Top 12 Smart Lights for Your Smart Home in 2024!

One of the most affordable and the easiest ways to dive into smart home technology is possible by smart lights bulbs. In recent times, light bulbs have grown augmented into smarter ways. Now, you can substitute your traditional incandescent bulb with several connected solutions that you can control.    

 Tapping a few times on torta will only be possible in this case. Even more, some of them even connect with voice assistants and other smartwatches. We have rounded up the highest-rated smart bulbs which we have tested.    

 In this digital marketing era, smart lights are the most significant part of smart home devices. At the same time, you can easily decorate and upgrade your home interior, whether it’s LED smart bulbs, strip lights, a smart lamp, smart switches, or other accessories.    

Top 12 Smart Lights for Your Smart Home In 2024:   

Top 12 Smart Lights for Your Smart Home In 2024_

In recent years, smart light bulbs have grown exponentially. Particularly, it means you can easily replace your standard incandescent bulb with various connected solutions. Below, I will discuss the top 12 smart lights for your smart home in 2024.    

1) Wyze Bulb Color    

One of the most affordable smart colored bulbs we tested is the Wyze Bulb Color. At the same time, this smart bulb can shine over 15 million colors, even though you can control this from your phone.   

Particularly, you can also control this with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This offers ample features for the price, including device-triggered automation, custom scenes, and scheduling.    

What are the pros and cons of Wyze Bulb Color?   


  • Firstly, wyze Bulb color is affordable.    
  • Secondly, this smart light is dimmable and bright.    
  • This is functional and is controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.   
  • Wyze Bulb Color smart light supports automations, schedules, sleep routines, etc.    


  • You couldn’t buy this smart light individually.   
  • It doesn’t have any dynamic lighting effect.    

2) Wyze Bulb Color BR30    

The Wyze Bulb color BR30 manifests among other smart light bulbs because it works specifically in recessed fixtures. This smart light shares several empowerments with its A19 sibling. On the other hand, this supports over 15 million colors, third-party implementations, and voice controls.    

What are the pros and cons of Wyze Bulb Color BR30?   


  • Wyze Bulb color BR30 has several vibrant colors.    
  • It supports the voice control system.    
  • This doesn’t require any hub.    
  • The Wyze Bulb Color BR30 is affordable.    


  • Wyze Bulb Color BR30 is not compatible with HomeKit.    
  • It lacks dynamic lighting effects.    

3) Wyze Light Strip Pro    

The Wyze Light Strip Pro is a thin, flexible LED that can be used virtually. You can easily control this smart light through your voice or phone. Eventually, this provides a lot of fun effects and other helpful automation, including a microphone. In this case, you can sync the beat of music and work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.    

What are the pros and cons of Wyze Light Strip Pro?   


  • Firstly, wyze Light Strip Pro is affordable.    
  • Secondly, this smart light is easy to set up and install. It even functions like one of the most effective home security systems.   
  • Thirdly, it has a lot of automation features and other lighting effects.    
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have controlled Wyze Light Strip Pro.    


  • This smart light has only one port.    

4) Govee Lynx Dream WiFi Outdoor smart string Lights    

The Govee Lynx Dream Bluetooth and WiFi outdoor string lights are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add colorful lighting outside their homes. After all, these smart light strings are easy to install and weatherproof, and this would also support remote control. Above all, these look great, and they are fun to use.    

What are the pros and cons of Govee Lynx Dream Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Outdoor String Lights?   


  • This smart light has a lot of personalized lighting impacts.    
  • It works with IFTTT.   
  • This doesn’t require any hub.   
  • Govee Lynx Dream Bluetooth and Wi-Fi outdoor string light assist Alexa, and Google Assistant voice controls.    


  • This smart bulb doesn’t support HomeKit   
  • These smart bulbs are spaced far aside.    

5) Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light    

The Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light is a plug-in smart light with an in-built motion sensor. In particular, you can easily tune the LED smart bulb to the specific white color temperature of any number of RGB colors. Even though you can create lightning schedules, you can control everything from either an application or else you can control with your voice.    

What are the pros and cons of Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light?   


  • Firstly, this smart light is easier to install like a smart speaker.   
  • Secondly, broad color ranging lights are available in Globe Electric Smart Ambient Light.    
  • Thirdly, it has a dual-band WiFi.    
  • It can easily be functional with the SmartThings Platform.    


  • It doesn’t support HomeKit or IFTTT.   
  • The motion detection range is narrower.    

6) Philips Dimmable A19 Smart WiFi wiz Light Bulb    

The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart WiFi Wiz smart light offers a load of convenience and value for its lower price. On the other hand, this works with WiFi, especially while you are controlling this with software app control without requiring any separate hub.   

 In this case, it supports further voice commands and features plenty of customization options. At the same time, this companion app will let you create Scenes through which you can set the mood for several occasions.    

What are the pros and cons of the Philips Dimmable A19 Smart WiFi wiz Light bulb?   


  • Firstly, the Philips Dimmable A19 smart light is affordable.    
  • Secondly, this doesn’t require any hub.    
  • Thirdly, it connects through WiFi, especially for remote controlling apps.    
  • It works with Amazon Alexa, Shiri Shortcuts, and Google Assistant.    


  • It doesn’t support any HomeKit.    
  • The Finicky WiFi setup and app control are especially for testing.    

 7) Philips Hue Iris Smart Table Lamp    

The Philips Hue Iris smart Table Lamp is another stylish, smart table lamp that lets you set your mood. Aside from that, it supports over 16 million colors and an extensive range of cool and warm white tones where you can create the perfect ambiance. In this case if you are looking for a stylish and smart table lamp, this can evoke a specific vibe.    

What are the pros and cons of the Philips Hue Iris Smart Table Lamp?   


  • Firstly, this smart bulb provides a large color and white temperature range.    
  • Secondly, philips Hue Iris Table Lamp has a stylish design.    
  • After all, it features Bluetooth for hub-free app control.    
  • It supports Google Assistant voice commands and Amazon Alexa.    


  • It supports the same features that require the hue bridge hub.    

8) Wyze Bulb Light   

Wyze Bulb Smart Light develops upon its predecessor with a longer lifespan. This is the best smart white LED; you can get it for $10. If you want to save a pair of bucks per bulb and don’t require any color-changing light, Wyze Bulb Light is one of the best options.    

What are the pros and cons of Wyze Bulb Light?   


  • Firstly, it is available at an affordable price.    
  • Secondly, the lifespan is longer.    
  • This app has a lot of smart features.    


  • It lacks the support for Apple HomeKit.    

9) Wyze Night Light    

One of the most significant smart lights is Wyze Night Light, which costs much less. It is a wireless and battery-powered light with an alluring soft white glow. At the same time, this smart light runs low on battery so you can recharge through USB-C. On the other hand, it doesn’t support any app or voice control.    

What are the pros and cons of the Wyze Night Light bulb?   


  • This smart light includes three lights.    
  • Lights can easily be linked or even can be used individually.    
  • Battery-powered lights don’t even require any outlet.    


  • It is not functional with any app or voice control software.    
  • It doesn’t have a charging cable.     

10) Nanoleaf Essentials smart lights   

The Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulb has an impressive and unique geometric design. After all, it looks stylish even if used without the light shade. Even more, these smart bulbs were more accessible to set up, and it took less than a second to brighten up, especially by controlling with Google Assistant or Siri.    

What are the pros and cons of Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Light?   


  • This smart light connects without any hub.    
  • Nanoleaf Essentials smart light works with every smart system.    


  • This is quite a bit expensive.    

If you want white lights without changing color, then the TP-Link Tapo Smart Light Bulbs are worth a lot. On the other hand, you can choose this smart light’s brightness levels from pre-selected levels or manually adjust this by dragging your finger. Aside from that, TP-Link Tapo Smart Light Bulbs are quite simple to set up.    


  • Firstly, this smart light is affordable and quite basic to manage.    
  • Secondly, TP-Link Tapo smart Bulbs work with Google Assistant and Alexa.    


  • It doesn’t work with HomeKit.    

 12) TCP Smart WiFi Bulbs    

You can try these TCP Smart WiFi bulbs if you require a handful of WiFi-controlled bulbs. In this case, you can easily control this smart bulb by using any software app, connecting to the home WiFi network, and using a mobile data connection.    

What are the pros and cons of TCP Smart WiFi Bulbs?   


  • This smart bulb is affordable.    
  • TCP Smart WiFi bulbs are simple to use.    


  • It doesn’t have any connection with Apple HomeKit.    

In Conclusion   

I have discussed the top 12 smart lights for your smart home in 2024 above in this article. The way they will function can differ from brand to brand. Above all, setting up the smart light might feel intimidating at first. Furthermore, they come in several types of sizes, including screw fit and bayonet.    

 I hope you find this article helpful. If you have queries, please comment below!

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