Top 9 Digital Business Card Creator Apps In 2021

Everybody knows what a business card is, Right?  Well, of course, who would not know about such a simple thing. It was used to be one of the best ways of sharing your contact details if there is a need. Here I am saying this in the past tense well because the digital business card has replaced traditional business cards (well, leaving a few).

Today’s world has converted into a digital world. Everybody has an account on various digital media platforms. Well, it is not possible to have every detail on a small piece of paper. Is it?

It is a new concept of sharing your business card via e-mail and other social media devices. It is easier here to send every detail to the other person without missing anything.

Due to the demand for these digital business cards creator, many companies launched the application for the sole purpose of creating a virtual business card.

10 Digital Business Card Creator

When you are ready to make a digital business card, you need to go for the best application at your disposal. So that all the functions are easily accessible and the end product is of high quality.

If you are searching for that kind of application, then you are reading the right article.

The application that can give life to your virtual cards:

1. Snapchat

SnapChat is a free application that can is useful for creating beautiful, stylish, appealing digital business cards, which can be quite creative for the customer. It provides around 40 templates to choose from for the virtual card. It’s quite easy to share the details via mail, or you can even send them with the help of this application itself. The best part of it is that it is free and is at everyone’s disposal to make good use of it.


Additionally, there is no issue with a single ID; you can make as many as possible according to your kind of service to different audiences.

2. Haystack

It is a modern way of creating a digital business card. You really don’t need this application for the transfer of the card to the other. There are various mediums through which you can share the details. There are 3 modes of this application. The free version is available for everyone. There is also a $4 plan for the premium plan. And there is also a $199 plan for enterprise companies.

This different plan has its own uniqueness as the paid version has many more features than the free version.

The best part of this is that it provides a scanning function that can scan any document if needed. In the future, you can convert these scanned copies into hard copies.

3. SwitChit

As with the other application, this application also has its uniqueness. This app is famous for its simple and user-friendly framework. It is easy to design because of the default templates. So, your digital business card creation is just one step away. You have to customize as per your likings. This application also comes with paid and free plans.

So, you don’t have to worry about sharing your details, as you can share them through any output device.

4. CamCard

This application is among the best of its kind. It has one of the best features to scan the documents and convert them into 15 different languages. It’s only for this reason that it stands at one of the top peaks in the trusted application.


Moreover, it also has a free and paid version. Where paid version varies from $5 per user per month for the Team package to $12 per user per month for the business package.

5. Inigo

Inigo is available on both apple and android devices. The application’s basic features are the ability to feature free articles and much more with premium plans. Having the ability to create professional digital business cards is also easily shareable with others.


One of the main features of this card is “back office,” which allows you to make a business card for every person in your office. This helps to reduce the pain of making a note of taking each and everyone’s card; you can push their data through the templates. As a result, you will get the complete card ever.

6. Knowee

This application has its own way of doing things. It provides clickable links and thumbnails, which are very interesting in their own way. In addition, this provides both free and paid plans. As for paid plans, the plans can vary from 74 cents and $3.55 per user per month.


The best thing about this application is that you can call the person directly from the app.

7. eVaunt

It is an application with new ideas in it. It provides a map for the address, which can directly link with the google map if clicked. This application has a customization option for both smartphones as well as a web page address.


As you know that it is embedded with Google Maps, you can also upload your profile photo and your social networking sites.

8. L-Card


This application is an all-in-one application for digital business card creation. It has all the necessary tools for making your card much more attractive than the others. This application is mostly based on iOS and androids-based smartphones. The key features of its scanning any document and storing it into the library for further uses. All the documents are easily shareable.

9. Clinck


This application is the same as the other business card app mention above. The only perk about this application is that you can send the details to the interested parties and link your LinkedIn account with that. In addition, this linked social application has clickable links that come in handy by other people.


Have you ever heard of the proverb “The first impression is the last impression”? Of course, you must have heard somewhere down the line in the school or college or even in the working industries. My personal belief is that if you can charm the other with your first presentation, my friend, you are halfway there.

The digital business card creator is the first thing you send to people and colleagues, so it needs to be different. It acts as a synonym for your personality.

So, it is best to have a digital card that defines your personality and work. I have mentioned a few digital business card creators that are useful for you.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) For Digital Business Card 

How Can You Create Electronic Business Card?   

You can create your own digital business card if you wish to use certain apps or tools that are crucial for your business. Then, you can make your choices in the right manner, depending on your budget.

How Do You Send A Digital Business Card?   

You can send a digital business card to the person by choosing the text message from the dashboard screen. Then, you need to tap the text message button to provide the required information about your business to the other person.

What Is A Virtual Business Card?  

A virtual business card is an electronic form of the paper business card you share on your smartphone. You can upgrade virtual networking with the help of the virtual business card app. You need to make sure that you have selected the right virtual cards as per the industry standards.

How Can You Create A V Card?   

Several steps you can follow while you want to update the virtual credit card of your business properly.

  • You will receive a credit card.
  • The best thing is to opt for online credit card accounts while the logged-in accounts.
  • The virtual card issuer app you can go for while you want to access from your debit card.
  • After that, you can install the 16 digits virtual credit card number to develop your business in the right way.


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