Sublimation Printer: How Can It Help You And How Is It Making A Difference?

Sublimation printers can be better explained if we learn about sublimation first. This interesting process explains why sublimation is so popular in recent times. In this process, a solid is directly turned to gas without turning into a liquid first through a sublimation printer. The gas is the vapor that permeates a fiber to transfer a motif or a picture.

The motif or the picture that needs to be transferred is first printed on transfer paper or foil. It is then put on the desired material or fiber, and heat is provided at 230 degrees for about 30 to 60 seconds. The transfer is performed through a thermal transfer press, and it penetrates the fiber.

The best fabric for sublimation machine is polyester, made of plastic fiber. However, it is only possible for some to wear polyester. It is, therefore, important that for an effective sublimation process, the fiber must have a polyester coating.

The design will only be transferred effectively with a polyester coating, be it metal plates, cotton clothing, or ceramic mugs. Pure cotton has a high chance of burning, while the print will be short-lived without polyester coating.

The reason polyester is the most effective fabric is because of high temperatures. It will start melting, creating pores for the color to transfer successfully between the materials. For the effectiveness of the print, black or white background is the most effective.

Sublimation Printer: How Can It Help You And How Is It Making A Difference?

Sublimation Printer How Can It Help You

With the help of a sublimation printer, the advantage is that there will not be any residue of the color. Since the paint has permeated the fiber, it would also not impact the clothing material. The sublimation process effectively prints a desired motif or embellishes a logo on clothing items for personal purposes.

You can also use this process for advertising for company sponsors and logos. It contributes to high visibility and adds value to the recipient. Another important thing that segregates the sublimation process of printing from others is the long durability and smoothness of the design once it’s printed.

One of the major reasons for a sublimation printer from a regular printer is that it can print on materials and fibers, while standard printers can only print on paper. Sublimation printers can sometimes use fluorescent dye sublimation inks. The output of such color is brilliant and bright in terms of visual presence.

What Is A Sublimation Printer?

What Is A Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer is a machine for printing that uses a sublimation ink different from normal printing ink. This ink permeates clothing, objects, and materials with ink vapors at high temperatures.

A desktop printer can be converted into a sublimation printer using sublimation ink such as Epson EcoTank or Epson Workforce. The standard inkjet printers are identified as sublimation printers to perform the sublimation process. Printers such as Sawgrass and Epson F170 are effective sublimation printers. The epson sublimation printer is one of the best sublimation printers in the market.

Another way the sublimation printer is different from regular inkjet printers, is that the heat transfer printer plays an important role in the transfer medium. The best sublimation printer will help in no ink loss.

The liquid ink in the printer does not spill; hence, no mess is created when using the product. The printer has few moving parts and is simple to use; therefore, there is less chance of the printer breaking down.

How To Use A Sublimation Printer?

How To Use A Sublimation Printer

The design must be designed or downloaded based on your choice. It can also be created on Procreate or Photoshop. Once you have a plan, you can print it in the sublimation printer and mirror it on the sublimation paper with the sublimation ink.

You have to pre-heat the heat press, which is necessary for the design and the fiber. A required temperature should be set for the fabric, whether a scarf or a t-shirt. The butcher paper pieces should be prepared; accordingly, one must be put under the press.

Another butcher paper should be placed between the clothing and the heat plate and another between the cloth so the ink does not transfer to the other side. After placing the sublimation design on the fabric, press the heat press for at least 40 to 50 seconds.

The pressure should be medium, and then you can lift the press and remove all the butcher papers. Let the cloth stay for a few seconds before removing it.

What Are The Advantages?

There are many benefits to using a sublimation printer, especially with the increase in promotional and advertising events and activities in the corporate and personal world.

  • Printing on rigid surfaces, such as slates, photo holders, mugs, crockery, and other decorative items, has become possible.
  • In a sublimation printer diverse colors are present in a sublimation printing process.
  • The process through the sublimation printer is quick to complete.
  • The sublimation printer should not be set at a minimum print run.
  • Using a sublimation printer is efficient and time-saving as it produces the required products on the same day.
  • There is no loss of color, design, or motif once a sublimation printer prints it as the design is integrated into the clothing.
  • Once the sublimation printer is used, no time is required to dry. The ink will not smear.

What Are The Disadvantages?

There are a few disadvantages to using the sublimation printer.

  • The print through this printer will only be effective if the fiber is 100% polyester. Or if there is at least a polyester coating on other products, such as cotton.
  • The surfaces with the color black or white cannot be sublimated.
  • If the sublimation printer is not regularly used, the print heads are likely to be clogged.
  • The printing might lose color if it is exposed to UV rays.

How Does It Make A Difference?

It has been effective recently, especially with business promotions and brand advertising, as merchandise can be created quickly. Products such as glass sheets, polyester aprons, aluminum sheets, polyester cushion covers, and ceramic mugs can be personalized for stakeholders, shareholders, and other important company members.

The sublimation printer is very effective in creating small batches; for bigger sets, time is required to use this printer. However, the print is very effective and creates a excellent visual. It also uses very less energy and water as compared to traditional printing. It is an effective way of saving up resources.

The printer is also effective if you print a whole garment from one seam to another. With the heat generated, the dye becomes a part of the fabric. Hence, it will not fade. Even when exposed to water, the product will not degrade.


The article informs you of the significance of sublimation printers and how it has been of immense help in recent times in both the personal and professional world. Sublimation printer is one of the most effective device for printing motifs and designs on fabric materials. In the comments below, let us know about your trying on clothing designed through sublimation printers.

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