Inzfy: How Brands Shall Leverage Instagram Micro-Influencers?

Influencer marketing is one of the most excellent strategies brands should leverage on the Instagram platform. Besides standard promotions, influencer marketing will improve brand awareness and reach a wider audience. As far now, the influencers are flourishing on the platform. For any niche, you can look for influencers on Instagram. From fashion, food, health, and various industries to in-depth topics, different types of influencers are available on the platform. Based on the followers’ count, the influencer type is categorized into nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers.

In today’s world, micro-influencers are way popular in working for brands. Micro-influencers are Instagram users with 1000 to 10000 followers, but each audience is loyal and trustworthy. So brands need to utilize this opportunity and then make an ideal platform presence. However, all are pairing up with influencers to get more organic engagement. So that brands can buy Instagram video views and go viral on the platform.

In this article, we shall discuss how brands leverage micro-influencers on Instagram. Let’s get started!

How Can Brands Benefit From Micro-Influencers?

Brands, in several ways, shall benefit from micro-influencers. Some of the most beneficial things are as follows,

Relevance: Micro-influencers would have an excellent reputation in the industry and on the platform. Similarly, their follower base is high and comprised of huge people but more specific to your niche. So if brands connect with the right micro-influencers, they can connect with a highly relevant audience.

Low-Cost: If brands hire a micro-influencer, they may finish their marketing within the budget. The advantage is that reaching a highly relevant audience can easily uplift your business to the next level. Moreover, by paying less, you shall get more.

Trustworthy: As per the expert study, nearly 82% of consumers will purchase a product based on micro-influencer suggestions. In one way, micro-influencers increase sales and trust in a brand. So one of the best options to get trustworthy and loyal customers is to join hands with a healthy micro-influencer.

High Engagement: When compared with other influencer types, micro-influencers have better engagement rates. Although they have a small follower base, all of them are worthy audiences. If brands aim to drive more engagement, they may try to work with micro-influencers.

What To Look For Micro-Influencers On Instagram?

Before jumping on to the micro-influencer search pool, marketers must set on certain qualities and then begin to search. The most common phenomena are as follows,

  • Activity – Only active micro-influencers would help you reach high audiences.
  • Passion – A micro-influencer should have a passion for the industry or niche. Only passionate persons shall work engaging and creatively.
  • Performance on the Platform – If you are a brand and you are new to connecting with influencers, then a background check of micro-influencers is a must. Sometimes, the influencers work for a certain period, like seasonal, part-time, etc., So if you decide to work with those micro-influencers, you have to check on the previous campaigns.
  • Values – Working with micro-influencers who share the same values as your brands are essential. Kindly check whether the influencer values your brand objectives and works by them. Besides that, brands shall try using Inzfy and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Budget – As of now, budget is also an essential factor. As said earlier, micro-influencers will work with less budget itself.

Best Ways To Work With Micro-Influencers

If brands want to keep their campaigns successful, they need to put some of the best practices to work with micro-influencers. Although many step-by-step methods are available, the most important thing is to go with the planning. With planning, things go in a streamlined and scheduled way. Remember the below points to have a fascinating work with micro-influencers.

  • When looking for potential micro-influencers, the first thing to notice is relevance.
  • Instead of wasting time looking for massive reach, it would be best to work with influencers with high engagement levels.
  • Before starting to work with micro-influencers, explain the rules and regulations that your company follows. You can finish your campaign successfully if they are transparent with it alone.
  • Similarly, do not work with multiple micro-influencers at the same time. It may need to be clarified for your work progress. So you have to stick to the single and most efficient influencer until the end of a particular campaign.
  • If your goals are specific and to the point, the micro-influencers may find a fit and ask for partnerships.
  • If brands have previous experience with micro-influencers, they may use it as a reference to attract the attention of new Instagram influencers.

Where To Find The Micro-Influencer?

There are many ways to find new micro-influencer on Instagram. It may be a tedious process, but it will drive great results. So follow the below tips to find the perfect micro-influencer for your brand.

  • Turn to your audience – Always audience is the first customer of a brand. Sometimes, the audience will become your brand influencer. If brands check on a similar audience, there is a high chance of getting a perfect micro-influencer.
  • Use hashtags – Hashtags help you go with discoverability. If brands post regarding any search of influencers, then hashtags play an important role. In general, hashtags increase the visibility of your brand. With hashtags, you shall have real-time insights about your brand. Moreover, if you want to outshine the platform, try using Inzfy, which shall enhance your recognition.
  • Check your competitors – Sometimes, your competitors may have more micro-influencers; check them out and how they work on the Instagram platform. Now you may have an idea of how to find Instagram micro-influencers.


To make your Instagram campaign successful, it is a must to connect with audiences. If you are done with finding your micro-influencers, then utilize them to their fullest potential. The success of a brand always depends on how well the brand maintains relationships with a micro-influencer. All brands must do is trust your micro-influencers and then leave with their creativity. Once you get on an understanding, then no one shall upbeat your competition. Now we have finally reached the final stage of the article. Readers can leave their comments below. Thanks for reading!

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Abdul Aziz Mondal

Abdul Aziz Mondol is a professional blogger who is having a colossal interest in writing blogs and other jones of calligraphies. In terms of his professional commitments, he loves to share content related to business, finance, technology, and the gaming niche.

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Abdul Aziz Mondal

Abdul Aziz Mondal

Abdul Aziz Mondol is a professional blogger who is having a colossal interest in writing blogs and other jones of calligraphies. In terms of his professional commitments, he loves to share content related to business, finance, technology, and the gaming niche.

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