What Is The Fastest SD Memory Card?

The fastest SD memory card that is available in the market is UHS-II cards. These cards possess the ability to write and read the data at a rate of 312 megabytes per second. Unlike the other cards, these cards would not take a lot of time to transfer the data. Many SD cards are tested for speed, and it was found that the SD memory card that can write the data to the card at a brisk pace is Sony SF-G 300MB/s UHS-II 32GB. This memory card can write the data at a speed of 273.672 megabytes per second. When it comes to reading the data, the fastest card that can read the data is Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U3 32GB at the rate of 307.050 megabytes per second.

Fastest SD Memory Card

It is essential to have a camera with the fastest memory card so that the data would get recorded quickly, and when there is ample memory space, the footage will not get lost. The memory card will keep on saving the images that you click with the camera. Many manufacturers would refer to the speed of the card as the sequential read speed.

This means that how quickly you can download the data stored on the card. If you are recording the videos or taking the photos, the first thing you need to look at is the sequential write speed. This means that how fast the data is getting copied on to the card. Many manufacturers have started to add the read and write speed on the packaging of the card. However, the fastest card would help you to read and write data briskly to the card. For this, you would need to spend a good amount of money.

Types of speed classes

There are different types of speed classes available for the SD card with micro-sd-card-c-10. When a speed class is given to an SD card, it means that it is referring to the category to write the data where every category would explain the real-world usage of video recording. This applies to the SDHC and SDXC cards. The latest speed classes are starting with U and V.

There are a few cards that would have both the U and V ratings. You need to pay a lot of attention to the V rating of the card. Though, speed rating would not have more impact on the actual card speed. The V30 rating of the card would not be able to read and write the data as briskly as the card with the U3 rating. To display the card rating, it is important for the manufacturers to have the cards by certifying the ratings.

When you are buying an SD card, you need to look for the card with V30 and V60 rating than just the card with the U3 rating.

Types Of Memory Cards


This is a new kind of card that is created to work at higher speeds that are required for recording the 8k to 4k video. The memory cards with the V90 class would support the write speed of around 90 megabytes per second. This is widely used in the camera to shot 8k videos. Though these are rarely used, this class would let the people expand their memory.


This is used in the cards that would support the minimum write speed of around 60 megabytes per second. This is widely used to record the videos in the camera ranging from 8k to 4k.


This is used in the cards that would support the minimum write speed of around 30 megabytes per second. This is used to support and record the videos of 4k range.


This is used to support the videos of 4k recording that would record at the rate of 30 megabytes per second. However, make sure that the memory of the card is enough to ave the full video recording.


This would support the real-time broadcasting and HD videos with the minimum read and write speed of around 10 megabytes per second. Hence, the broadcasting time is maintained as close to the live broadcasting.

Class 10:

This will support the 1080p recording of the video with the minimum speed of around 10 megabytes per second. In conclusion, it will give a whole new experience with video recording.

Classes 2, 4 and 6:

This would support to record the video with the minimum write speed of around 2 megabytes per second. The classes 4 and 6 is designed to support the video of 1080p and 720p videos with the minimum write speed of around 4 megabytes per second and 6 megabytes per second. However, the cameras would need the fastest SD cards; therefore, these cards cannot be used for writing the captured video or images to the card. You can use Class 10, U1, U3, V30, V60, and V90, as these are considered to be the fastest classes.


The UHS-I and UHS-II would support the maximum speed of 104 megabytes per second, whereas UHS-II would support the maximum speed of around 312 megabytes per second.

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