How To Hack sms Without Target Phone In 2021

One of the most common questions people ask is how to hack SMS without the target phone having it. To be honest, everyone wants to keep an eye on their partner. Another segment of people who want to hack someone else’s text messages is parents. They want to know how their kids are doing. 

No matter whether you want to know whom your partner or children are talking to, this article will help you get some tips and tricks to read the text messages without having the target phone.  There are several applications and software available on the internet. However, one of the best ways to read someone else’s message is via TTSPY.

Hack SMS Without Target Phone

TTSPY is a unique and powerful phone monitoring software that doesn’t even require you to have the phone of the target to hack SMS without the target phone.

One of the best parts about TTSPY is that you can remotely track and control any and every activity on the child’s Android and iOS phones. 

You can even hack SMS using TTSPY without the target phone. Here are a few salient features of TTSPY:

  • More than 20 monitoring features.
  • It is compatible across all android and iOS devices. 
  • You don’t need to root the phone. 
  • The owner of the phone won’t be able to know that you are tracking them. 
  • You can remotely activate the front or the rear camera in case of an emergency. This will help you tackle a lot of situations. 
  • The live surround voice feature lets you remotely open the phone’s microphone to listen and record everything that is going on in the surroundings. 
  • Remotely watch the target device’s screen and check what your partner or children are doing. 

Let’s have a look at some of the features in-depth and understand why TTSPY is the best. 


A lot of people use more than one sim card on their phones. With TTSPY, you don’t have to worry about them changing the sim. It gets installed on the phone, so no worry about which sim card they use; you can still track them and hack SMS without the target phone.

Besides, it notifies you every time they change the sim card. This makes it easier for you to understand their activity. The best part is, they will never know that you are tracking each and every activity on their phone. So, you can easily read the text messages even without their knowledge. 

Call log History

Is there anyone else than you who your partner calls? Are your employees leaking any confidential information about your business to your competitors? Who your kids talk a lot too? TTSPY can answer all these questions. It helps you stop guessing and provides real data.

Since it provides the data in real-time, you can take screenshots and save them for later. Even if they delete the call history, you won’t have to worry about them lying. So, you can show them the screenshots if they lie to you after deleting the call log history. 

Text Messages

This is the most noticeable feature of TTSPY. You can read all the SMS and chat messages the target person is sending or receiving. This will help you identify if they are sexting or posting inappropriate content to others. You can know if your partner is cheating and taking advantage of you. 

Besides, it will also help you determine if someone is bullying your kid. This will help you monitor your kid’s activities, understand their world, and protect them from unwanted risks. Since kids are vulnerable to online threats, you can protect them from any potential risks. 

Messenger Chats

Taking hacking someone’s text messages to the next level, TTSPY allows you to monitor the target’s phone’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, skype chats, Line and Kik chats, Hangouts, Instagram, and Tinder messages. You can read both the sent and received messages. 

Since social media has provided interactive features like voice calls, video calls, people use these platforms frequently. So, you can also know about the activities of social media accounts through TTSPY.

Keyboard Recorder

The keyboard recorder is yet another interesting feature of TTSPY. It synchronizes real-time typing on different apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, skype chats, Line and Kik chats, Hangouts, Instagram, and Tinder. 

It helps you to directly catch a cheating partner at the time of typing any message to someone. Although it might seem morally wrong to track someone’s phone without their knowledge, nobody wants to get cheated. You can save yourself from a toxic relationship. Also, you can protect your kids from any potential online risks.

Phone Call Recorder

Hacking someone’s text messages is not the only thing you would be looking for. TTSPY also allows you to record each and every call they are making. Besides, you get to hear the voice recording right when they are happening. This will help you determine if your partner is cheating or if your kid is getting threatening calls or get proof of your employee leaking the information.

Sometimes your partner or employees may pretend that they haven’t texted and their friends or someone else has texted from their phone without their knowledge. However, they cannot escape when you have their voice recordings. Since TTSPY offers you the opportunity to save the phone recordings, you can easily catch them. 

Photos and Images

TTSPY also enables you to check the target’s gallery, including what images or videos they have on their phone. This will help you prevent problems even before they occur. Since you have proof of photos and videos, your partner cannot escape anyway. 


We respect everyone’s privacy, but we also know the importance of how to hack SMS without the target phone. When you have TTSPY, you won’t need any other software to track someone’s text messages, calls, or what they are typing on various chatting platforms. Even if it looks wrong morally, it can save someone’s life. 

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