Sea Of Thieves Gets Its 2.8.4 Update; Exciting Features & Tweaks Added!

Players are waiting to come back to the updated version of the game “Sea of Thieves.” It backs along with a host of thrilling additions to the game.

On the other hand, the updated version of “Sea of Thieves” features a new Tall Tale and some exciting cosmetics. apart from that, the new “sea of thieves” also has incorporated improved accessibility options which players are in the game for.

The updated version of the “Sea of Thieves” begins with an epic journey in the Caribbean Sea and “The Legend of Monkey Island.” One of the features is the “Pirate Emporium” of the updated version of “Sea of Thieves,” where you can show off your unique style along with multiple purchases from the Pirate Emporium.

Apart from that, some new items are added, such as:

  • LeChuck’s Legacy Ship Collection
  • LeChuck’s Legacy Weapon Bundle
  • Pocket Seagull Emote
  • Brooding Buccaneer Bundle

The original story of this game is based on three Tall Tales. The first Tall Tale is “The Journey of Melee Island,” which you can see now. This Tall Tale is about traveling to the Fabled Melee Island through the Damned Sea.

The Sea of Thieves 2.8.4 updated version will be released on 19th July 2023. This game is entirely packed with new and exciting features.

If you are playing this updated version of the game on Steam, you can download the 2.8.4 updates by clicking on the option “Check for Updates.” Or else, if you are playing “The Sea Of Thieves” on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, you can easily download the update by selecting the option “My Games & Apps.”

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