9 Web Design Trends for 2020

The web design trends is a fast-evolving space wherein technologies and development tricks may appear quickly. These ever-improving tools of technology permit a greater sense of freedom when it comes to designing interfaces and different types of interactions. And due to this, web design techniques and patterns begin trending within a very short period of time.

Here are some web design trends that are expected to dominate the year 2020. All of them aren’t all-new. Some of them are styles that have been maintaining their relevance and popularity during the last year. These are expected to be in the most frequent use for the new websites to be launched in the year to come.

9 Web Design Trends for 2020:

1. Visual appeal with flat design:

The flat design concept has been popular throughout 2019 and is expected to gain even more popularity in the year 2020. In flat design, different sections of a website are arranged next to each other in a very neat and clean manner which makes the site easier to interact with. The neat and clean appearance is liked by users visually, and it is going to be a major focus in the year ahead. Simplicity is an all-time successful key to add visual appeal to a website.

2. Responsive phenomenon all around:

Knowing the advantages of responsive sites, the designers and developers across the globe have grasped this change more in recent years. There will not be any site without having the feature of responsiveness. The web design trends approach will dependably have a portable view at the top of the priority list. In addition, UI patterns will be made to such an extent that they do not remain exceptionally hard to adjust in the responsive view. The user’s experience is going to be a prime concern for desktop, cell phones, and tablets.

3. Video Banners:

The web users are generally not an aficionado of auto-play videos on sites, yet video banners have gained massive prevalence in the past few months. Having a video slider alongside picture slider is an adaptable showcasing pattern that will ascend in 2020. Users are also admiring the idea of promptly viewing the video to gain instant information about anything.

4. Less utilization of stock photographs:

The time has already come to change the same old thought of stuffing stock photographs on the websites. Some photographs are so common that they can be seen on countless sites. In addition, The users will feel fussier while viewing the same kind of pictures again and again. People have become tired of seeing those typical bespoke stock images, and therefore, they will welcome only original and customized photos.

5. Bold colors and typography:

We have seen highly rich colors remaining quite a rage in the year 2019, which can be said a good stereotype break from those old standard colors. The trend, at last, has changed. Brands will strive hard to look unique and showcase exactly who they are. We are going to have bolder choices in the typography too. It will make statements in a clear and sharper way.

6. Less full parallax sites:

We have seen a considerable measure of parallax sites in past 2-3 years. This pattern is going to vanish on account of its reactions with SEO. Parallax sites are typically long one-page sites that don’t produce URLs independently for internal pages and subsequently are not slithered via web indexes. Likewise, the utilization of a substantial script decreases the speed of the site. Parallax is going to be used smartly for particular sections of the websites for a great visual treat.

7. Modern aesthetics with giant product images:

For an aesthetically appealing website, certain visual elements always play a vital role that you can’t dodge. Designing your website by adding some larger, panoramic and responsive images can offer an immersive user experience, undoubtedly managing to grab the eyeballs of the visitors. However, adding background videos along with overlapping text that gels well with your brand’s identity is the pivotal takeaway for grabbing customer’s attention and retention.

8. Inclusion of Labeled Hamburger Menus:

There is a full possibility that most websites that you surf through on a daily basis have a big hanging menu of options to choose from. Even though they are great for direct accessibility, but completely fail to keep up while engulfing a whopping screen space. This type of loophole can be made up well by the hidden or (labeled) hamburger menu. One of the most basic advantages of utilizing the hidden menu is that you can directly wipe out busy navigation of the website that makes the user experience fully distraction-free. It also gives the user a clear way to explore your entire website which in turn betters the possibility of the visitors to land on the desired page without feeling fussy.

9. Shorter and crispier content:

Gone are the days when lengthy and bombastic content was used to be part of each and every website. The trend that has caught the eyeballs of the visitors in the content area is lucidity and simplicity. Well-written and grammatically perfect content with soul is going to dominate the web in the year to come.

Shorter and crispier pieces of content will be the main key to grab the attention of the visitors during the ongoing year. Professional web copywriters will need to change their approach from lengthy and boastful writing pieces to the crispy copies just like the copywriters of the print advertising agencies do. The more you serve your customers with bombastic content, the more they get confused about what exactly you want to say to them.


Keeping a close eye upon the ongoing web design trends is almost mandatory for designers and developers. It empowers them to keep pace with time and also enables them to deliver the most contemporary stuff for their valued clients. However, Staying up to date simply means they know very well what is going on around them. So many times, the overall evaluation of the job performance of a web designer and developer is also made on the basis of the contemporary elements that they put in the project. And, all these abilities can be achieved only when the designer and developers keep pace with the prevailing web design trends.

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Ram Mohan

Ram Mohan is presently the Delivery Head at Sterco Digitex, a New Media Design Company specializing in value services like: Website Designing and Web Development Delhi NCR, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and Ecommerce.

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Ram Mohan

Ram Mohan

Ram Mohan is presently the Delivery Head at Sterco Digitex, a New Media Design Company specializing in value services like: Website Designing and Web Development Delhi NCR, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and Ecommerce.

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