An Unfamiliar Two-Tone Sound Occurs On iPadOS 16: Users Are Wondering

Recently, many users have noticed an awkward issue involving random sounds on their devices. A mild two-tone sound is heard at similarly random intervals. That is why this sound interrupts work or sounds that some users have faced.

This unexpected and unfamiliar sound has made users wonder about its potential causes and origin. Well, this sound is the outcome of a new feature included in iPadOS 16, which they might not be aware of. After further investigation, it has been found that this sound is not related to new functionality or any new feature of iPadOS 16.

This sound appears because of a common setting associated with the Stage Manager feature, and iPad users highly appreciate this. This sound helps in handling and managing so many tasks. This issue occurs, especially when the Stage Manager feature is enabled on the iPhone device. The mild two-tone sound is seemingly triggered when the Stage Manager feature is activated in the background.

If you are facing this issue on your iPhone device, you can turn off the Stage Manager feature by navigating the settings on your iOS device. It can be eliminated by disabling the feature. In the meantime, it is recommended that you monitor your device and even report the issue to Apple support for any assistance.

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