Barbie Video Games Trend As Movie Releases Across World: Get The Deets Here!

Barbie-themed games are not only designed based on fashion and parties on the beach but also have a more adventurous side based on jungle adventures and daring romantic adventures which you can explore.

Barbie (1984, Commodore 64)

The first Barbie game was based on Ken inviting Barbie to numerous dates to a party, pool, or tennis match. This game had very detailed graphics with digitized speech, which was impressive for its time.

Lost Word of Jenny (1987, NES)

This game was a Japan-only version based on localized Barbie by manufacturer Takara. They had to change the game name from Lost Word of Barbie to Lost Word of Jenny, and Ken became Jeff after losing their company’s official license.

Barbie Fashion Designer (1996, PC)

This dress-up game is similar to , Barbie Beauty Boutique, and Magic Hair Styler, but with many stylish outfits. Barbie models these outfits on a catwalk. Through this game, you could create your clothes designs as they had fabric-backed paper, which you could print out to make outfits for your dolls.

Barbie Storymaker (1997, PC)

Mattel’s development studio designed this game. This game allows you to create stories and animated scenes by letting you choose characters, locations, interactions, and objects through an intuitive point-and-click interface. It was a great creative game for its time.

Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise (2000, PlayStation)

This game of the 2000s moved away from dressing up and role-playing to explore the video games genre. This game was the third title in the Detective series game, where players explored a cruise ship to find hidden artworks.

A few other popular games are:

  • Barbie: Explorer (2001, PlayStation)
  • Barbie Beach Vacation (2001, PC)
  • Secret Agent Barbie (2001, Game Boy Advance)
  • Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp (2008, PS2, Wii, GBA, DS, PC)Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009, Wii, DS, PC)

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