A New GTA 6 Leak Shows The Footage Of Nightclub: Players Are Excited

At this point, GTA 6 has become one of those games which feels more like a myth than the actual game. In 2013, Rockstar Games released GTA 5; after that, it continuously released three generations of platforms. There has been little information about GTA6. That is why multiple gamers worldwide are getting excited over the recent announcement by Rockstar Games.

New leaked footage has been circulated; however, this was not an official announcement. The graphics don’t appear much more distinctive than Grand Theft Auto 5. As previously mentioned, footage from a nightclub of GTA 6 has been leaked. It shows a playable character walking up the flight stairs to the second floor.

This small clip showed the players that they could walk up to several NPCs to hear the dynamic dialogue, which is fairly common for GTA games. This is a very basic video and doesn’t show off in terms of gameplay or graphics.

This clip is certainly mixed and disappointed by several responses from observers who want more of this title. Rockstar games make this more official, so fans hope for the best one. Unfortunately, several rumors indicate that GTA 6 may not be released until 2025. There would have been 12 years difference between GTA 5 and GTA 6.

The small clip of GTA 6 will give courage to the Rockstar games, and similar reports have also been made in the past. We have seen that source code, chainsaw activity, and so many others on the leakage clip.

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