MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility And Security Exam

An administrator playing a role in Microsoft 365 like planning, deploying, evaluating, migrating, and in the management are actually the candidates for the MS-101 Exam. They are performing the different management tasks in a Microsoft enterprise or tenant management tasks, which include its security and identity and the technologies supporting it.

Candidates for the Exam of the MS-101 should have the experience or have the know-how of knowledge of the workload of Microsoft 365. Or the other prerequisite is that he should be at least the administrator of the deployment of Windows 10, SharePoint, or exchange, etc., and have personal work experience on IT fundamentals like DNS & Powershell, etc., and experience in networking and server administration.                           

  Course Outline:

  1. Implement Modern Device Service ( 40 – 45% )
  2.     Implement Microsoft 365 Security and Threat Management ( 20 – 25% )
  3.     Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliances ( 35- 40% )

Implement Modern Device Service:

Planning for the management of the device by monitoring the monitoring of the device and Azure AD’s integration and implementation planning of the manager of Microsoft Endpoint. The management of the compliance of devices that need planning for the attack or reduction of the surface area. 

Then the configuration of the policy of device compliance and security baselines is done. And conditional access policy’s planning and configuration are needed. Planning for applications which include the creation and configuration of the Microsoft Store for the Business. For the deployment of the application, planning should be done, and the management of the mobile app is finally planned. 

Deployment of Windows 10 is done, and enrolling the devices includes the planning for joining of devices, or you can register a device to Azure Active Directory. Planning for the enrolment of devices that are manual or automated, and at last, the device is enabled in turn.

Implement Microsoft 365 Security & Threat Management:

Implement Microsoft 365 Security & Threat Management:

In this, the reports and alerts of security are managed by the evaluation and the management of Microsoft 365 with the help of using the secure score. Incident investigation is managed, and alerts of Microsoft 365 are managed and reviewed. 

Threat protection is implemented with the help of Microsoft 365 Defender by full planning. In this for Endpoint, the Microsoft Defender is planned, and Microsoft Defender is designed for the policies of Office 365. Implement the Microsoft Defender for identification. 

After all this, the security of the Microsoft cloud App is planned by using cloud security, the protection of information planning and the planning of connectors of application, and the management of the policies to approach the cloud applications.

Security alerts of cloud apps should be reviewed and responded to, and unauthorized cloud applications should be monitored.

Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance:

Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance:

Plan for the compliance requirement by planning the compliance solution where the compliance is accessed. Privileged Access Management is planned and implemented. Planning for the requirements of the industry and implementation then take place.

In the management of information governance, classification and classification labeling are planned. The restoration of deleted content is also planned then implementation of record management takes place. At last, in Microsoft 365, the data retention labels and policies are designed.

In information protection implementation, the planning of solutions for the protection of the internet takes place, and policies & sensitivity labels are implemented. For workload, the IRM information rights management is then configured. At last, the planning of implementation of WIP windows information protection. 

In the planning and implementation process of Data loss prevention DLP, we have to plan and configure the data loss prevention. And after that, we have to monitor DLP data loss prevention.

Investigation and search management are done by EDiscovery and audit planning and configuration. Insider risk management is implemented and managed, and the content search solution is designed. 

Microsoft 365 Exam Outline:

Microsoft 365 Exam Outline:

Here is an outline of what you should know about the MS-101 exam so that you can prepare your exams according to its subjective structure: 

So, the minor details are:

 Exam Name: Microsoft MS-101 Certification Practice Exam.

  1. Exam Code: MS-101
  2. Exam Time Of MS-101 = 150 minutes
  3. Exam Question Of MS-101 = Roughly 40 – 60 questions
  4. Exam Passing Marks = 70% or 700 out 100 marks.
  5. Exam price: 165$.

 MS-101 Certification Worth It:

 MS-101 Certification Worth It:

The Microsoft 365 exam is well worth it. The technology they cover is extremely prevalent in all areas of the economy.

To set your portfolio and build up your personal skills. You will find the best job where the administration of Microsoft 365 is highly demanded. You will gain extra knowledge and skills at the present work with the help of this.

 It expires after every two years and needs Renewal. 

Is MS-101 A Tough Exam?

You have already passed the exam of MS-100 before appearing in this exam, so that will be helpful in the formation of a foundation for the understanding of the services and apps of Microsoft 365. Don’t even dare to think of exams as very easy even if you have the best experience working with MS-100 Certification Practice Exam

How Do You Prepare For The MS-101? 

MS-101 is not too hard to pass provided your exam questions are accurate. First, the MS-101 exam is required to get the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification.

And after that, you can start your preps for the MS-101 exam; it will take almost 4-8 weeks to prepare for this exam certification.

You have to follow MS-101 study/reading material, make plans for mobile device management, and coordinate device compliance. Make plans for the apps and devices. Also, plan Window 10 development and implement Cloud App Security. 

  1.  MS-101 Practice tests, you can practice separated exam questions according to your theme.
  2. You can follow different online websites for MS-101 exam preparations and have exam dumps, pdf files, online lectures, and other study materials on various sites, such as Linkedin, CertEnsure, Microsoft, etc.
  3. You can follow the best one according to your feasibility, and you can also buy online courses for MS-101 preparations. 


The MS-101 exam demands certification, and you can choose it for your perfect career in the Microsoft world. But before that, you need to take severe preparation so that you can pass at one go. 

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      Sumona is the publisher for TechTrendsPro. In terms of professional commitments, she carries out publishing sentient blogs by maintaining top to toe on-page SEO aspects. Follow more of her contributions in SmartBusinessDaily and RealWealthBusiness

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