The Right Tool To Edit PDF Documents The Easy Way

With almost everyone working and schooling at home, using PDF files became a must. Whether you’re consuming them for school, work, or other reasons, PDF files are the real deal in keeping and sharing information mainly because PDF documents’ contents don’t change no matter which program or device you use to open and view them.

Next comes the PDF editors because, one way or another, we need to edit these files for different purposes. To modify images, texts, and other contents in PDF files, some have to convert them to a different format or pay for expensive dedicated software. That’s not practical. So, we’ve rounded up easy ways to edit PDF documents for free.

Is it hard to choose the best free PDF editor?

Not really because there aren’t that many free PDF editors in the market.  What can be challenging is to distinguish which is the right tool to use. That’s the reason why we put together the right features of the tool to edit PDF documents, which you’ll find below.

Is the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor not the best?

Don’t get us wrong, the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, created by the owner and programmer of PDF formats editor, is excellent. Unfortunately, the software is not for free. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software is best for those who need to edit and create PDFs jobs. It gives users total freedom to create new PDFs from scratch and edit existing documents without hassle.

The truth is, Adobe Acrobat still retains ownership of some technologies of PDF files. They only charge software producers a certain amount for working with their PDFs allowing most programs to save PDF format documents but can’t edit them. It makes PDF documents ideal for securing important information on forms and keeping free PDF editors few.

What are the right features?

1. Simple user interface

Not everyone is technology savvy, so it is right that the tool has a simple interface like Their interface has everything that a user needs when editing in one click. It contains lots of other PDF modification buttons to let them add any content to their PDF files. Their platform also offers simple e-signing and the ability to add comments.

It is also best to know that if there is a need to change almost all the content of a PDF file, users will require a more powerful PDF editor tool. If that is the case, the simple user interface may not be feasible. It will probably be best to use a PDF to Word converter program instead, or the next feature covered below.

2. Options to convert PDFs.

As said, not everyone is technology savvy, and many still opt to edit PDFs using other formats such as but not limited to Excel, Powerpoint, and Word files. Thus, sideways with the edit functions, the edit PDF tool must offer options to translate PDFs into easier-to-edit formats. Those formats can save space by combining individual PDF files into a single file, as well.

3. Handy cloud-based

Another best feature a user should look into choosing a PDF editor is if it’s a cloud-based platform. A cloud-based platform makes an editor handy. In other words, users can access their editing service from any supported devices and a browser like computers and laptops, so long as they have an internet connection.

4. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Feature

Many users are troubled when their original files are clearly photocopies. If user concern is the same as that, then edit PDF files with a tool that comes with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). That feature recognizes the texts and allows users to edit them even if the original PDF is a photocopy. It also lets users reformat text and even convert it into fonts.

5. Other helpful features

Aside from merging or splitting individual PDF files, a user may need other useful features to edit PDF files. It would be better if the user uses a tool that allows them to highlight information or texts, marking documents with “Expired,” “Approved,” or “Pending,” or converting the file size to even smaller sizes. All that is helpful to everyone nowadays.


Users must not be easily thrown off by prompts and ads that say ‘free trial.’ They must decide which of the PDF editors best fits them. First, to consider is their purpose of editing PDF files and the know-how. If it’s to add information digitally, then a basic editor like PDFbear offers is the right tool for them to edit PDF files, the easy way

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