How A Graphic Design Agency Can Add Value To Your Business?

Did you know 94% of people will leave a website due to bad design?

That’s one reason to invest in design services.

Another reason is that a 2018 McKinsey report suggests that companies that scored higher on their design index had higher revenues –

Moreover, your competitors and contemporaries are not shying away from getting graphic design services either. That’s why the industry is valued at $13.3 billion in the US and $43.4 billion globally. So you should buck up too and hire a graphic designer or a design agency.

Not convinced?

Want to know what tangible value graphic design services add to YOUR business?

6 Ways A Graphic Design Agency Can Add Value To Your Business

We have not one or two, but 6 reasons why getting professional graphic design services is valuable for your business.

1. Ensure consistency in brand visuals

Imagine you have to purchase a new air conditioner for your home. Now think of the possible brands that come to mind.

They are the brands that you have seen often, right? It could be via TV commercials, on social media, or even posters and banners out in the open.

Brand visual

When you see the same brand over and over again, it takes a place in your mind. And when you are in the mood to shop, those brands pop up in front of your eyes.

That’s exactly what happens with your customers too. To make sure that they remember your brand while making buying decisions, consistency in branding is key.

In fact, data shows that consistent designs can boost sales by 33%.

So when you invest in graphic design services for social media graphics, branding, or even advertising designs, it pays off with a boost in sales.

If you keep hiring freelancers every now and then, your brand design will look more like a patchwork. A graphic design agency that can support you for the long run is what you need for visual consistency.

2. Capture the attention of your audience

Users spend 50% of the total time they spend on their mobile phones browsing social media apps. That’s a little more than 2.5 hours each day.

That should give you enough idea about how many graphic posts, videos, reels, and stories people must be seeing each day.

Do you think stock images will help you capture your audience’s attention among the mad rush of other designs which are aiming for the same thing?

With professional graphic design services from a reputed, however, you can make sure that your social media graphics are:

  • Informative
  • Engaging, and
  • Attractive

When your graphics have these 3 qualities, they will capture the audience’s attention. And grabbing more eyeballs is good for your business.

3. Increase customer interaction


A team meeting.

The social media manager: We are doing great. Our latest reel crossed 1 million views. We used the right caption and hashtags and it went viral.

The sales lead: We don’t have any leads from the social media campaigns run by the marketing team.

That looks like a major discrepancy, right?

If a social media post is going viral, it should definitely bring you some monetary value, isn’t it?

But without the right graphics, you won’t be able to get your viewers to engage with your brand on social media. And no engagement literally translates to no leads. And views without actual engagement aren’t something that you – or any sane businessperson – would want.

And it is not just social media. Lousy graphics that don’t incite engagement are a buzzkill on your website too. Imagine that you build a website that houses great content and great deals for your audience.

You make sure it ranks high with the best SEO tactics. Still, no one clicks any buttons or takes any action. Uninviting graphics are to blame here too.

A dedicated graphic design agency will be able to make sure that the imagery on your website and social media motivates people to take the actions that you want them to take.

4. Professional results

  • 3 out of 7 customers look at brand packaging before making a purchase decision.
  • 75% of clients base a business’s credibility on its website design.
  • And 93% of communication is visual as our brain picks up visual cues faster than text.

Given the importance of good design, it would be foolhardy for you to not engage professionals for the task.

Professional Graphic Design

An intern who is just learning the basics of a design tool.

Someone who practices design as a side hobby.

And someone who is really good at copy-pasting stock images.

If you are thinking about or currently engaging any of these kinds of people for your business graphic design needs, reconsider your choice.

While it would definitely help you save a few dollar bills, imagine the losses you are incurring due to bad design. And don’t forget to factor in the profits you could make by upgrading from mediocre to great designs.

5. Access to cutting-edge technology

Design ToolCost
Adobe Photoshop for layer editing$20.99/month
Adobe XD for web & mobile interface design$9.99/month
CorelDraw Graphics Suite for all-in-one illustrations and page design$499
Serif Affinity Designer for vector editing$54.99
Canva Enterprise version for social media posts$30 per month per person

These are just some of the design tools that you will have to invest in if you decide to take on the herculean task of graphic designing yourself.

graphic design tool

Plus, also compensate for your time, which you will spend understanding and getting acquainted with these specialized design tools. You could have spent the time doing what you do best – look after your business.

You could have avoided all these expenses and hassles by hiring graphic design agencies. They have the complete suite of tools and cutting-edge technology, which they’ll leverage to design stellar, high-performing graphics for your business.

6. Access to more manpower

  • Are you forced to say no to more clients because you are short-staffed?
  • Do you put more campaign ideas on hold than you execute due to a lack of designers?
  • Do your social media posts look all the same and boring because you have run out of ideas?
  • Is your website designs the same for the last 3-5 years because you don’t have design ninjas who can revamp it?
  • Are your campaigns and your website missing a fresh spark?
  • Do you need more design minds to help achieve your goals?

No matter which of these problems resonates with you, hiring a graphic design agency will solve your woes.

graphic designers discussing

A design agency will have not just one or two but several designers who are experts in various tasks. This will make sure you get access to more, fresh ideas, innovative lines of thought, and as many hands as you have to work.

What’s better is that you can engage more or less graphic designers from your partnering agency based on your needs. At absolutely no extra overheads.

Get Graphic Design Services Today

You would have now understood how graphic design services are a valuable addition to your business. With that, it is time to now start searching for the right graphic design agency and getting them onboard.

Don’t let your competitor beat you to this. Get the best graphic design services before they do.

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Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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