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Search engine Optimization SEO, a brief introduction

SEO is something that helps a website get higher ranks in the organic or non-paid search engine results. It is a strategy that is implemented in order to get increased traffic on the website, improve the rankings, and to enable a search engine to provide better search results each time. Search engine optimizations improve the visibility of a website to the search engine so that it appropriately picks it against a search that relates to the information on the website. We can safely say that search engine optimization is something that helps a search engine understand your website better.

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There are several features that fall under the name of search engine optimization which even includes the number of words you have used per page, the way you have linked the other websites to your pages, and clearance of the keywords you have provided.

In the last few years, digital marketing for firms has helped businesses of all scales and sizes to improve their sales, reach out to new target audiences, and build their digital presence. With the move towards digital consumerism, it is high time businesses in different industry niches realize the importance of digital marketing. No matter the nature and scale of the business, it is necessary to practice an active and aggressive digital marketing strategy.

Why is the search engine optimization SEO necessary?

Search Engine Optimization is necessary for the visibility of your page not only to the search engine but also to the people visiting the search engine. We see that it is a common practice amongst the users of the search engines not to go further in the search results, rather they all like to open the links appearing on the front page, thus it matters a lot that where your page falls in the search results and this rank determines the amount of traffic and popularity of the page both. Also, the website searchers prefer the sites appearing on the top and somehow feel them be more authentic than the others.

A simple word for the beginners before we start with the guide

Those who are new to the world of SEO or do not know at all about it, consider it to be something very tricky and gruesome, on the contrary SEO is a simple matter. A very little effort from your end, say 5% can give you 100% results. All you need to know is the theory behind SEO and how it works.

How does Google work?

Understanding the SEO asks for understanding how the search engine works. Talking specifically about Google, it works on authority. When a search is entered in the Google search box, it starts looking for the websites that clearly are having the content you asked for and keeps them on the top that has, the maximum number of URLs pointing towards it, as this makes a website more authentic.

Secondly, the popularity of the website counts to the authority of the website. For example, if the BBC NEWS page is linked to some website, it would be a hundred times more authentic than some other non-popular one and would definitely get a higher rank in the searches.

Keep out from shortcuts

According to SEOJackers, when you are about to get Search Engine optimization, you will come across many spammers, scammers, shortcuts, sellers, black hatters, and other stuff that try to head across the authorities and algorithms of Google, and find themselves removed entirely from it in just a couple of days. So when you are looking for the search engine optimization tools and techniques, make sure you do not follow some sidetracks to reach the destination. Rather stay authentic and keep going until the end.

To save you from any such trouble, here is a step by step guide to SEO strategies.

  1. The first thing to do is to get to your homepage and decide a keyword that best describes you and your work. It need not be the name of the company or the name of the website, rather something to which the other links can get branched to. Therefore you must pick a keyword that is fully descriptive and associates well with your website. The clearer and more descriptive the keyword you are using for your website, the easier it would be for Google to track you whenever it is suitable.
  2. Secondly, you have to add the links and URLs to the content on your page. The authority and the intersection of the links also plays an important role in the optimization of your website.
  3. Choose the title and the URL descriptions to the optimized level so that the search engine knows what you have to offer to the searchers. If the title you choose is unique, the content meaningful, and the URLs optimized, then your rank on google gets higher.
  4. Keep updating the content on your website from time to time as the fresher data on the page gets more traffic and interest more people. This will keep your regular website visitors happy with your content and will keep bringing new ones as well.
  5. An important factor in SEO is to decrease the loading time of your page, for this, you need to use the techniques that optimize the loading time and keep the visitor hung to the page. A user normally moves back from a page that is taking a lot of loading time. Statistics tell that a user starts getting irritable even after 5 seconds of loading the page if they have a good internet speed.
  6. Never miss a chance to follow the new features that Google introduces for the websites. For example taking the authorship from Google only requires you to create and maintain a Google plus profile, which is not a difficult task at all.
  7. These 6 steps are simple but very essential and effective for creating a strong SEO for your website and to get maximum traffic as well.

Set your goals for the website and know what you aim to achieve from it. Then you can get started with the SEO techniques and strategies and in no time your website will be making remarkable grounds in the search results of Google. A simple tip is to get Google-friendly and Google will get friendlier to your website.


Keisha Laine

My name is Keisha originated from CA, USA and into blogging and content writing from many years. Currently writing for many online blogs and community. I am familiar with seo and wordpress even wrote tutorials on seo guide in the past.

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Keisha Laine

Keisha Laine

My name is Keisha originated from CA, USA and into blogging and content writing from many years. Currently writing for many online blogs and community. I am familiar with seo and wordpress even wrote tutorials on seo guide in the past.

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