What are the CPU Parameters

We often say that the CPU is of which generation. The name of the CPU is so long. So, many people do not understand the meaning of various numbers. This has caused us great trouble in purchasing laptops. For example, which one should we choose, I7-7700 and I7-10700?

This article will reveal the secrets one by one.

Let’s take to buy HONOR laptops as an example. This is the HONOR magic book. Its CPU is i7-10510U.

What is the specific meaning? That is, the Intel’s (Core) i7 10th Generation Low Voltage (i7-10510U) CPU. The main frequency of 1.8 GHz in the back band is the operating speed. Higher running speed means smoother use. It can increase to 4.9 GHz.


Let’s take it apart one by one to explain.

Intel is the world’s largest CPU chip manufacturer. It has many CPU series products. Among them, Celeron, Pentium, and Core are for daily laptops. While other series are not daily laptops. The most important is the Core series. Therefore, we will focus on it. In the Core I series, i3 is at the middle and low end. i5 is at the middle and high end. Then i7 is at the high end. In other words, my laptop has a medium and high-end processor.

Next, what do U and H represent? U stands for low voltage. Low dominant frequency suits for business work use.

H stands for high voltage (standard voltage). The main frequency is quite high. With excellent graphics card and memory, you can play any game.

A higher dominant frequency indicates a faster CPU. This laptop can reach a turbo frequency of up to 4.9 GHz. That is to say, there is no problem in running large games.

faster CPU

What is the number of cores and threads? What are their uses?

As to the central processing unit, we often hear two names. They are the number of cores and the number of threads. For example, “dual-core”, “dual-core four threads”, “quad-core”, “quad-core eight threads”, “eight nuclear” and “eight nuclear sixteen threads”. What are they?

Let’s talk about the core number first.

The purpose of multi-core is to improve the performance of laptops. One CPU integrates multiple cores. This doubles the performance of the laptop. Multi-cores are physically segmented. Disassemble the CPU, and we can see it via our eyes. We can also see it via the device manager of the laptop.

Then is the number of threads. Its full name is Logical Processors. It means a logical core. People have made great improvements in the performance of single kernels. As a result, we can divide a single kernel into two logical kernels. This is a simulated multi-kernel. However, the operating system will see a thread as a kernel.

The more cores and threads there are, the better it is to run multiple programs. The CPU will be able to handle multiple tasks at once. In other words, more cores and threads mean a smoother laptop. I mean, when we open more software or deal with multiple tasks.

The above is the general meaning of laptop CPU parameters. Do understand them. Then we will not worry about CPU parameters when purchasing laptops.

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