The 7 Best Home Security Systems in the Market Today

Are you searching for the best home security systems? Note that residential security systems tend to vary in terms of what is provided. Some analog security systems such as ADT may need contracts, specialized installation, and provide both client and hardware support.  Others will let you install the system and link to the existing smart home security gadgets for DIY home surveillance.

As illustrated by Safewise, the total price of the security system will depend on the form of the plan, its features, benefits, and the service provider you choose.  Additionally, the cost of the system depends on the type you want and the installation charges. We will discuss the features of each product on this list to help you make the best decision. Be prepared to feel safer with these home security systems.

Homeowners should pay attention to the fact that all the security systems mentioned in the article are quite advanced in terms of technology. This is why they should only be handled by experts who know what they are doing. For example, if the security system malfunctions and locks you out of the house, you would be needing the services of a 24-hour locksmith central coast. Working with the best locksmiths will ensure that your home’s security systems are always updated and functioning properly at all times.

The 7 Best Home Security Systems in the Market Today:

Today, the entire industry is filled with technologically advanced security systems. But everybody wants the best for their home. After all, it is about keeping your devices secure. The best solution is to definitely get Xfinity in Eugene OR. But if you are unable to do so, here are a few alternatives for home security systems that might help. 

1. Simplisafe:


Simplisafe is one of the best residential security devices that features alarm monitoring, sirens, and numerous sensors to sense various natural disasters such as fire, movement, and floods. This is only one gadget and a security code keypad.

Additionally, you can purchase an extra smart cam, but the security system is based on its sensor-loaded hub. So, the installation process is simple, and this helps you to cut down some costs. For this reason, Simplisafe is the best option for homeowners who intend to save some cash.

While Simplisafe is not the only supplier to provide this one-hub-do-it-all system, they are among the few that provide an alarm monitoring service together with it. This is an ideal option if you intend to protect a small home or an apartment.

The system features wireless equipment, environmental disaster protection, and optional monitoring. You can install the system on your own.

The downsides of the system are that the initial equipment cost is high, has no exterior camera support and home automation support.

2. Ring Alarm Security System:


The ring alarm will never disappoint since it features a hub, keypad, motion sensor, and contact detector. Furthermore, you can purchase more detectors to sense movements like windows opening or get the doorbells or exterior security cams for complete security. You won’t break any bank since you will pay some small monthly charges for specialized monitoring.

3. Vivint:



Vivint provides modern smart gadgets for making home security systems and it’s conformable with google. You can choose from a number of doorbells, detectors, smart locks, cameras, thermostats, or bundle several gadgets to get the exact setup you need. You’ll need to make sure that the Vivint system is skillfully installed. So this alternative is ideal for homeowners who are afraid to do it themselves.

The good thing about this system is that it has no contract option, its event response is fast, and it’s available in a sleek and portable kit. It also supports video doorbells that comes with two-way voices and has a versatile mobile app.

However, it has some downsides such as high initial equipment cost, poor customer service, and long term lock-in contracts.

4. Nest Secure:

Nest Secure


Are you an ardent DIY aficionado? Are you ready to skip the monitoring service for a security system that you don’t need to pay for each month? Nest offers one of the most excellent solutions for homeowners who want to manage their smart home.

Nest Secure features a hub that comes with a movement detector and a satellite detect detector for protection windows, doors among other parts of a home. It also comes with an extra tag gadget that allows people or pets to move by the detector without sensing them off. You can purchase as many sensors as you want, get more Nest cams, and install your system. However, bear in mind that the initial price of buying the gadgets can be costly.

5. ADT:



ADT is one of the most conventional home security products on the market. However, the company has upgraded its packages with a pulse lime of smart gadgets. Furthermore, they have collaborated with other companies such as Samsung SmarThings and Nest. Therefore, finding the type of security you want becomes easy. They have various perks such as free installation if you purchase a low-tier package and freebies such as Nest Thermostat with appropriate video setup. Nevertheless, ensure you carefully read the fine print since ADT has some restrictive contracts in the market.

Some of the reasons to choose this system include specialized installation, 24/7 technical support, Home automation through smart assistant integration and has exterior and interior cams.

6. Link Interactive:

Link Interactive

Link Interactive is a robust option for homeowners who want a conventional and reliable security system. It comes with specialized monitoring, locks and sensor devices, and friendly packages that take care of the procedure for you.  The brand allows you to monitor and control your security from a mobile app.

Link Interactive comes with high-tech protection features such as an electrical setup that ensures the system is active in case a burglar attempts to disable it. The majority of traditional security products have tried to upgrade their suppliers with smart home technology, and Link has managed to hack it.

Reasons to buy this system is that it offers a 30-day trial, the gadgets have a three-year warranty, and no activation or installation charges required. It also has several contract options, and the equipment is wireless.

One of the downsides of Link is that it doesn’t require specialized installation and has no broadband option.

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7. Honeywell Smart Home Security System:

This is one of the most advanced residential security systems as it features a camera base station, two access detectors for doors and windows, and a crucial remote-control fob. The camera station comprises HD cams, a siren, and Alexa smart speaker. It also has hi-tech features such as a motion sensor and facial recognition.

The system has supports for Z-Wave Plus, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. It is an entirely DIY system that doesn’t require specialized monitoring. Honeywell smart home security is ideal for homeowners who don’t plan to deal with contracts and plan to operate their home security.


Before you purchase a home security system, make sure you know the level of protection required in your home.  As Forbes points out, smart security systems will help you keep your home safe as it allows 24/7 monitoring. So, you will be stress-free in the event of disasters like fire, attack, or any other emergencies. This guide will assist you in deciding which security system is ideal for your needs.

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      Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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