A Nude Chun-Li Mod Has Interrupted Street Fighter 6 Tournament

Street Fighter 6 ongoing tournament was interrupted when the host forgot to switch off the nude mod. During a second-round match between Chun-Li and Kimberly, a Chun-Li model appeared that started removing her clothes.

This was caused by the host, Chun-Li, who forgot to turn off their nude mod, interrupting the tournament. Nicholas De Orio shared the NSFW clip on Twitter. The commentators are seen to be laughing in the clip when the game begins.

Then the video feed gets cut off from the gameplay footage. The footage of this incident remains on the platform, Twitch and is shared on other social media platforms. Twitch will remove the video soon if the video gets circulated further due to its policies and rules around nudity.

Street Fighter 6 has gained extreme popularity after its release, with the game passing 1 million players three days after its release. The game’s manufacturer, Capcom, plans to make 10 million copies.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, in an interview, explained that expanding the game scope makes the game more attractive to less ‘hardcore’ gaming fans, leading to the game becoming the best-selling game from the series.

He also explained, “Over the past few years, multiple titles in the Resident Evil series have sold 10 million copies, and the Monster Hunter series now has titles that are aiming for 20 million copies.”

He added, “Street Fighter 5 has already sold over 7 million copies, so if we can make use of our digital sales experience, we should be able to aim for 10 million copies with the next game.” VGC’s review called the Street Fighter 6 “an incredible fighter dripping with confidence.”The review adds, “With the three titans of the fighting game space all releasing mainline entries this year, competition is going to be stiff, but Capcom is putting its best foot forward.”

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