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Federation Square is a well-loved public space in Melbourne dedicated to arts and culture. Its visitors frequent Ian Potter Centre’s art galleries. It is place where you can get one of the best mac repairs.

Another attraction in Federation Square is the Koorie Heritage Trust, with its extensive collection of paintings and artifacts to help preserve the culture of Australia’s indigenous people. As Australia’s “cultural capital,” the citizens of Melbourne are steadfast in safeguarding their cultural heritage.

In addition to its culture, Melbourne is widely-known as Australia’s technology hub.  The existence of a large IT community explains the wide variety of computer dealers and shops that specialize in Apple Mac repairs in Melbourne.

Problem faced for Apple Mac Repairs

Based on operating system market share statistics of 2019, OS X ranks as fourth(13.14%), behind iOS (31.31%), Windows (30.34%), and Android (23.13%).

The popularity of Apple products almost led to the construction of an Apple store at Melbourne’s Federation Square’s Yarra Building.  However, heritage authorities refused the permit to protect the square’s cultural heritage.  Despite this development, Apple reiterated its commitment to serve Australian customers.

Microsoft, on the other hand, built their modern office in the Freshwater Towers, located in Southbank, Melbourne.

While there continues to be a debate on whether Microsoft or Apple builds better computers,  there will always be die hard fans who are loyal to their Macs and PCs.

This article will discuss the common issues of Mac computers.

1. Cannot Startup

If the Mac doesn’t turn on, there may be no power connection. Or, the power adapter is spoiled.  Accessories can also cause the problem, so unplug everything.

unable to start

If there is still a problem, restart the Mac.  Unplug the power cord for ten seconds before plugging in again to reset.

Another possibility is that the Mac is unable to display the screen.  Consult apple mac repairs Melbourne

2. No Connection to the internet

If there are no problems with the website, try using Network Diagnostics.  A series of questions and tests will guide the user to diagnose the problem and suggest solutions.

3. Keys Not Working

This issue happens with later Macbooks wherein the keys have stopped working. The problem occurs when dust under the key stops it from being fully depressed.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove and clean a single key.  The entire keyboard needs replacement.

Apple admitted that the error is caused by recent design changes to make the keyboard flatter.  Apple will replace the keyboards if customers contact its retail stores.

However, it may be more convenient to get assistance from Apple Mac repairs in Melbourne.

4. Spinning Wheel

Also known as the “spinning beach ball of death” (SBBOD), its sudden appearance results in being locked out of the application or the Mac.

There could be many reasons why the Mac cannot handle multiple tasks.  One, there could be an issue with a specific app only.

Another reason could be insufficient RAM or faulty hardware.

If the spinning wheel happens more frequently, consult Apple Mac repairs in Melbourne.  They will isolate and fix the problem.

5. Unresponsive Apps

Some apps will hang and not even allow quitting out.  There is a Force Quit option by clicking Command-Option-Escape.  Choose the unresponsive apps and choose “Force Quit.”


These are just some issues that every Mac user encounters.  Although there may be suggestions written by well-meaning users in Apple forums, it is still better to consult experts.  Their experience with various Mac devices will help them diagnose a specific problem.

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