Best Innovative Pool Cleaning Robots

Choosing a pool robotic cleaner can be a challenging process especially when you have to research thousands or hundreds of cleaners to find one that meets your pool maintenance needs. Different pools have different maintenance needs while different pool cleaners come with different features offering different levels of maintenance, which makes choosing very difficult. However, by choosing some of the most innovative pool cleaners, you can minimize the chances of buying the wrong cleaner for your pool. Some of the innovative pool cleaning robots that you should consider includes:

Best Innovative Pool Cleaning Robots:

1. Polaris 9650iQ Sport:

If some of the dirt you have to clean from your pool on a daily basis include leaves, flowers, and seeds, you will find the Polaris 9650iQ Sport very functional. The robotic cleaner comes with the Aqualink control feature that lets you control it using your phone. The application is available for Android and IOS powered devices and lets you set up periodic cleaning schedules. Other features you can access through the app include a countdown timer, a dirty canister indicator, and troubleshooting tips as well as a joystick and motion controller to let you remotely steer the robot. The 4-wheel drive feature allows the robotic cleaner to easily navigate the bottom and sides of the pool as well as climb over the obstacles without getting stuck.

2. Zodiac Vortex Pro VX65 iQ

Built to clean all pool surfaces whether pebble, concrete, tile, quartz, vinyl, tile, and fiberglass, the Zodiac Vortex Pro VX65 is designed for a busy pool owner. With the iAqualink application, you can control the robotic cleaner from anywhere with your handheld device. The app lets you access real-time programming, scheduling, and troubleshooting without being on the poolside. The unit also comes with a lift system that comes in handy when retrieving the robot from the pool. The lift system is accessible from your smartphone allowing you to drive the robot up to the wall up to the waterline. Once pulled out, the cleaner will automatically release excess water for lightweight removal. The unit also comes with 4WD all-terrain technology and a 21m Swivel cord. Similarly, this pool blaster speed jet is also a great tool for above-ground pools if you’re after convenience. It’s maintenance-free and you don’t have to deal with messy gears and hoses when cleaning your pool.

3. Davey PoolSweepa Optima Plus+

Davey PoolSweepa Optima Plus+

If you are looking for an innovative robotic cleaner that can clean irregularly shaped pools and suitable for larger domestic and lower commercial pool maintenance needs, you should consider the cordless Davey PoolSweepa Optima Plus+. The Optima Plus is built to do what other robotic cleaners struggle to clean. With fine dual-level filtering and heavy-duty dual active brushing, the robotic cleaner is built to handle algae, bacteria, and fine dust reducing the need for chemicals. The cleaner also features a battery compartment inside the motor unit, top opening filtration, and caddy. It also comes with an integrated Gyro for efficient and precise cleaning and remote control for easy control.

4. iRobot Mirra 530

This high-end robotic pool cleaner is made by iRobot, the same company that makes Roomba. Have you seen a Roomba Pool Cleaner review?

Featuring a 60-foot cord with an anti-tangle sensor and intelligent mapping and navigation, the 530 iRobot pool cleaner is not just your normal pool cleaner. The long cable allows the cleaner to reach every spot of your pool. It is also fitted with a gyro sensor that enables the cleaner to detect the direction. The unit also features PVA sponge wheels that offer a strong grip on the pool surface allowing it to easily navigate up the walls as well as climb the obstacles. The cleaner also comes with iAdapt Nautiq responsive cleaning technology for intelligent cleaning. The technology allows the unit to scan the pool and learn how big the pool is, estimate the measurements, and detect the shape of the pool before it can start cleaning. Powered with your pool details, the cleaner can then predict the best path for fast, efficient cleaning. The cleaner also comes with dual motors, an active scrubbing brush, and top-loading canisters for thorough cleaning.


When choosing the best pool cleaner, you should put into consideration things such as weight, cords, brushes, wheels, and maneuverability. You should also consider extra features such as programmable timers and sensors.

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      Arina Smith

      Arina Smith

      Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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