Must Have Apps for Every Android Handset

So you’re up with another Android Handset? Yet Confused about which Apps to Install. Why won’t you? Our Play Store is surplus with a huge heap of Apps, which scarcely makes us to pick the ones which are the most needful to us.

So here we are up with the tag “Must Have Apps for Every Android Handset”.  These are not so common applications but definitely proved to be a worthwhile addition for your Mobile. As they all are distinguished according to a basic necessity of every android user!

Let’s roll on for some Unheard but proved a Perfect Catalog for your Android!

Anti-virus App:

These Apps are specifically developed to retain our mobile phone from non-invited guest which negatively affects our mobile phone and harms it severely which results into diminishing its life expectancy.

And similarly they drain your mobile secretly and you won’t even know about it. Therefore, it is essential for every Android user to preserve their mobile from malwares. Wondering how?

There are numerous tools and apps are available which will do it for you with just a click! One of them is Mobile Security & Antivirus, it auto detects malware and protects your device from harmful links as well as every kind of fraudulent stuff.

Anti-virus App

Features it offers:

  • Pre-Installation Scan
  • Malware Cleaner
  • Vulnerable Scanner
  • Privacy Scanner
  • Auto Detect Links Before opening

You can it here.

Battery Monitor App:

They are developed to preserve the heart and soul of your mobile battery. Yes you got me right! They are supposed to protect as well as maintain our device battery and supports efficiently manage the mobile battery life with proper usage.

No matter how much satisfy an android user is but there’s a constant complain from each of them is about is battery life. For this reason, Battery Apps plays as well a valuable role for getting your device back to life.

And for you I have got Full Battery Charge Alarm and Theft Security Alert, , which protects your mobile phone from each and every battery complications and squeezes maximum juice out of it. 

Battery Monitor App

Features it offers:

  • Full Charge Alerts
  • Battery Drainage Alerts
  • Intelligent Theft Parameters
  • Hidden Battery details (Battery Health, Battery Temperature, Battery Voltage and Much more)
  • Manual Selection of Battery Percentage

You can get it here.

Stamping or Signature Apps:

These Apps are particularly used for adding particular stamp to your digital documents or creating your own watermark to it. They are used in each and every single situation and make wonders happen for you within seconds.

Whether you wish to secure your documents as well as official images from being plagiarized and stolen or create your digital signature professionally, they just work sleekly making your hustle easy.

One of them is Autostamper for photo, use this app for your business like situation or casually, it has all the features to cope up your place of activity.

Stamping or Signature Apps

Features it offers:

  • Allows to add date and time stamp
  • Digital signature
  • Create Trademark or Copyright
  • Changeable text and color options

You can get it here.

File exchange App:

Gone are the days when people use to share their files and photographs through Bluetooth. With the development of File Transfer Apps, it has become now faster and even much easier than a Bluetooth.

No matter how large your file is or your documents are, they will do it for you smoothly just like a child’s play.

Making your work easy, I’ve got File Transfer by Flashare, which transfers all your files including Apps videos, music, photographs as well as documents without any hitch.

File exchange App

Features it offers:

  • One touch easy Sharing
  • Shares without Internet
  • Displays shared files information

You can get it here.

To do list App:

You tend to have numerous things in mind when you wake up in the morning, therefore these apps are developed to help you to create a proper checklist and complete your daily tasks efficiently and more easily.

Many such apps even lets you to set notifications which alerts you your entered tasks. These can doubtlessly tick off all your activities and remind you even if you forget to accomplish some.

So do your list with, TickTick it is simple to do task manager app which lets you to maintain your everyday task easily and maintain its flow efficiently.

Features it offers:

  • Easy sync with other devices
  • Quickly creates tasks and lists
  • Easy widget options
  • Daily, weekly, monthly list

You can get it here.

Music Apps:

All Work and No play makes Jack a dull boy right? Similarly, even having some entertainment with your device is as well important. And so Music is what you need to make you back to mood. Right?

Therefore, they have been developed with the help of which you can listen music online as well as download it to store.

So here comes Music Player, with the help of which you can easily listen songs which supports to work in both smartphone as well as tablets.

Music Apps

Features it offers:

  • Listen Online
  • Easy Music Downloads
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Allows to Pin Songs on Screen

You can get it here.

Summing up to the above list, these are the perfect apps which every android user must have to make an optimum use of their device. Still you feel if we have left some Apps which can be really useful and good suggestion for this article.

Feel free to ping us back! We will gladly receive them.

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