Nintendo’s Next Gen Gaming Console To Arrive In 2024? What To Expect?

Death, taxes, and rumors of a new Nintendo console have been the only three constants over the past six years. Now, a fresh report from VGC claims Nintendo is planning to debut its next-generation console in 2024.

The new console may still include a cartridge slot for loading games and a less expensive LCD screen rather than a more expensive display like the OLED Switch, according to sources who talked with VGC.

Nintendo executives also anticipate that the 2024 launch window will prevent inventory problems that hampered the debut of the Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5 consoles.

In order to ensure that it has plenty of stock available on day one and to prevent the kind of shortages encountered with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo is likely to ship new hardware during the second half of 2024, according to numerous people with knowledge of the company’s next-gen console plans.

According to the reports, the new Nintendo console will have a cartridge slot that will allow it to play physical games just like its predecessor.  

There are still some unanswered questions, such whether Switch games (both physical and digital) will support backward compatibility. Although some third-party publishers are claimed to have expressed worry that legacy support for Switch games could negatively effect sales of next-gen titles, Nintendo has said that it wants to transition as many of the Switch’s 100 million+ users as possible to its next system.

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