How Does DICOM Integrate With PACS?

Technology has evolved in healthcare with various useful gadgets as well as numerous cool software. When it comes to diagnosis and creating treatment plans, medical specialists can significantly simplify their work with innovative software tools at their disposal by using the DICOM and PACS.

In a single word, the DICOM data integrates type data through a single standalone client. You can transform the image data to the PACS and put the eCRF as the reference data through the DICOM data integration.

The users who want to see the web-based DICOM data usually; visit the central component. And this DICOM data integration is an integral part of the medical sciences because every time, the medical practitioners have to check the medical report like X Rays, CT scans. And PACS is another technical thing that works like DICOM.

Let’s see how DICOM and PACS are performing.

What Are The Functions of DICOM And PACS?

What Are The Functions of DICOM And PACS?

When it comes to diagnosis and creating treatment plans, medical specialists can significantly simplify their work with innovative software tools they have at their disposal. High-quality images are one of the data types widely utilized for this purpose. 

The DICOM protocol is a standard that allows storing and transmitting such pieces of data across various devices. PACS is another technology required in the same field. Find out when you need to combine these solutions and how to ensure the best results. 

In the medical field, these two technologies are bringing many benefits. DICOM is a protocol for sharing medical reports and images. Importing the medical data means the users always have to share good medical pictures. And when you are using the PACS technologies with the DICOM protocol. Not only the colorful medical reports, but you can also share any kind of medical information using this technology.

What Is DICOM?

DICOM is a standard allowing medical specialists to do various actions with images. They cover storing, printing, and transmitting the data. The types of images may include a CT scan, an X-ray, and others. While DICOM can also be used for data communication, it has many other functions. 

Through the DICOM protocol, you can share almost any type of medical documents like reports and images. The best part is when you are using the DICOM protocol, you can easily share your medical images with the proper clearance and fast. However, most of the medical reports consist of longer files. As a result of the traditional process, the file size is exceeding the limit.

For example, it allows aggregating different pieces of information. 

What Is PACS?

PACS is a system that has been designed for archiving and communicating images. This technology is mainly utilized in healthcare. It has been around for several decades. All the info is transmitted digitally, which eliminates the need to do various actions manually, such as transporting files. The primary responsibility of PACS is to store digital images obtained from devices.

Digital transmission of the medical reports is part of PACS. Many technologies are incorporating into the medical system. But this is one of the finest ones. You do not have to visit the place for consultations. From your place, you can share the documents with your doctors and ask for their opinion. Precise digital picture sharing is the most significant advantage of using the PACS.

What Is The Integration Of DICOM With PACS?

When working with an image, specialists need to make sure that it can be used securely and the data will be displayed on various devices accurately. In this case, both DICOM and PACS must be used. They can work together and independently at the same time. While they serve the same purpose, they conduct different functions.

Some sort of integration still takes place. The integration of DICOM data is conducted via a separate client. Its responsibilities include transferring the data to PACS. Another action that it does is inserting relevant references. The images can then be viewed using DICOM viewers. 


Medical reports and image sharing are not simple to work. Most of these reports carry proof about the patient’s weak areas. So maintaining secrecy is the most significant advantage of the DICOM protocol. And along with the secrecy, the picture and the reports should be transmitted intact and fast. By using the DICOM and PACS technologies, you can successfully maintain secrecy and share the medical document.

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