The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats- [Full List]

Do you play The Hunter Call Of The Wild? Then the cheat codes must be essential for you. Oh, come on, there is fun in playing with cheat codes, right? So if you are looking for The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats, this guide is tailor-made for you. 

If you are a game freak, you must know that cheats are unique strategies that you can apply to win a particular mission or challenge in a game. However, you can find the game on both PC and Xbox One; therefore, the cheats for both are pretty different.

A Brief Description Of The Game 

A Brief Description Of The Game 

What would be the use of knowing The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats if you don’t understand the game well? So here goes a sneak peek at the game. 

Most of you might be familiar with the game, and that is why you are here. But this section is for those who are just a newbie and recently got their hand on the game. Plus, the experienced champs can also review this segment once to brush up their knowledge with some unique information!

The Hunter Call Of Wild lets you go through the excitement and sensation of super-realistic hunting. It is a single-time purchase in comparison to The Hunter Classic, the previous version. But guess what! Here is good news for you! There is a high probability that this purchasing span will get extended in the near future. Sounds fantastic, right?

The game’s main objective is to play among nine hunting Reserves and deal with a series of challenging on-game situations. These hunting areas refer to some of the real-life places across the world. Do you want to know what they are? Let’s see it below:

  • Rancho del Arroyo: On the basis of Mexico
  • Silver Ridge Parks: Based on the Rockies 
  • Yukon Valley: Based on Alaska
  • Parque Fernando: Dense forests of South Africa
  • Layton Lake District: On the basis of N. American Pacific NW
  • Vurhonga Savannah Reserve: The Savannah grassland of Africa
  • Medved-Taiga National Park: On the basis of Taiga Forest at Siberia
  • Cuatro Colinus Game Reserve: Based on Spain
  • Te Awaroa National Park: Centering Zealand

Furthermore, you can hunt down 56 animals with a variety of powerful weapons like shotguns, pistols, rifles. Some of these animals are:

  • Axis Deer
  • Coyote
  • Cinnamon Teat
  • Caribou
  • Fallow Deer
  • European Bison
  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Blacktail Deer
  • Mountain Goats
  • Lion
  • Moose
  • Puma
  • Red Deer
  • Reindeer
  • Roe deer
  • Roosevelt Elk and so on

The game revolves around stalking, tracking, and running down animals with earned weapons. The game also has different modes where you can communicate with other players. 

As a hunter, you must be very cautious about noises, wind direction, animal footprints, droppings, etc. 

So if you want to complete individual missions to proceed with the game, then understand the perspective of each mission. After that, apply The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC

The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC

Now that you have an overall idea about the game, it’s time to learn The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats. All you have to do is remember the list and install them – That’s it, you are ready to rock! 

There are multiple trainer sites from which you can avail of the hints, cheats, and codes. However, I have chosen as their cheats really work and are easily applicable.  

So if you like to get them from this website, you have to follow certain special instructions for installation. Let us now see The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC below:

CheatsWhat Does It Do?
LCTRL + F5 It will give you perk points by +1
LSHIFT + F5 This is one of the best The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats. It gives you unlimited stamina. 
LCTRL + F4 You will get +1 skill points 
LCTRL + F3 Experience points of +500
ALT + F3 You will get energy and health (the god mode)
LSHIFT + F3 To add shotgun experience credits of +100
ALT + F2 To cease repeated reloads 
RCTRL + F2 To freeze the animal 
LCTRL + F2 To get +10,000 money or gold 
LSHIFT + F2 You will get pistol experience of +100 
LSHIFT + F1 You will get rifle experience of +100 
ALT + F1 To get unlimited amo
RCTRL + F1 To calm the animals 

How To Activate The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC

How To Activate The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC

After jotting down The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats, the next important step to successfully applying the cheats is activating them. Since these are from, you require downloading this particular trainer program to your system. So how to use The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes PC? Check the below section. You must be worried about whether the software is safe. Please be assured that Pitch is a cent percent safe program as well as legal. So you do not need to be concerned about malware.

Now coming back to the activation of The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats. First of all, get the software from the official website of Now, as per the software and screen instructions, install it on your PC. Next, hit the name of the installed file from the folder where it has been downloaded to open it. Then, select the name of the game. After that, press Left CTRL + F1 from the keyboard to make the game ready for the cheats. Is the command sounding familiar to you? 

There you go, The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheat Codes for PC is activated. You can now apply them while playing the game.    

The Hunter Call Of The Wild PS4 Cheats

The Hunter Call Of The Wild PS4 Cheats

This section will talk about a series of the Hunter Call Of The Wild PS4 cheats. There are actually some trophies that you can earn by fulfilling some secret requirements. Want to know those requirements? We have mentioned it below:

TrophiesWhat Do You Need To Do? 
Blind Shot Thump every nearly invisible animal
Bhandari ArcFinish Vinay Bhandari’s all 5 missions plus Jager, Sommer
Beatty ArcComplete the 5 main missions 
Wildlife PaparazziTake photographs of all the trophy animals in Layton lake District and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve
Vualez ArcFinish the mission arc of Fiona Vualez
Tressler SrcKnock an unidentified animal within 16 yards. 
The Hunter Gather all trophies 
This Is Not A Zombie Game Hit the brain of approximately 10 animals
Trampfine Arc End the mission arc of Jonathan Trampfire
The Ultramarathon Walk 100 miles
The Mile Cover 1.609 Kms by foot
The Old Fashioned WayStrike animal with a not-scoped rifle 
The Scandinavian Mile Walk 10 km 
StalkerDetect 100 animals 
Skilled Marksman Slam an animal from 110+ yards
The MarathonTravel 42.195 km on foot
Stay On Target Get 50 tracks from a single Animal 
Seeing Is Believing Identify10 animals 
Potty HumourTrack and assess 100 waste elements of animals 
ScarecrowMake 1000 animals afraid 
Novice MarksmanStrike animal from +55 yards
Nerves Of SteelPut an animal down with a high heartbeat
Persistence Is Futile Get 100 tracks from a single Animal 
Moby DeerCollect an Albino Deer
Make it Count Use last ammunition round to knock over an animal 
Lord of The LakesCollect animals from Layton’s subregions 
Legendary MarksmanKnock an animal from +400 Km
Leave No Animal Behind Gather an injured animal 
Layton Lake District ArcFinish all the Pacific NW missions 
Jack of All TradesUse every 4 weapon types to harvest various animals 
Jager ArcGet Gerlinde Jager’s mission Arx done 
It’s SomethingWin a bronze rating on an animal that is harvested 
InsomniacKnock animal at night 
Hope ArcComplete Richard Hop’s mission arc
Hirchfelden ArcFinish and close Central Europe’s missions 
Hero of Hirchfelden Have animals in Layton’s Lake District and Hirchfilden Hunting Reserve’s  every sub-province 
GoldmemberGet a gold rating on harvested species 
GlobetrotterRoam all the places of Layton Lake District and Hirchfilden Hunting Reserve. 
Fleischer ArcFinalize the Amerbtina Fleischer’s mission arc
Expert MarksmanSlam an animal  from +200 yards
Eavesdropping Detect the call from all animal species of Layton Lake District and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve.
Diamonds Are ForeverGet a diamond rating on a gathered animal. 
Connors ArcEmily Conor’s mission arc – Complete it 
Call Of The Wild Utilize all the callers at least once 
Bucket List Detect all the trophy animals in Layton Lake District and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats Xbox One 2021 Version

The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats Xbox One 2021 Version

For the hunter call of the wild cheats, Xbox one (2021 version), all you have to do is complete the predetermined tasks like the PS4. If you think that Xbox one’s tasks are similar to that of the PS4 ones, then you are absolutely wrong. Although the procedures may look alike, the goals are completely different. 

1. Vurhonga Savannah

Vurhonga Savannah

Achievements What Do You Need To Do? 
The Lion Of VurhongaHarvest a single animal in Vurhonga Savanna’s sub-regions 
Springbok City Harvest nearly 25 Springboks 
Ospreay ArcFinish all the mission arcs of Flip Ospreay
CamouflageSpt 50 koodo
Vurhonga Savanna ArcComplete the mission arcs of Vurhonga Savanna
Maritz ArcEnd the mission arc of Dana Maritz 
Njabulo’s Sorrow Look for the last Rhino (Rambolo)
Brother arcFinish the Brothers mission arc
An experienced senior wardenHarvest every species in the sub-regions of Vurhonga Savanna.
Warden Missions ArcDo all the Warden Mission Arcs 
A match for the widowmaker Collect King 470DB’s downed cape buffalo 

2. Silver Ridge Peaks

Silver Ridge Peaks

You give love a bad name Knockdown 10 animals with Alexander Longbow’s single shot by hitting right in the heart. 
When they ruled the earth Capture the images of dinosaur footprints 
ThanksgivingCollect a diamond Turkey 
Sabotage Close the mission “Old Haunts.”
Heavy Weight Shot once from Alexander Longbow and  put down a plains bison 
Gobble Gobble Collect (Harvest) 50 turkeys
Bear With Her“Inner Peace, Outer Chaos” -Do this mission 
Bear With Me Do the mission – Bear With** Me 
Ascended Finish the mission – The Ascent
Better put this backup ‘A Dangerous Reaction’ – Complete this mission 

3. Yukon Valley

Yukon Valley


What Do You Need To Do? 

Yukon Valley Arc Do all the Yukon Valley mission arcs 
Sandy Murray Arc Get all the Yukon Valley mission arcs done 
Oscar Freeman Arc Finish all the Yukon Valley mission arcs 
Kayla Johnson ArcDo all the Yukon Valley mission arcs 
Hank Pepper ArcComplete all Hank Pepper’s mission arc
Ghost Harvest Albino Gray Wolf 
Grizzled Veteran Collect the Grizzly Bear for the very first time 
A spark, ashes, and blaze See a forest fire 
Bev Parker Arc Finish and close the Bev Parker mission Arc 

4. Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve 

Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve


What Needs To Be Done 

Tradition Complete mission arc of Antonia Acosta Gonzalez. 
Shady Dealings Collect Sombra, Ogro and Fantasma 
RebirthReach the end of Don el Bosque’s mission arc
OpportunismFinish the Jose Ruiz Hernandex’s mission arc 
Justice Is SavedDo the Cuatro Colinas Mission Arcs
Hubris Complete Gerhardt Baden’s mission arc 
Faith Complete the mission arc of Padre Abbas 
Cuatro Colinas SrcGet all the Cuatro Colinas mission arcs done 
A reddish carpetClose the mission “Red Carpet” 
Commitment Finish the mission arc: Sole Santiago Serrano

5. Parque Fernando 

Parque Fernando 


What Needs To Be Done 

Vicente Vargas Arc Complete and end Vicente Vargas’ mission arc. 
The Truth is in the Milanesa Get the Carolina Varga’s mission arc done 
Matmat Arc Complete and close Matias Mateo’s mission arc
Juliana Ferrari Arc Finish and close the Juliana Ferrari Mission Arc 
Hitting The Mark Finish one from each of Carolina’s challenge targets
Dr. Mariana Luna ArcFinish the mission arc: Dr. Mariana Luna
Chinita ArcFinish the mission arc: Beatriz Cabrera
Carolina’s Greatest Hits. Shot-For Shot Achieve all the targets of Carolina’s challenge
Ave Maria, it works Put back electricity in the Parque Fernando  Hunting lodge 
A world-class hunting reserve Harvest 7 distinctive species on Parque Fernando 
Sample of Praque Fernando’s Finest Finish the trophy collection of Parque Fernando 

The Final Takeaway

As you can see, every cheat and task on different video game consoles is unique. For example, the hunter call of the wild ps4 cheats is different from the hunter call of the wild cheats Xbox one. In contrast, the hunter call of the wild cheat codes pc is totally different from that of the Xbox and PS4. If you encounter difficulties remembering these altogether, just note them down and do the following as required. 

Do you want to hear a pro tip? – If you use callers too frequently in this game, it will make them run away. So use it as limited as possible. Finally, if you have found this guide helpful for your query, please show your support in the comment section.

Did a question pop up? Write it below; we are listening!

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