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Playing in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode is the highlight of the game’s experience and one of the reasons PES and other competitors trail it. This mode allows you to fortify your squad with new players, make trades, and access all the managerial features, so you can build a competent team. As you play in FUT mode, you will naturally collect FIFA coins, which you can use to purchase players or access other features. However, the process is slow and involves completing 40 matches over three days and participating in weekly battles. The easy way out for most pro players is to buy FIFA ultimate team coins. If this sounds grey, here are some insights about how to buy FUT coins for PC, XBOX ONE and PS4 FIFA.

Is it allowed?

The straight answer is YES. You can buy a FUT coin online from any seller that is authorized to offer them. FIFA is a product of EA Sports, which also approves and governs the use of in-game coins. All players, including FIFA coins PC users, are expected to use legitimate coins, considering they cost real money to acquire. It would be unfair if scam coins were to be usable and FIFA continually monitor for any violations. If your account is flagged for using coins from authorized sellers, you will be banned from FIFA, so it is crucial to ensure you stick to legitimate offers.

Buying FUT coins online

EA Sports authorizes specific sellers to provide FIFA coins. There are various standard requirements a seller must meet, but prices and offers will vary in the market. Some sellers have been doing this for close to three decades and have stronger networks, millions of satisfied customers, and hefty profits. Others are new entries that reflect the best of modern technology and conveniences. You can also find a perfect blend of the two. There is no single offer that will meet the needs of every player, so FIFA coins XBOX ONE users may have a different experience from PS4 users. However, a number of attributes can help you distinguish trustworthy sellers in the market. When you search FIFA coins buy on any engine, several sites will come up. Some of the things to consider include:

1. Legitimacy

You should purchase all your FUT coins from an authorized seller, so check if the website is one of the EA approved FUT coin retailers.

2. Reputation

Make sure you find the best player reviews and expert ratings to select sellers that have a good reputation and are trustworthy.

3. Rates and discounts

Compare the rates, discounts, and coupons from top sellers in the market to save more each time you buy FIFA coins online.

4. Experience

It is recommendable to purchase your coins from long-serving sellers that have consistently come up first in every FUT coins buy search result.

5. Speed of delivery

Depending on what you want, FUT coins can be delivered from within 30 minutes of placing an order or take up to 24 hours.

6. Complaints and customer service

It is recommendable to choose sellers that reflect proper complaints handling, have multiple communication channels, and offer 24/7 customer support.

Using FUT coins

When looking for ultimate team coins, stick to legitimate offers from highly reputed websites, such as, that have consistently provided safe coins. Once you place an order, the coins will be transferred to your gaming account within the specified duration. You can start using the coins as soon as they show up in your gaming account. There are several ways you can use your FU T coins, but the two apparent applications arise in the following scenarios:

1. Buying a player

Purchasing a new player is facilitated using FIFA coins, so if you do not have enough funds in your gaming account, you can buy them from any authorized seller. You might need new players to build a strong team. The popular players in famous leagues usually cost more than other players and ratings change based on their performances, so it is crucial to check the market price before purchasing coins. Make sure you buy enough coins to get the players you want.

2. Making a trade

Pro players have mastered the habit of purchasing players that are lesser-known but have the potential to become great in the future. Once the players have become popular and highly-priced, you simply sell them for a profit. If you spot an opportunity you cannot pass on but lack the funds to make the purchase, you can find sellers that offer FUT coins within 30 minutes of placing an order.


Purchasing FUT coins has numerous advantages, as it allows you to get full access to all the features and experiences the developer envisioned and so much more. Coins can be used to build a formidable team that can win real money prizes. When this happens, your account will probably be reviewed, so you should hope all coins were purchased from approved sellers. If you want to buy FIFA FUT coins for your ultimate team, make sure you use the processes recommended by EA Sports. You should also look for the top sellers based on your unique needs.

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      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at

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