Must-Have Features for The Best E-commerce Platform to Sell Art

Constructing an e-commerce website is a rare practice today as the majority of the technically inclined people have found a way around old-fashioned coding that was needed to construct a site, and are now using user-friendly site management and creation platforms from to come up with the best e-commerce platform to sell art. While coming across a tool that will allow you to create a good e-commerce site is quite easy, it is worth to note that not all tools are equal, and there are those that need essential features you need to start your store. After saying that, it is good to look at three inbuilt features and capabilities each e-commerce platform should provide.

Shopping cart add-ons and plugins:

An e-commerce website without the shopping cart is similar to a cashier that does not have a register because it serves no purpose. Many platforms include inbuilt shopping cart solutions that are out of the box, but some go the extra mile of allowing you to install shopping carts from third parties for customized functionalities.

Choose a platform from the will give you the best e-commerce platform to sell art. It will also give you administrative and creative freedom to optimize and adjust the checkout experience for your clients. When you want to maximize the process of making decisions, a few aspects are similar to the e-commerce-optimized cart.

Library for themes and templates:

The leading attribute that visitors will judge the site you have is the basic navigational and aesthetic appearance features. An average surfer of the internet can tell you if the site is B-grade or professional and the buying decision is influenced by the crucial impression of the design of the site.

Therefore, the best e-commerce platform to sell art from should offer you the ability to change the feel and look of the site using a library of e-commerce templates. Seek for platforms which are compatible with various types of templates. Also, make sure that the platform of choice is developer-oriented to allow for natural improvement and expansion by introducing new plugins and templates.

Support for responsive design and mobile integration:

In the current world, many people have internet access through mobile devices more than desktops. For this reason, it is vital for you to use e-commerce platforms that can help facilitate production of excellent sites which incorporate responsive designs, which allow the pages of the sites to be across various types of screens and devices without compromising on the functionality and overall look of the site.

Also, an e-commerce platform that is well-designed will allow you to log into the admin section of the site from the mobile device whilst presenting an optimized version of the administration panel for your device.

Cross-selling and upselling features:

In many cases, people do not know what they are looking for not unless you show them. Upselling involves recommending a product to clients with a value that is greater than the product they are evaluating or add features to the item they are buying. Cross-selling involves selling things that are complimenting to what you want to buy. Cross-selling and upselling techniques increase the volume of sales by twenty percent and profit by thirty percent. To put this into action, the best e-commerce platform to sell art from will come with phrases like ‘individuals that bought this also bought,’ and ‘frequently bought together.’


Above everything else, the best e-commerce platform to sell art from should come alongside a large support base with a user forum and technical support from platform admins and creators. In case you are after the best results quickly, do not make your site a guinea pig by implementing a site that does not have user feedback or support, choose a crowd favorite with several hundreds of users.

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