Top 6 Tech Tools to Use When Buying a House

I remember a time during my childhood, which has stayed etched in my memory forever. My parents wanted to shift to a better neighbourhood, as ours was being over-run by anti-social elements and criminal personalities. My younger sibling had even picked up some cuss words, which shocked my parents tremendously when the school asked them about their child’s new vocabulary additions.

In order to bring you the best tech tools to improve your home buying experience, we take help from realtors that know the best ways to find the perfect house. We request realtors, such as a Columbia SC Realtor, to help us create the list and point out how homebuyers can use technology to get the best deals, improve search and discovery and ensure they are getting the maximum value for their money.

Being great parents, they wanted their kids to grow up in a healthy environment, with good neighbours, less crime rates, and good schools in the vicinity. This memory stuck with me because of a few reasons.

I distinctly remember tagging along with my parents every other weekend for a good six months, looking at a variety of houses. Terrible weather, unprofessional brokers, uncooperative banks and financial institutions, and a host of other factors made the process incredibly difficult.

However, with the advent of the digital revolution, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of tech tools and platforms that offer so many features and facilities that most of the difficulties and problems related to house hunting have been eliminated completed.

In this article, we look at ten digital tools that have made life easier for individuals and families when they start the quest for a new house.

1. Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google has always been at the forefront of developing some of the most user-friendly technologies known to humanity. What is more, is that their services are always free for consumers.

With Google Maps, you can easily check the locations, schools, monuments, eateries, places of interest, amongst a host of other things, including schools, subways, metro stations, near to the location of your prospective house. It offers tremendous value in terms of its services and is really one of the most accurate mapping systems in the world. But if you want to be more specific in your search, there are also other tools you can use. If you’re looking for condos in Richmond Hill, for instance, sites like CondoWizard would provide you an accurate map of the condo options in that area.

2. Trulia:


A standard question that affects first-time homebuyers is whether they should buying or renting a house. This involves filtering in and factoring in many issues, like rent, lease, appreciation, area, and other variables.

Trulia offers excellent services, which will help you decide convincingly between renting or outright buying. It also offers personalized help to individuals and families. Trulia is one of the biggest and most reputed portals offering real estate listings, advice, and know-how to owners, buyers, sellers, as well as property agents.

3. Facebook:


You might be wondering how Facebook can help you find real estate rights. Well, let me tell you that Facebook has evolved so many functionalities that you can find your dream apartments for rent in Greensboro or house from Facebook Groups and Communities.

The best way, one that we found to be the most credible and authentic was active and engaging Facebook Communities of students, professionals, who come together and create Facebook Groups, listing, and seeking properties.

4. Instagram:


If Facebook is on the list, can Instagram be far behind? If you need to look up at some of the best and most authentic content, addresses, and real-time feel of places, we suggest you type in the locality in which you are looking for a house and get a feel of the place through posts of people, brands and professional pages in the neighborhood.

Apart from people posing in at least five hundred different ways, you will be able to get a sense and feel of the place, the nearest eateries, the culture, tourist destinations, and other important and real aspects of staying in a locality.

5. VR Global:

VR Global

The use of virtual reality in real estate is going to be the next big thing, period! If your property developer cannot show take you on a virtual tour of your new home, chances are you are dealing with someone who is not technologically updated with the latest happenings in the world.

VR Global is a virtual reality firm that makes customized solutions for developers, property dealers, brokers, and architects and allows them to offer an unprecedented level of ease when displaying their products to consumers.

6. Home Depot APP:

Home Depot APP

Yes, this is an interesting one on the list, but chances are that you might be needing a lot of hardware, supplies, and other basic requirements like tools, and gadgets. If you are confused with regard to some of the basics that you should have at your house at all times you can look at TopToolsAdvisor as they have some of the most amazing blogs that will help you cover all your hardware needs.


With these state-of-the-art and modern tech tools, chances are that you would not be fretting as my parents when you start considering making a real estate decision.

The need of the hour when investing in property is to find smart platforms that will do nearly all the work for you, rather than working hard and physically looking for properties every single day.

Happy house hunting people!

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Arina Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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Arina Smith

Arina Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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