PDF Tips: Editing PDF at Ease With the Help of PDFBear

PDF has indeed been commonly used for several applications and is known to be a popular file format. Several businesses use PDF to handle their computer files. People of diverse occupations also use it for the productive organization of files. The use of PDF files has also been of considerable benefit in the processing of numerous electronic materials.

Even then, if you need to add any modifications to your current PDF files, it may be a little complicated because PDF is typically a fixed format. There are also ways so that you can make that change that could refer to any PDF files. Read the useful tips below and then know the choices for editing PDF files.

Conversion of Editable Format

Add some adjustments to your current PDF documents with the use of an edit PDF free tool, such as upgrading statistical details, modifying images, deleting redundant material, and much more might be one of your desires. The best way to manage these modifications is by transforming your PDF files to an easily readable Word file format.

PDFBear is a sophisticated application that lets you use your file configuration online. It’s a portal with various resources that you can use to monitor and organize your digital forms. Before you perform the PDF to Word Transformation, upload the PDF documents you would like to convert using the PDFBear converter online platform.

The machine can then efficiently process the readings and processing of your PDF files and launch the conversion operation. When done, select the three-fold button to immediately save the transferred Word data files to any pc or tablet. By then, you’ll add all modifications, improvements, and adjustments to the Word document. If completed, you may convert the forms back to PDF for lighter storage and fast sharing.

Adding Watermark

In addition to translating PDF to Word with some modifications, some formatting methods can be performed without them. It’s anytime you want to apply a watermark to any PDF files. Watermark is a word or picture that is put above and behind the current contents of that same PDF file. It appears like a sticker on the page of the file.

For PDF documents containing material of a high degree of importance and secrecy, you can use a watermark throughout the textual format of “Personal data.” You can modify the application of a watermark by inserting one or more PDF pages. However, add it selectively to different pages.

Besides, you could also adjust the clarity and fonts of the watermarked image that you choose to apply. PDFBear gives you a collection of customizable watermark software with a wide variety of font configuration choices, including scale, font type, and color. So you a lot of options to choose from

You need to import PDF documents to the PDFBear watermark option online to install any watermarks. You may either fill in a letter or pick an illustration to be the watermark. If you have selected one, successfully put the watermark upon this file page that you would like. Then hit the “Apply Changes” tab, so you can finally save the PDF file with such an attached watermark.

Add Page Number

Attaching page numbers to your current PDF files is too comfortable and straightforward. PDFBear provides an online platform to achieve this mission with your electronic records. By taking a simple move, you can comfortably add pages to your files. Upon this PDFBear portal, press the Pick Files icon to import a PDF file that you want to attach page numbers to.

Then, pick the position of its page number in the PDF format. It may be at the top right or left side or at the bottom right or left side of the PDF file. Then press the Number Pages option to add a page number. When completed, you may download the data to your device or mobile.

Deleting Pages

Formatting your current PDF documents can include removing redundant pages. PDFBear still has an interactive page erase service which you can use at any moment. Click and drag the PDF document to the remove page feature you may use on the PDFBear webpage. Then pick the pages or insert the pages you wish to delete.


Utilizing PDF documents is easy to control and arrange on any mobile or laptop since it is lightweight and portable. However, if you wish to apply any adjustments or modifications to the file material, note the useful hints discussed previously. It’s guaranteed to make the tasks function smoothly and stress-free.

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