users to track progress over time.

17. ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak utilizes AI, speech data, and voice recognition to help users enhance their English speaking skills. Additionally, the app provides real-time feedback on pronunciation, personalized curriculum, progress tracking, and language proficiency assessments.

18. Character AI

Next on this list is Character AI. It introduces a unique tool for lifelike conversations with AI avatars, serving both serious and playful purposes. This app caters to diverse scenarios, from job interview preparation to casual chats with fictional characters. Furthermore, Accessible on both iOS and Android, Character AI adds a new dimension to interactive AI experiences.

19. Youper

Youper, a mental health app rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practices, stands out for its personalized approach. Users undergo a detailed assessment, enabling Youper’s conversational AI to engage in on-demand conversations. Furthermore, Youper caters to both iOS and Android users as it offers symptom monitoring and analytics with visualizations.

20. ChatSonic

Lastly, ChatSonic is an AI app that you simply cannot ignore. It is positioning itself as a ChatGPT alternative and claims to offer factual content creation powered by Google Search. However, verifying such claims is essential, especially considering the limitations of language models like GPT-3.

Wrapping It Up!

In conclusion, the world of AI apps is evolving at an unprecedented pace, offering us smarter, more personalized solutions to enhance various aspects of our lives. Whether you’re looking to boost productivity, improve your well-being, or simply have fun, these top 20 AI apps of 2023 have got you covered.

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      Ankita Tripathy

      Ankita Tripathy

      Ankita Tripathy loves to write about food and the Hallyu Wave in particular. During her free time, she enjoys looking at the sky or reading books while sipping a cup of hot coffee. Her favourite niches are food, music, lifestyle, travel, and Korean Pop music and drama.

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