8 Legacy Games Every Pro Gamer Needs to Revisit in 2023

Thinking about the old days of gaming? There’s something undeniably magical about the pixelated adventures and MIDI soundtracks from our past. The legacy games, with their simpler graphics and captivating storylines, shaped the gaming landscape and etched unforgettable memories in our hearts.

In today’s world of hyper-realistic graphics and expansive open worlds, there’s still a unique charm in those classics. It’s essential, even for today’s pro gamers armed with next-gen consoles, to delve back into these treasures to truly appreciate the journey of video gaming.

The Golden Era Of Gaming

The 80s and 90s weren’t just about funky fashion and catchy pop songs; they were also the golden age of video gaming. This era saw the rise of gaming consoles that would later become household names – think Nintendo, Sega, Atari. It was a time when games were not just pastimes but were evolving into an art form, a mode of storytelling.

We were introduced to Italian plumbers jumping on evil mushrooms, blue hedgehogs racing against time, and brave adventurers saving pixelated princesses. The narratives, the creativity, the innovation – this period set the groundwork for what the gaming industry has become today.

The Common Mechanics And Themes

The legacy games have their own importance and dedicated players. At the same time, they are highly interesting. The games are designed to be played throughout the campaigns. They usually have the same player that changes with time. When the campaigns go on, the new rules can be inducted. 

These games can be expanded as a mode of storytelling. This is the USP of these games. They are so interesting and engaging that the experts on these games have compared them to the films or staged dramas that the buyers can experience by buying a ticket. 

The legacy games break some of the conventions you have in traditional board games. For instance, the players are instructed to write their names on the cards. This is how the game starts and proceeds. Here, we provide you with a step-by-step method to acces the legacy games.

How To Play?

First, you have to download and install the game launcher. Thereafter, you have to open the game launcher application on the desktop. Then, you can sign in to the legacy game account. Now that you have done it click on the game library. After that, you click on “install”. Finally, select the game that you wish to play. If you start playing these games, you will be addicted to it for sure. 

The Must-Play List

The Legacy games are indeed quite famous among enthusiasts, which is why the game’s popularity increases with time. Here, we discuss the list of some of the key games that shift the experience of these games. We think the discussion will be thoroughly interesting to you. Let’s try to understand some of the points that are crucial in the development. 

1.   The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)

Dive back into the magical realm of Hyrule. Among the top SNES games, this is one of the best. “A Link to the Past” isn’t just a game; it’s an epic tale that changed how RPGs were perceived. The game weaved an intricate storyline, challenging dungeons, and memorable boss fights, all complemented by a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. It took RPGs to the next level, setting the standard for future titles in the genre.

2.   Super Mario Bros (Nes)

Before battle royales and MMORPGs, there were two Italian brothers dodging turtles and saving princesses in pixelated castles. Super Mario Bros was not just a game; it was an introduction to the joy of platform gaming. The iconic music, simple yet challenging mechanics, and the sheer pleasure of smashing those “?” blocks make this a game that every pro gamer should revisit. As for Mario and Luigi? Well, they weren’t just characters but became household names representing an entire gaming era.

3.   Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

Mention Final Fantasy, and you’ll have a swarm of gamers passionately discussing their favorite moments. With FFVII, Square Enix didn’t just make a game; they crafted a universe. Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth became icons. The intricate plot, mixed with turn-based combat and an emotional roller coaster of events, ushered in a new wave of gamers to the world of JRPGs.

4.   Tetris (Gameboy)

Simple, addictive, and undeniably legendary – that’s Tetris for you. Before there were elaborate graphics or complex mechanics, Tetris showcased that sometimes, simplicity breeds obsession. Those falling blocks not only tested our reflexes but also our strategizing skills, making it a must-play, especially on its classic Gameboy platform. The catchy tunes, the increasing pace, and the satisfaction of getting a ‘Tetris’ are feelings that every gamer, new or pro, should experience.

5.   Street Fighter Ii (Arcade)

Think arcades and Street Fighter II punches its way to the top of your mind. This wasn’t just a game; it was a social phenomenon. Arcade corners were battlegrounds where friendships were tested and rivals were made. Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and the rest weren’t just characters; they were our chosen avatars in this world of kicks, punches, and harkens. This is one of the most interesting legacy games.

Street Fighter II wasn’t just about mashing buttons; it was about strategy, reflexes, and the thrill of victory, defining competitive gaming for a generation.

6.   Doom (PC)

Before the Call of Duties and Battlefields, there was Doom – raw, fast-paced, and relentless. Stepping into the boots of the Doom Slayer, players navigated mazes, faced off against the hordes of hell, and ignited a lifelong love for the FPS genre. With its iconic weapons and monstrous foes, Doom didn’t just set the standard for first-person shooters; it became the gold standard.

7.   Super Metroid (SNES)

Journey through an alien world with Samus Aran in this SNES gem. Super Metroid wasn’t just about action; it was about exploration, backtracking, and utilizing new abilities to uncover hidden paths. It’s a must-experience for its atmospheric gameplay and storytelling.

8.   Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (Playstation)

Transcending mere gaming, Symphony of the Night was an experience in artistry. Players roamed Dracula’s sprawling castle, battling nightmarish creatures, all set to a haunting, operatic score. Alucard’s quest wasn’t just about defeating evil; it was about uncovering his own identity. The game seamlessly melded RPG elements with platforming, wrapped up in gothic splendor, making it a PlayStation classic worth revisiting.

Recap: Why Legacy Games Still Matter

Even as technology leaps bounds, there’s an undeniable charm to these legacy titles. They weren’t just games; they were foundational pillars that sculpted gaming’s landscape. Modern masterpieces owe much to these classics, which innovated gameplay, narratives, and mechanics, setting benchmarks that still influence game designers today.

These eight legacy games that we mentioned above are highly engaging. 

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Mony Shah

Mony Shah

With an adept skill of curating content on multiple genres, Mony has harnessed success as a Content Writer quickly. Find her sharing profound thoughts and opinions on technology, gaming and lifestyle.

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