The 100 Best Android Apps of 2018

Android is one of the leading mobile solutions when it comes to the supply of Apps in the market. You can get an App for nearly everything you want to do with your Smartphone or tablet. However, you need to be keen as you choose these Apps so that you get the best that the market has to present. In this article, we will be looking at the 100 best Android Apps of 2018. You can use any of them depending on your needs.

Best Android Apps for Web Browser :

Brave Browser

The code of Brave Browser is based on chromium blink engine and chromium. It means that users that are familiar with chrome find a lot of basic design similarities with this application. This browser prides itself on speed, security, and puts the experience of its users above every other thing. It features of highlighting is the inclusion of the built-in ad blocker. By blocking adverts, this browser, which is among the best Android browser apps, has the ability to protect against particular online incursions and increase browsing speed.

 Dolphin Browser :

Dolphin Browser

The intelligent gesture system in Dolphin Browser sets it apart from other browsers. It has the design of an elegant version in iOS as the gesture allows you to set organic shortcuts and bookmarks to your frequent sites. You bookmark your desired site to a gesture then draw the gesture with your fingers and you get to the site directly. It also has its Siri and Cortana versions called Sonar. When you shake your phone, Sonar activates, giving allowance to spoken queries to browse on your behalf.

Ecosia Browser :

Ecosia Browser

Ecosia browser is a search engine which plants trees with revenue that comes from its ads. At least eighty percent of profits from Ecosia browser finances tree planting initiatives around the world. Ecosia browser, which is among the best browser apps for Android, uses Ecosia as the search engine, meaning you have the ability to plant trees freely. All you need is to search the web. This browser is secure and fast and is based on chromium. It offers an intuitive browsing experience with things like private mode, tabs, bookmarks, history, and downloads.

Firefox Browser :

Firefox Browser

The latest update of this browser has a lot of features that can extend through many extensions. It has tabbed customizable browsing that is standard on all browsers. It is easy to customize and has an integrated search engine. From the homepage of Firefox browser, you can access the Google search box and shortcuts for accessing history, bookmarks, downloads, settings, synchronization, and add-ons. It also has features like a built-in PDF reader, spell checker, and geo-tagging navigation.

Google Chrome :

Google Chrome

Google chrome is secure, fast, and easy to use. Its design is for android and it brings quick links, new articles, built-in Google translate, downloads, and Google search. You need this browser as it is among the best android browser apps for all your devices. You will type less and browse fast. It will fill you forms automatically courtesy of auto fill. You can also browse privately across devices. You can sync it on all your devices. You will access data seamlessly on your laptop, tablet, and phone.

Best Test Editor App for Android :

iA Writer :

iA Writer

iA writer is among the best text editor apps for android designed to provide a writing experience with focus for essays, business proposals, poems, white papers, screenplays, and novels. It is a weapon for shy poets, best-selling authors, business leaders, explosive scholars, and fearless humorists. It separates content and form, formatting and text. It features stellar export options and typographic preview templates. It also has a file browser for accessing all documents.

MonoSpace :


MonoSpace is a minimal writing and notes app that is designed for touch UI. It does not have standard editing features in other writing apps and replaces them with modern, essential formatting popup. It supports italic, bold, quote, bullet, and several formatting styles. It has an in-built internal sync for keeping all your devices updated with your notes and allows you to edit from anywhere. It also has a hash tag feature that replaces the classic folder system.

QuickEdit Text Editor :

QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit text editor is a component of secure app and citrix xenmobile app family. It is a flexible and easy editor that creates, edits, and views all PDF and Microsoft office files cost and worry free. It provides the simplicity you desire plus powerful collaboration with other products like Convoi and GoToMeeting. It does not have popup ads, edits and saves all document types, and prints wirelessly from mobile devices. It makes PowerPoint presentations, does stock calculations, and types grocery lists in the word document. It is one of the best android apps you should have with you always.

JotterPad :


JotterPad is among the best android apps of all time for installing on the phone for you to write on the go. You will be able write everywhere. The reading estimate is also very crucial. You have the ability to change your document’s appearance. It does not affect formatting, but just the looks on the screen. You will save drafts on the phone and sync with apps like dropbox. It is among the best android text editor apps.


Writer Plus :

Writer Plus

Writer plus is among top android apps without the distraction and fuss from traditional word processors. It is good for writing poems, notes, novels, drafts, and essays on the tablet or phone. The philosophy of this app is to keep it simple because it is very basic. It gives a platform for turning your thoughts into markdown support and text. Its features include folder support, markdown format, open, edit, and save files, character and word count, share, undo, and redo.

Best Document Scanner Apps for Android :

Adobe Scan :

This free adobe scan app is among the most useful android apps which turns your device to a powerful PDF scanner which automatically recognizes text. You can utilize this scanner to turn notes, receipts, pictures, documents, whiteboards, and business cards to PDF with reusable content from each photo scan and PDF.  With this app, anything is scannable. You can use it to create a PDF scan or photo quickly. It captures anything that has precision. It detects borders, recognizes text, and sharpens scanned content.

Scanbot :


Scanbot is a PDF document scanner that is very easy to use. It is among the best document scanner apps for android with many people using it to scan documents, whiteboards, receipts, and bar codes. It has won several awards with a ninety-eight percent satisfaction rating. You just need to hold the device on top of a document and this app will do the scanning. Saving requires only one tap.

CamScanner :


CamScanner is the world’s top document sharing and scanning app. It has over three hundred and fifty million users worldwide. It is among the latest android apps with over one hundred thousand new daily registrations. It uses its image enhancing and cropping algorithms for providing clear images. When you have this app, you can digitize a document quickly, optimize the quality of the scan, and extract text from the images. This app can also help you share JPEG and PDF documents through diverse ways online.

Clear Scanner :

Clear Scanner

You can now convert your device into a pocket scanner with clear scanner and enjoy high-quality images with one touch. Clear Scanner allows scanning all document types in the office, receipts, bills, images, class notes, magazines and anything you want in your device within a short time. It is the fastest method of getting high-quality documents converted to JPEG and PDF for sharing.

Document Scanner :

Document Scanner

Sometimes in one day you may require scanning diverse documents several times. When you plan everything in this situation, you will not suffer at all. But if there is a requirement of scanning the document, you will require the services of a document scanner. This scanner allows you scan your documents from anywhere. There are also other features which make the document more appealing and professional after the scan. This app, which is among top android apps, enhances the quality of your scan, optimizes PDF modes, does smart cropping, and arranges the documents                                                                      in folders and subfolders.

Best Security Apps for Android :

Authy 2 :

Authy 2

Authy 2 app generates a two-step secure verification token for your device. It helps in protecting your account against hijackers and hackers by increasing security layers. It is among the best security apps for android as it is multi factor. It provides secure cloud backups for you never to lose access to tokens. With this app, you can add smartphones to an account and all tokens will get synchronized automatically.

Microsoft Authenticator :

Microsoft Authenticator

Signing into the Microsoft authenticator is convenient, easy, and secure. You will have to use your device, and not your password to access your Microsoft account. All you have to do is to input the username then approve the note received on your phone. Your face ID, fingerprint, or PIN will give another security layer in the verification process. You will then gain access to Microsoft products like office, One Drive, Outlook, and much more. It supports multifactor authentication for school, work, and non-Microsoft accounts.

GlassWire :


GlassWire ensures that it is easy to monitor the data usage of your mobile, WiFi internet activity, and data limits in real time. You will see the apps that are slowing the internet connection of the phone or wasting mobile data. Key features include data alerts for keeping you under data limit and help you save money on phone bills, knowing when an app is accessing the internet and begins using mobile data or wifi, going back in time to see the apps that utilized data or wifi previously.

Haven :


Haven is for individuals that require a way of protecting possessions and personal spaces minus compromising privacy. It is an app which leverages on sensors of devices to give protection and monitoring of physical spaces. It is among the best android security apps for turning your android phone into a sound, motion, light, and vibration detector, watching unwanted intruders and unexpected guests. The design of Haven is for human rights defenders, investigative journalists, and people with the risk forced disappearance to                                                                   formulate a novel immunity.

LastPass :


LastPass is among the best android apps for generating and managing passwords which lock your personal info and passwords in secure vaults. This app autofills app logins and web browsers and comes up with novel passwords immediately. You need one password with this app and the master password does the rest. Store your logins and passwords, generate strong passwords, track personal info in audio and photo notes, create online shopping profiles, and much more.

Best Video Editor apps for Android :

KineMaster :

KineMasterKineMaster is among new android apps that feature professional video editing that support multiple players for images, videos, and a precise trimming and cutting, precise volume envelop control, multi-track audio, 3D transitions, color LUT filters, and much more. For amateurs and professional, this app offers control level over the process of mobile editing for educators and artist. People who use this app are journalists, short film producers, YouTube creators, and professionals from diverse industries.

PowerDirector Video Editor App :


PowerDirector is among the best video editor apps for android with free video effects, powerful video editing, reverse video, slow motion, edit background, and much more. You can use it to create action movies and voice overs by use of chroma key and then share on social sites. You can edit the footage like other editing apps. The power of this movie maker provides voice overs for the video, smooth transitions, and stunning video effects.

Adobe Premiere Clip :

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe premiere clip is a video editor which makes it fun and fast to curate quality and shareable videos. The clip artfully sets images to music beats. The video then becomes shareable and you can customize it with additional editing features. You can drag and drop photos and clips in the order you wish, trim sections you do not want, and then add transitions, adjustments, and slow-motion effects. You can choose from the available sound tracks or add your music. The smart volume in these best android apps of all time smooths levels                                                           of audio between auto mix and clips.

Movie Maker Filmmaker :

Movie Maker Filmmaker

You can create your video from selected music and photos with movie maker filmmaker. It has a lot of functionalities for creating a slideshow movie. You can create a video with the help of the best android video editor apps from your memorial photos, movies music, frames, and beautiful themes. You can also come up with videos from select sound and images in the movie maker. You can also create a video from mixing music and photos or song.

PowerDirector :

PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is among the best video editor apps for android with free video effects, powerful video editing, reverse video, slow motion, edit background, and much more. You can use it to create action movies and voice overs by use of chroma key and then share on social sites. You can edit the footage like other editing apps. The power of this movie maker provides voice overs for the video, smooth transitions, and stunning video effects.


Best Photo Editor Apps for Android :

Snapseed :


Snapspeed is a professional and complete photo editor from Google. It features a lot of features that include brush, HDR, structure, healing, and perspective. It among the best android apps ever that open RAW and JPG files, saves your looks and applies them to novel photos, and selects the right filter brush for you. You can tweak all styles with a precise, fine control. The best photo editor apps for android does color automation and adjusts exposure with precise, fine control.

Adobe Photoshop Express :

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop express has strength in the Adobe heritage which has a clear understanding of its imaging accessible interface. However, if you are on the lookout for functionality, versatility, and creative control, adobe Photoshop express is your ideal solution. Its main page hands you a starting point that has large icons for choosing the source of your photo. You may use the camera of the device to take photos from its interface. You can also import still images from the gallery, adobe revel, or the cloud storage.

PicsArt Photo Studio :

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt photo studio is an easy-to-use, fun, and powerful photo app which covers all consumer bases in mobile photography. It is versatile and provides many excellent image editing tools, creative controls, and an extensive variety of interesting filters. Additionally, you will create or select fun stickers, add artistic text, combine pictures in customizable collages, and share. The camera modules in the best android apps include photo and precapture effect tools. This app has also gotten into the era of collaborative image sharing.

Aviary :


Aviary is a one stop shop for all photo editing needs. It is comprehensive with all things required in the phone. It is a simple, solid camera editing app. It is powerful because it provides an easy and powerful way of editing photos on the go with ease. It has all the tools you may desire in the best photo editor apps for android. It features a one-tap auto enhance, color balance, gorgeous filters, effects, and frames, straighten, crop, and rotate your photo, and sharpen and blur.

AirBrush :


AirBrush will make sure that you get perfection in your photos. All users need the most useful android apps with editing and filter technology. This application updates with novel effects and features to be up to date with standards of editing. It has the design of being the best editor with friendly tools, natural, beautiful results, and cool filter options. This app has a pimple and blemish remover and brightens eyes and whitens teeth so that all your features gets lit.

Best Launcher Apps for Android :

Microsoft Launcher :

Microsoft Launcher

With Microsoft Launcher, you have the ability to personalize your device to your style with theme colors, wallpapers, icon packs, and much more. With a school/work account or Microsoft account, you will have access to recent activities, documents, and calendars in personalized feeds. You will also open docs, photos, and webpages in the windows PC as it is among android apps for PC. It will help you have people at your fingertips, choose your looks, and have personalized feed.

Nova Launcher :

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher, which is one of the best launcher apps for android, has been in existence for some time. While other launchers have come and gone, Nova launcher remains the front runner and continues to get better. It is among must have android apps in the market as it is the best for theming. It inhabits a place that has not been mimicked, copied, or overtaken by other products. You can use it for free but spending some money of premium versions is worth the amount.

Evie Launcher :

Evie Launcher

The evie launcher is a replacement of the unparalleled homescreen. It has spectacular performance, different, and shakes the usual launcher approach of android. It is one of the best android launcher apps with authority in universal search, quick navigation, and custom shortcuts. You just need to longpress the search results and you will create custom shortcuts for your apps. You will also have the ability to customize and import wallpaper, layout, app icons, and icon size. Since you are unique, you need to make your homescreen unique too.

Buzz Launcher :

Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is the most recent member of the best android launcher apps to get an award. It is highly customizable and enables you use shared home screens on your device. This app is ad free with more than one million themes. You can download it for free, customize, apply, create, and share the home screens. With this launcher, you can customize your theme or wallpaper, view all home packs, apply novel home screens, personalize home screens with wallpaper and icon editing features, and download and implement free home screens within seconds.

Apex Launcher :

Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is among top android apps that assist you create stylish, fast, and customized home screen experiences on your android devices. This app can give your device a makeover. It remains to be a super-fast app. It is as smooth as butter. It has customizable home screen grid, scrollable dock, elastic and infinite scrolling, fancy transition effects, and hide elements you require. It also has custom labels and icons for folders and shortcuts.

Best Email Apps for Android :

Gmail :


Gmail is one of the best email apps for android. It is among the leading email services to give users one gigabyte of storage for email at a time when others were providing a few megabytes. The philosophy of Google with Gmail is aiming at the requirements of power users. This may sound foolish by overlooking large mainstream markets but it is preparing for the future. Due to increased internet communication importance, a normal user tomorrow will undergo similar challenges a power user is undergoing today. Ti brings all the desired features you want for your email communication.

Blue Mail :

Blue Mail

Blue mail is a beautifully designed, free, universal mail client with the capability of managing unlimited email accounts from diverse providers, giving allowance for group emailing and pushes notifications while enabling personalization for multiple accounts. It is one of the best Android email apps that replaced the stock email app. It has a powerful unified account experience that has easy to use and intuitive design. It provides a top-notch emailing service.

AquaMail :

Aqua Mail

Aqua mail is among the best android apps for your email requirements. Whether it is personal or work email, a seldom used account or corporate exchange server, aqua mail allows you access all your mail s under one app. It is one of the best free android apps that requires a username and password and you are set. It has vast customization and flexibility options for reflecting the requirements of modern-day users. It is a platform for tailoring all your preferences and needs. It has a lot of features that will help you get all the mails you need.

Microsoft Outlook :

Microsoft Outloock

Microsoft outlook is among the best android apps for pc. This app assists millions of users to connect all email accounts, files, and calendars in a single location. It allows you to do more from a single inbox. It has a focused inbox for keeping important messages on top. You can switch between calendars and emails to fix a meeting and share availability with several taps. You just need one tap to manage your day.

Inbox by Gmail :

Inbox By Gmail

The inbox needs to assist you work and live better, but ends up burying crucial stuff and creating stress than it relieves. Inbox by Gmail keeps things in order and helps get to things that matter most. You will get crucial data minus opening the message, check for shipping info, flights, and see friends photos. You can bundle together similar messages to deal with them all at once and eliminate them with one sweep. You can also put reminders and snooze your emails.

 Best Weather Apps for Android :

1Weather :


1Weather forecast is among the best weather apps for android that shows you the state of weather for the next seven days. It also gives you hourly forecasts for a particular location. It presents forecasts for helping you have a digest and glance at info that has a focus on weather conditions. Iweather is among the best free android apps powered by yahoo for providing you real-time weather conditions. This app aims at assisting you prepare for your day on what to wear and what to carry.

AccuWeather :AccuWeather

Accuweather is among the best android weather apps for offering superior weather forecast, radar widget, and weather tracker. It provides GPS maps, live reports, and updates on sun, temperature, weather news, and wind speed. You can get live storm alerts, view current temperature, and track rain with its rain radar and accurate GPS tracker. AccuWeather, being one of the best android apps ever, will offer you minute by minute forecast for at least two hours.

Awesome Weather :

Awesome Weather

Awesome Weather is among new android apps for weather. It is a live landscape that reflects the actual weather. Sunrise and sunset in this app happens at the exact time as in real life. The great thing about these most useful android apps is that you can scroll their time forward. All you need to do is to swipe the screen and you will know how the weather of the day is going to change.


Today Weather :

Today Weather

Today weather app is one of the best android weather apps that are simple and beautiful. They provide the most accurate forecasts for weather. This app displays weather is an easy and clear way to understand. You will enjoy the moment you open this app as it shows a lot of photos that correspond to the weather of the day. With this app, you will prepare yourself for the next twenty-four hours. You will also have the ability to catch beautiful sunset and sunrise moments, and get info on full moon light night. The other crucial info you will get includes humidity, actual temperature, visibility, air pressure, dew point, wind direction and speed.

Yahoo Weather :

Yahoo Weather

The forecast of the best android apps is beautiful. With yahoo weather, you can plan your day accurately each hour up to ten days in advance. You will get Flickr photos that match your time of day, location, and current conditions. With the best weather apps for android, you will get details like pressure, wind, and precipitation. You will also view animated sunset, sunrise, and pressure modules. You just have to scroll downwards to get detailed info on weather, swipe left to move between localities, and submit the photos to yahoo Weather to get the report you desire.

Best Job Search Apps for Android :

Glassdoor Job Search :

Glassdoor Job Search

Are you on the lookout for job listings, a comprehensive career community, or vacancies? You just found what you want when you got the best job search apps for android. Glassdoor job search app gets a look inside companies so that you have access to current job listings, salary reports, and company reviews shared by employees that know the company well. You will research open jobs and your potential in the company. This app makes job hunting efficient, transparent, and easy. You need to use this app to discover why other employees are using it to get into the job market.

Indeed Job Search :

Indeed Job Search

You need to use indeed job search as your top android apps for searching comprehensive jobs. It offers a free access to a lot of jobs from many job boards and websites. From searching to application, this app assists you through the whole process of getting a job. It has a database of over sixteen million jobs. It locates openings in cities in your neighborhood in a simple, fast manner. You will also view the latest jobs from your previous search. You can also search by company, location, and job title. These must have android apps will help you land a dream job.

LinkedIn Job Search :

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn job search offers you an opportunity to get your dream job.  It is one of the best android apps in the job search category. You can find opportunities with ease regardless of your search location. You will also get automatic notifications and recommendations as per your searches. You need a few taps when with this app to make a job application. Save your interested jobs and resume searching your schedule.

Snag :


Snag is one of the best free android apps for building careers and finding jobs with ease. It helps you find part time jobs, get career advice, and apply for jobs. You can also search for fulltime and part time jobs in your locality. You can use the best job search apps for android to get a job based on your personality and compatibility or get a job with flexible time for teens and students.

Trovit Jobs :

Trovit Jobs

Trovit jobs find openings in diverse sites and display them in one place. In this way, you can get a dream job regardless of how hidden it is. It is fast, easy, and convenient. The best free android apps have filters for finding perfect jobs for you. You make a selection basing on your city, working hours, contract type, salary, and many other options. You can use the bookmark feature to save your best job offers.

Best Free Call Apps for Android :

Facebook Messenger :

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger allows you to connect instantly with people in your life. The platform is secure, fast, and free. You can use Facebook messenger everywhere and it works across multiple device including your desktop and Android mobile phones. The App can even allow you to connect with people internationally. Its one of the best Android Apps in the market. You can use the platform to start a video chat, share a photo, and send a text message. You will be able to connect from anywhere, communicate better in groups, call and video chat, express yourself, capture videos and photos, play games and chat with businesses.

Google Duo :

Google Duo

This is a one to one video calling application for everyone. It is designated to be fun, reliable and simple and hence you will not miss out on any moment. Google Duo has a simple interface an all you need to do is select the right one and jump in right away. The simple interface will always bring videos to the forefront. It presents high-quality window, cross-platform, and audio calls. Its one of the best Android Apps that is available for your use.

GooveIP :

GrooVe IP

This App will automatically turn your Android device into a free phone. It will give you a US mobile phone number that can receive calls from anywhere all over the world. You will be able to use the Voice Over IP Technology to text and call Canadian and US phone numbers. Groove IV works on any tablet or mobile phone, or android devices. In case you have a mobile phone that has Wi-Fi connectivity but don’t have a mobile plan, you can use this solution to convert it to a free Wi-Fi. It is one of the best Android Apps ever.

WhatsApp Messenger :

WhatsApp Messenger

This is a free messaging application that is available for all Smartphones including Android. The Application uses the internet connectivity of your mobile phone to allow you call and message your family members and friends at no cost. You can use WhatsApp Messenger to receive and send voice messages, documents, videos, photos, calls, and messages. Facebook has since been achieved by Facebook and it’s the leading messaging App in the whole world. Its one of the best Android Apps I have ever come across.

Skype :


Skype allows you to make free video and IM calls. Massaging has become so easy with skype. You can use it to have live chats even in groups. It forms some of the best groups for discussion. The App will also allow you to have video conferencing with your colleagues. It’s the easiest way to communicate with people from all over the world. In fact, skype is the best free calls Apps for Android.




IMO also appears on the list of top Android free calling Apps. The App also supports free chat and video calls. You can use IMO irrespective of the device you are using.  It has high-quality voice and video calls. It has unlimited free video calls and messages, group video calls, fast video and photo sharing, several free stickers, and avoid phone call and SMS charges. You can try it and you will discover how life will be easy.

Best Free Fitness Apps for Android :

Endomondo :


This is a top rated personal training and business tracker App that will give you the most when it comes to rides, walks, and runs. You can use GPS to track all your workouts, check your stats, and realize your fitness goals. Endomondo allows you to track your fitness, analyze your performance, sync with wearables and Apps, take on challenges and set goals, and get social among others. It’s the best free fitness App for Android out there.


Fitnotes :


This is the best gym workout log you can find in the fitness industry. You can quickly swipe workout logs to have a view of them. The use of the inbuilt calendar will help you to navigate to the specific day. Fitnotes will also allow you to add exercises to your workout log and view your exercising history. The other features are attaching notes or comments to sets, use sound and vibration options to rest timer, and re-order the exercises you just added to the timer. Apart from the workout log, you will also get exercise dataset, routines, calendar, restore/backup, export and permissions. This makes it one of the best Android fitness Apps.

Google Fit :

Google Fit

This fitness solution will allow the user to track any activity in an effortless manner. As you cycle, run, or walk throughout the day, your Android phone will use Google Fit to automatically log these activities. It will assist you to get instant insights, reach your fitness goals, measure your wellness, and check in from anywhere. It’s one of the latest android Apps in the fitness Industry that you can use to meet your fitness goals.

Run Keeper :


Run Keeper is the best running solution that allows you to crush your training goals, chart weight loss, measure workout distance and track your pace. The App can help you during a marathon training, everyday biking or get off the couch. The software will track your training workouts, runs, walks, rides, and other fitness activities using GPS on your Android. It’s the best way to get motivated while on your fitness journey.

Stava GPS :

Strava GPS

You can use all the stats in this app to map a cycling route, track your run, and analyze your training. Stava GPS is one of the best free Android Apps for recording your fitness. Its has a GPS milestone counter and time tracker, swim, run, and ride, compete with others as you challenge yourself, marathon and triathlon training, and swim clubs, cycle, and runs. This software relies on GPS to record all your training activities.


Best Business Apps for Android :

Asana :


Asana is one of the best business Apps for Android. This App allows you to organize team projects and this allows the teams to track their work and get results. It ranges from notifications and conversations to projects and tasks. The software will allow the team to move its work from the beginning to the end. It’s very simple to get started on this application but powerful enough to run the whole organization at no cost. Asana is one of the best Android Apps of all time.

PayPal :


The software allows you to electronically tap into your money and send it instantly almost everywhere in the world. You will manage how you receive, spend and send funds at a glance. Using PayPal, you will be able to send funds in seconds. You can send the cash to over 100 counties using the mobile phone number or email address of the recipient. You can also make request for payment by sending an invoice on this app and the customer will be able to release your payment with a lot of ease. This renders it to be one of the best business Apps for Android.

Slack :


This solution brings collaboration and team communication is a single place. This helps individuals to get more work done whether you are a member of a small business or a large enterprise. All you need to do is to check off the to-do list and move the projects forward by bringing the right tools, conversations, people, and information you require together. You can get slack on any device including your Android Smartphone so as to access your work and team whether you are on the go or on your desk.

Square :


This is a free point-of-sale from Android that will give you all you require to run your business and take payments. Square accepts pin and chip cards, mobile payments and contactless cards with the aid of a square reader. It deposits funds in your back account within two business days. You can also use this App to track your inventory and sales on a real time basis. All this comes with no surprise fees or long-term contracts. Its one of the top Android Apps you can use for your business.

QuickBooks Accounting :

QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting solution is an easy to use accounting application that allows you to manage your small business. Download this app to view your profit and loss account, manage your cash flow and expenses and create invoices. You can organize the book keeping for your small business even if you are not an accountant. Its good to know that your business has all the financial reports that are required. The App allows you to get started and do so much with online accounting. It stands among the best Android business Apps for your small business.

AirDroid :


Most technology media websites like Phandroid, XDA, Gimodo, CNET, Lifehacker, BGR, and PC World recommend this as one of the best Android Apps. AirDroid will assist you to add delight to the life of your multi-screen. You can use it to manage or access your Android tablet or Smartphone from the web, Mac, or windows wirelessly and for free. It will mirror the App notifications, SMS, and calls that you allow on a large computer screen that your focus is on. Use the physical keyboard to type and mouse for controlling. You will be able to transfer your content at a very fast speed without looking for a cable. The other features of AirDroid include a notification mirror, backup and sync, contact and SMS management, AirIME, record screen shot, speed boost, among the other phone management features. The App will allow you to connect with other users and teams. Its one of the best Android Apps ever.

Google My Business :

Google My Business

The App will allow you to show the entire world that you are open to business on Google maps and search. The software will verify your business information, build your brand, get insights about the online interactions of your customers with your business and manage all customer reviews. Google My Business allows you to update your business name, opening hours and address. You can also upload your business photos, respond and manage the customer reviews, custom insights on the searches your people are making, get notifications whenever users are talking about your brand, and manage several locations on the dashboard and also invite other people to manage your listings.

Best Educational Apps for Android :

Coursera :


The Coursera Android App allows you to learn on the go. You will get access to over 1000 specializations and courses that have been developed by over 140 of the best universities and colleges around the world. The App allows users to continue with their education and advance their career by subject mastery from data science and python programming to music and photography. It is the best educational App for Android.  


Edx :


Have you been looking for free online courses from the best institutions and universities around the world? Edx allows you to learn from experts at The Smithsonian, Linux, Microsoft, Tsinghua University, UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard University and many more. Learners get free courses in statistics, big data, nutrition, psychology, history, engineering, computer science and hundreds of others. You will be able to learn all these courses from anywhere and at any time.

Google Play Books :

Google Play Books

You need this app if you want to enjoy the eBooks and audio books that you buy from Google play. You can select from millions of best selling text books, comics, eBooks, and audio books. Download your desired book and you will be able to read it on the go. Once you finish, you can find the next most appropriate book from the recommendations that are just personalized for you.  Google Play Books brings millions of eBooks right at your fingertips.

Memrise :


This learning App gives you a lot of fun as you try to learn a new language. The more you will enjoy the learning process the quicker you will end up learning. This explains why there is a blend of entertainment together with relevant real-life experience at the center of the Memrise language learning experience. Some of the languages you can be able to learn through this best Android educational Apps include English, Mongolian, Icelandic, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese.

SoloLearn :


The App has the broadest free code learning content collection from beginners to pros making it all inclusive. You will be able to make a choice from thousands of the available programming topics and then learn the concept of coding. SoloLearn will help you to brush up your knowledge in programming and stay up to date with the latest coding trends. This is one of the most useful Android Apps you can find in the modern market.

Best Entertainment Apps for Android :

Netflix :


Netflix is the leading subscription service in the world when it comes to watching films and TV episodes on your phone. This Android App will bring the best mobile experience anywhere and at any time. Netflix is among the best free Android Apps as it allows you to watch thousands of films and TV episodes instantly. All you need to do is sign up and enjoy the one-month trial period on Netflix.


Movies by Flixster :

Movies by Flixster

This movies app has the highest number of downloads all the time. It will keep you up to date with movies news, guarantee tickets, check show timings, and discover new movies at home. The refreshed movie discovery from Flixster is making movie going much easier. This is one of the best entertainment Apps for Android. All you need to do is install Movies by Flixster your phone and you will be ready for the move.

Fandango Movies :

Fandango Movies

Fandango is a movie ticketing app that allows you to get guarantee tickets, the latest movie shows, check out trailers and browse for reviews from Rotten tomatoes. Fandango Movies allows you to browse for movies and theaters, buy movie tickets, or sync and share. You will be able to filter the movies by format, MPAA rating or genre. You can also connect with the Google maps to get help on driving directions.


Pandora Music :

Pandora Music

Pandora will give the user a personalized music experience that will continuously evolve around your preferences. You can also use it to create stations from your favorite genres, artists, or songs. You can also browse search to find the most recommended stations depending on your activity or mood. You will be able to enjoy on-demand personalized music at $99.99 per month. Once you download the music, you can listen to it offline with no ads, high quality audio, and unlimited replays and skips.

Redbox :


The Redox app allows users to watch and play in a smart way. You will also reserve games and movies for pickup at your appropriate Redox location or watch TV and movie shows right away with the use of Redox on demand. All these abilities make it to fall among the best Android entertainment Apps. The App allows you to watch movie trailers or even search the movies by the genre, release date, or name. Once you sign up, you will be able to see what is coming up soon and receive email reminders whenever they are available.

Best Game Apps for Android :

Asphalt Xtreme :

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing is one of the best game Apps for Android. The app presents a racing video game that was developed and published by Gameloft. It is the second series spinoff in the renowned Asphalt series. This game was released on 27th October, 2016 and is the initial off-the road racing iteration in this series.  There are several series of Asphalt Xtreme and you can choose the one that interests you most.

N.O.V.A Legacy :

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A legacy falls among the best Android game Apps. It brings you the best 3 dimension sci-fi FPS experience that is based on the epic first series of N.O.V.A legacy. This game allows you to test your playing skills in several arenas. Some of them include deathmatch and team deathmatch. All you need to do is get instructions for each episode and you will be good to go. It gives you a console-like experience on your mobile as you strive to defeat strange forces in different game modes.

HQ Trivia :

HQ Trivia

This application was released on the iOS device way back on August 2017. The Android version was later rolled on the market in December 2017. The implication is that HQ Trivia is among the latest Android apps on the market. It allows player to take part in daily trivia games at no cost which allows them to split prize or outright win money as long as they can correctly provide answers to a series of questions whose difficulty keeps on increasing from one level to the next.

Hearthstone :


This Android game allows you to pick up cards and throw them down the gauntlet. You will be playing like a hero in the fast-paced card game that has a cunning strategy. You have to unleash power cards within minutes to summon minions, sling spells, and take total control of the battle field that is always changing. The charm and depth of hearthstone will draw you in the game whether you are a newbie or experienced player.



The global market now has a brand-new game series for final fantasy. It also comes with characters from the previous final fantasy titles. As a player, you will be able to enjoy the experience of this expansive storyline right from your Android Smartphone. Some of its features include a simple battle with a strategy, search in the computer and field dungeons, and arena PVP battles. All these characteristics render it to be one of the best game apps for Android Smartphones.


Clash Royale

This game allows you to make collections and upgrades of dozens of cards that feature defenses, spells, and clash of clan troops that you will love. It also features the royales; baby dragons, knights, and princes. You have to knock the enemy princes and kings from their towers in order to defeat your opponents and gain the trophies. Clash royale has several features including real time duel players from all over the world, earn chest to unlock rewards, destroy the towers of the opponents, and the construction of your ultimate battle among others.

Critical Ops :

Critical Ops

This is more of a nonsense first-person action shooter. It is a fast-paced FPS that will test the tactical skills and reflexes of the player. You need to fight your domination together with your friends and display your skills to the entire world by leading on the individual scoreboard. Critical ops game is the most skill-based portable FPS that allows players to join this competitive combat. It is one of the most useful Android Apps on the gaming market.

PinOut :


Smart Hit which was the award-winning developer managed to re-invent the pinball and does not communicate. It allows you to race against time in a journey that is continuous through the mysterious Canyon of throbbing retro wave bits and pulsating lights. Pinout is basically a beautifully designed super smart pinball gaming app. However, it is something that is much better than the traditional pinball. Just stop whatever you are doing and try to play pinout. It is a largely compelling mobile smacker that deserves several people to play it.

Pokémon GO :

Pokémon GO

This game has introduced a brand-new feature that allows trainers to explore the world by completing a broad range of objectives with the opportunity to discover powerful Pokémon and earn helpful results. Pokémon Go will help trainers to explore the world that is around them. there have been more than 800 million downloads of this particular game rendering it as the best App of the year. The app allows users to search for a broad range of items and Pokémon. The software also involves catching, evolving, and hatching.

Best Social Media Apps for Android :

Facebook :


Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion active users on a monthly basis. This platform records up to one billion logins each day. Facebook messenger is also the second most popular messaging App after WhatsApp. You can either connect with friends on individual basis or in groups in Facebook. The platform also allows you to share videos and photos with your audience. Businesses are creating Facebook pages to run promotions and the number of users keep on increasing each single day. Facebook is definitely one of the best social media App for Android.

Twitter :


This is a real-time public microblogging platform that allows people to break news for the first time. Twitter has a message limit of 280 characters and this makes most people to love it. The unfiltered feeds of this platform display everything in the form of feeds. The platform has a card integration that now allows users to share any form of multimedia content in the form of tweets. It remains as one of the best free Android Apps for your use.

Pinterest :


The popularity of Pinterest has been increasing significantly in both the search world and social networking. Visual content has become extremely important on the web more than ever before. It is the only site that has ever recorded 10 million monthly unique visits. It collects useful images and categorizes them is separate boards. The growth of this marketing is making taking it to the heights of the biggest influencer in social media shopping. It now has the buy button on the pins of the products that the retailer sells. It is one of the best Android social media Apps.

Reddit :


Reddit is turning out to one of the best social media Apps even though it has not been having an excellent design as such. It has a smart and strong community of people that come together and talk on subject matters they enjoy while sharing videos, photos, and links. This content should always be applicable to the specific subreddit topic that they are discussing. It also has a feature that allows participants to ask specific questions to celebrities or ant other public figures that agrees to host the discussion.

LinkedIn :


This social media platform is specially designed for professionals. You can use to make career advancement connections. The design of LinkedIn profile resembles a detailed resume and has sections for certifications, volunteer work, education, work experience, and awards. As a user, you can use this platform to promote yourself or even your business. You can do this by connecting with other professionals, posting in job ads, interacting in group discussions, publishing articles and making job applications.

Instagram :


Instagram has been growing to become one of the best Android Apps ever. It is the most popular photo sharing platform ever. People use it to share real time short-videos and photos online. Most brands are also using Instagram to advertise their products online. We also have influencers who generate a lot of income on Instagram. Initially, this app was only available on IOS but you can now install it on your Android device.

Snapchat :


This social media App survives on a totally mobile-based instant messaging. Snapchat is growing at a very fast pace while building its fame on the basic idea of self-distracting snaps. You can send a short video or photo as a snap to your friends and it will disappear a few seconds after they view it. Kinds enjoy application because unlike other traditional social media platforms, it drives away the pressure of sharing something with everyone. It has a unique feature that is referred to as stories that allows participants to share their snaps publicly whenever they feel like.

More Best Apps :

Next Lock Screen :

Next Lock Screen

This solution provides an ultimate lock screen for professionals. It will help you to protect your phone from unwanted access by third parties which in turn enhances your productivity. Next Best App is a highly efficient productivity locker solution and an excellent companion to your daily life. Some of the functions it performs directly on the lock screen include custom unlock, notifications, people, Apps, tools, weather, calendar, music player, and wall papers. It’s among the top Android Apps you will find on the market.

Tasker :


Tasker is one of the best Android Apps of 2018 and you cannot afford to live your life without it. The App triggers plugins, timer, widget, shortcut, event, hard or soft state, location, day, and time. Its has more than 200 built-ins and plugin support. Its tasks include conditions, variables, and loops and is designed for own screen overlays. You can create your own standalone Android app to sell and share.


SwiftKey :

SwiftKey Keyboard

You can upgrade the keyboard of your phone to SwiftKey at no cost. You will be able to do so much without having to fuse over typos. More than 250 million all over the world are using this App and they have confirmed that they have a hassle-free typing life. The solution makes use of artificial intelligence to learn the writing style of the user. The predictive and auto corrective text will work because this App will work for the user. It supports more than 150 languages with all themes, designs, and colors included.

Word Swag :

Word Swag

Word Swag will magically transform your words into very incredible photo text designs. It will take you a matter of minutes to create amazing text layouts. This process can run for several hours in photoshop. The App has a Typomatic engine that actualizes this with just a tap. The graphic artists of this site will hand pick the freshest layout and font combinations and therefore there is no cause of alarm. The App will always generate new designs each time you are using it. Word Swag has several new features making it one of the best Android Apps on the market.

World Around Me :

World Around Me

This App gives you a unique way of finding useful destinations that are around you. Some of them include metro or bus stations, shops, ATMs, and restaurants among others. World Around Me makes use of the camera on your phone to provide you with an exclusively new way to explore any place all over the world. All you need to do is point the camera of your phone in a specific direction and it will display several sign boards that are in that direction. The App uses augmented reality to enhance the view in your vicinity. You will be able to use the camera on your phone to navigate through the places that interest you in your surroundings.

Click Me :

Click Me

This app will allow you set reminders in a fast-insane manner. You will be able to use click me to capture all reminders within seconds making it top on the list of best apps in the field. It is ideal for anyone who relies heavily on the power of reminders. The App is becoming one of the fastest ways or creating impromptu reminders. You can use it to create a broad range of reminders within one or two clicks. You can also share these reminders with your colleagues, friends and family members. Once your reminder is due, a pop in that allows you to edit or delete it will appear on the screen. You can also synch app this app with your email in order to view all these reminders in your calendar. It’s one of the best Android Apps of all time.

Conclusion :

The list has undergone overhauling and the best Android apps have been explained. The selection is robust and covers only one hundred apps. Some are novel while others have been outstanding over the years. Regardless of this, these apps are making sure that life is quite easy and helps you get maximum outcome from your Android device. You need to remember that just like the best town venue, space is limited. The list will help you to make the right decisions whenever you are looking for the best Android App in the market.

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