Where Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth End? Here’s How It All Goes Down

The Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy is astounding. From cutting-edge graphics to amazing hack n’ slash combat, this trilogy aims to be bigger than the original 1997 masterpiece. However, players have one question: Where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end and how?

Players are eager to find the answer to this question since the trilogy does things differently. From the order of the story beats being different to some elements of the story being completely new, fans have been excited about this sequel since Final Fantasy VII Remake came out in 2020.

Therefore, if you wish to know where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end and understand what will happen in the final act of the trilogy, keep on reading!

Final Fantasy VII Remake: A Quick Rundown


Final Fantasy VII was already a massive game back in 1997. It was so nig, that you had to put three disks inside to play the game fully!

Therefore, Square Enix remade it into three games, which was smart. The game and its universe have gotten so big over time that it now encompasses an animated movie (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children), a prequel game (Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core), and another spin-off game (Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus).

Therefore, it makes sense that its massive universe must be told as three massive games to let players get the full Final Fantasy VII experience.

The first game of the trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, depicts the story of a dying planet, taking place in a sci-fi dystopian society. We see that Shinra, a megacorporation, has been draining Mako – the planet’s life force – to power its technology. However, doing so steadily kills off Earth as plants wither and diseases spread.

Therefore, to save the planet, an eco-terrorist group called Avalanche (led by Barrett and Tifa) wants to bring down Shinra. In their pursuit, they team up with Cloud Strife, an ex-Shinra soldier with mental disorders and a forgotten past.

However, at the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we see Sephiroth, a rogue Shinra soldier, as the biggest threat. He is a genetically enhanced super soldier who wants to absorb all Mako and ascend into godhood. Soon, the forces clash in a three-way Mexican standoff.

Therefore, to learn where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end, you must learn what took place in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ending Explained

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place in Midgard. After Cloud teams up with Avalanche and completes many quests along the way. Soon, they find out that Shinra wants to collapse a plate into the slums of Midgard to cull its population and Malo usage. While the group tries to prevent this, they ultimately fail, separating the group.

Cloud now ends up with Aerith, the last remaining Cetra woman, a near-extinct species connected to the planet’s Lifestream. However, Aerith gets kidnapped by Shinra as they wish to experiment on her Cetra lineage. Cloud soon reunites with Barrett and Tifa and decides to bomb Shinra Headquarters.

On their quest, they rescue Aerith and Red XIII, a talking red lion from Shinra’s labs. However, they soon discover that Sephiroth has murdered Shinra’a President and stole Jenova, an ancient entity from their labs.

Upon the President’s death, his son Rufus decides to take over and fight our group. However, Cloud takes him down and flees with the group. Soon, they face Sephiroth on their flight, which separates Cloud from the group.

Now we find out that Sephiroth was an ex-Shinra soldier responsible for Cloud’s amnesia five years ago.

In addition, he also called mortally wounded Zack Fair, Cloud’s mentor, who later succumbs to his injuries at Nibelheim. The trauma of this incident led to Cloud’s amnesia.

However, as their blades collide, they face off against the Arbiter of Fate, a strange being responsible for preventing any changes to destiny or the current timeline. After Sephiroth defeats Cloud, we see Zack being alive, who rescues Cloud.

In the end, Cloud reunites with his group, while Zack and Sephiroth go their separate ways. Now, it’s time for Cloud and Avalanche to stop Sephiroth.

How Final Fantasy VII Remake Alters The Story


Final Fantasy 7 Remake not only serves as a remake of the game with modern graphics and a new combat system but also changes the story.

For example, the Arbiter was not there in the base game. Moreover, Zack, who was dead (and remained dead) in the original – is now alive. All these changes raised many questions in everyone’s mind, as we now wish to know where will Fantasy 7 Rebirth end.

Where Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth End? Ending Explained


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth game director Tetsuya Nomura has already given us a glimpse into where Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will end. He did so in an interview with PlayStation Blog sometime before FF7 Rebirth came out. This is what he said:

“FF7 Rebirth ends after the events of The Forgotten Capital, where the greatest fate of Final Fantasy VII awaits you.”

This is interesting since one of the most major events occurs in the Forgotten Capital. It was so major that gamers globally were shocked to see it happen back in 1997!

Moreover, adding the Arbiter and a not-so-dead Zack raises many questions. What will happen in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Moreover, where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end, and how will it impact the ending of the trilogy?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ending


The game starts with Cloud and his party in Kalm, preparing to search for Sephiroth.

Moreover, we also learn that Sephiroth is trying to unite multiple parallel realities and timelines and use the Black Materia – an ancient magical artefact – to summon a Meteor and destroy the planet, allowing him to rule over parallel realities as a god-king.

Soon, the party tracks down Sephiroth through multiple locations like Junon, Costa Del Sol, Corel, Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon, the Gold Saucer Amusement Park, and a trip to the burned city of Nibelheim.

On their journey, we recruit new playable characters like Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Vincent Valentine – all having grudges against Shinra. Moreover, we find out that since Cloud defeated the Arbiter of Fate, it has collapsed all probable realities, slowly combining them into one, leading to a multiversal meltdown.

Throughout the journey, they face off with Shinra many times, who also want to harness the power of the Black Materia. Additionally, since the planet’s Lifestream is slowly depleting, ancient Guardians have risen from hibernation, threatening all life.

Soon, the three-way race leads everyone to the Forgotten Capital, home of the long-dead Cetra, Aerith’s race. This answers the question: “Where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end?”

However, Sephiroth ambushes them and kills Aerith. Soon, the party fights Sephiroth and defeats him, after which he flees. Moreover, during the fight, Zack’s timeline converges again, helping them defeat Sephiroth before being banished back to his timeline.

Finally, the party prepares to depart once more to hunt down Sephiroth. Moreover, Cloud can see Aerith’s spirit, being the only one able to do so.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3: What Will Happen Next?

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

During the game’s intro, we learn that Sephiroth was created by Shinra’s Dr. Hojo using Jenova cells. This ancient alien nearly wiped out the Cetra centuries ago. Five years ago, in Nibelheim, Sephiroth learns the truth and goes insane, burning the town and killing Cloud and Tifa’s parents.

Moreover, Zack and Cloud were captured by Dr. Hojo, who experimented on them for years. This is the reason why Cloud has amnesia. However, Zack sacrifices his life for Cloud to help the latter escape.

Therefore, the Zack that we see to be alive here – is from a separate timeline where he never greets death. Moreover, in the original Final Fantasy VII, Aerith dies at the hands of Sephiroth.

However, here we see that Cloud prevents it by deflecting Sephiroth’s attack. However, the realities merge again, sending Cloud into the original one where Aerith dies.

Now that you know where Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ends (quite confusingly), one major question is: What will happen next?

In the original game, Cloud learns more about his past and identity. Moreover, the journey will lead you to the Northern Crater, where Sephiroth is, to defeat him and a resurrected Jenova for good.

However, since this Remake trilogy has Cloud phasing through multiple realities, no one knows what we have in store. Are Zack and Aerith still alive? Or are these realities a manifestation of Cloud’s mentally disturbed mind – since only he can see parallel-world Zack and Aerith? Only time will tell.

Conclusion: No Promises Await at Journey’s End

Now that you know where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end, it’s time for you to finally buy the game and start playing it, knowing that it will be different from the original 1997 game.

Therefore, let’s hope that the last part of the trilogy – which I believe will be titled Final Fantasy VII Reunion (due to the unity of timelines) – ends with a bang and exceeds our expectations! Thanks for reading this post! If you have any friends who wish to know where will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth end, share this post with them! Moreover, comment below on what will happen next!

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      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya is a professional content writer from Kolkata, India. Constantly improving himself in this industry for more than three years, he has amassed immense knowledge regarding his niches of writing tech and gaming articles. He loves spending time with his cats, along with playing every new PC action game as soon as possible.

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