What Is ChatGPT? How To Use This Tool? – Beginners Guide In 2023

The technology space is growing. Right now, we are using the blessings of technology in almost every aspect of our lives. And we are relying on technological solutions. Lets discuss about what is ChatGPT?

As you are searching about ChatGPT, I know you are one of us who uses technology for almost everything and prefers to try new technological solutions rather than relying on human resources. 

But ChatGPT is comparatively too new to rely on that. But that doesn’t mean you can not rely on it. Here, I will offer you the necessary information about ChatGPT. So, let’s start with developing some basic ideas about it. 

What Is ChatGPT? 


It is a large language model chatbot, which is developed by OpenAI. The complete development process is completely based on GPT-3.5. ChatGPT comes with a remarkable ability to interact in conversational dialogue form. 

Along with that, it also offers responses which can surprise us by even appearing surprisingly human. 

When we are talking about large language models, we need to focus on their performance. Right? 

It usually predicts the next word in a particular series of words.

Here, RLHF or Reinforce Learning with Human feedback is an additional layer of training which utilizes human feedback in order to assist Chat GPT in learning the specific ability of following directions along with generating responses. 

And the best part is that the generated responses are satisfactory to humans. 

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The ChatGPT Creator


OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI company, created ChatGPT. 

The parent company of the for-profit OpenAI LP is the non-profit OpenAI Inc. This company is popular for the globally known DALL·E, which is a deep-learning model for generating images from text instructions that are called prompts. 

Sam Altman is the CEO of this company. He was previously the president of Y Combinator. 

Large Language Models


So, after going through this article till this point, you obviously get to understand that ChatGPT is an LMM or large Language Model. All LLMs or large language models are trained with huge amounts of data pieces. 

And it is done in order to accurately predict the particular world that will come next in a particular sentence. It has been discovered that if the amount of data can be increased, the ability of the language model will also increase to do more and more. 

That means in order to make the language model more enhanced, the expert basically requires more data. 

Let’s think about it in a basic way. 

LLMs basically predict the next word in a specific series of words in a particular sentence and also the next sentences, so, basically, this is kind of auto-completing, but that too at a mind-bending scale, obviously. 

This specific ability lets language models write paragraphs along with entire content pieces. 

Although everything seems pretty outstanding, there are limitations as well. LLMs always can not understand what a human is actually wanting. Now, here, ChatGPT comes into action by improving the state of the art. 

With RLHF or Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback training, they can improve different sections of language models. 

User Guidance To ChatGPT

So basically, ChatGPT is the result of artificial intelligence. And trust me, having any type of conversation with this AI is really simple. You just need to enter the official website of OpenAI and open an account free of cost. Here, you also can use the Chat GPT app. 

Once you are done with the ChatGPT login, you will be able to see the chat bar. There, you will be able to write whatever you want to write. You will find examples in English, but there also will be options for other languages of your choice. 

You always need to remember that whatever you are typing there will be recorded. That information also can be reviewed by the OpenAI developers in order to improve ChatGPT. 

That is why we will always recommend you not put any personal information or input any potentially dangerous requests. 

How Can ChatGPT Help You?

Honestly, the complete functionality of ChatGPT has yet to be known. It is because the functionality depends on the ingenuity of the individuals who are interacting with it. You can always ask it for anything, conceptual or functional, at different levels. 

Here, artificial intelligence will do the thing using the data you have already provided. The best part is that it also can write blogs along with summarizing them in a set number of characters. 

If you want this, you also can ask the AI to write those texts that too in a specific register. That can be anything from a TikTok or YouTube script to a more sophisticated article. Here, you also can instruct the AI to use particular nuances of the language of a particular region. 

Limitations Of ChatGPT 

As of now, we understand that ChatGPT is an amazing invention. But this artificial intelligence also has some limitations. Here, I will guide you with those limitations. 

1. Answers Depend On Directions

The fact that the output quality always depends on the input quality is a really crucial limitation of ChatGPT. That means expert directions or prompts always generate better answers. 

2. Limited Toxic Response

ChatGPT is programmed in such a way that it will not offer any harmful or toxic responses. That is why it will always avoid those types of answers. 

3. Answers Are Not Correct Always

As ChatGPT is trained to offer answers that feel right to humans, its answers might trick humans into thinking that the input is correct. However, several individual users have discovered that ChatGPT is capable of offering incorrect answers, including some that are wildly incorrect. 

Is ChatGPT Free To Use?

The main usage of ChatGPT is presently open to all its users to try it out and also give feedback on the responses. This is because, with feedback, the AI can become a more improved one at answering questions along with learning from its mistakes.

That means you not only can use ChatGPT but also give feedback so that you can use a better version of it in the next few years. 

Understanding ChatGPT Pricing: Affordable AI-Powered Conversations

When considering ChatGPT for your business or personal needs, it’s essential to understand its pricing structure. ChatGPT’s pricing is designed to be transparent and accessible, catering to a wide range of users, from individuals to enterprises. In this article, we’ll break down the pricing details in a concise and reader-friendly manner while maintaining Google SEO optimization.

Free Access

To make ChatGPT accessible to as many people as possible, OpenAI offers free access. With this option, you can experience the power of ChatGPT without any upfront costs. It’s an excellent choice for personal projects, casual use, or exploring its capabilities.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

For users with more extensive or business-oriented needs, ChatGPT offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. With this option, you pay only for what you use, making it cost-effective and flexible. You are charged based on the number of tokens processed, where a token can be as short as one character or as long as one word.

Subscription Plans

OpenAI also offers subscription plans for those who require more predictable and consistent access to ChatGPT. Subscriptions come in different tiers, each with its own pricing structure. Subscribers enjoy benefits like faster response times, general access even during peak usage, and priority access to new features and improvements.

Usage-Based Pricing

The pay-as-you-go and subscription plans share a usage-based pricing model. You pay based on the total number of tokens processed. This includes both input and output tokens. For example, if you send a message consisting of 10 tokens and receive a response containing 20 tokens, you’ll be billed for 30 tokens in total.

Costs and Tokens

To help you estimate costs, OpenAI provides a cost calculator on their website. It allows you to input the number of tokens you expect to process and provides an estimate of the associated charges. This transparency helps users budget their usage effectively.

Enterprise Solutions

For larger organizations with specific requirements, OpenAI offers custom enterprise solutions. These tailored plans can include higher usage limits, dedicated support, and additional features. The pricing for enterprise solutions varies depending on your organization’s needs.

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Final Thoughts

So, in the end, I’ll say that ChatGPT is indeed a great innovation. It is a predictor of artificial intelligence that is going to be in the near future. But it is in the basic stage. You obviously can use it but can not completely rely on it. At the same time, I am also hoping to get a much-improved solution in the future as their developers are working really hard. 

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      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at MashumMollah.com.

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