5 Things To Know Before You Hire A White-Label SEO Partner

  • Are you looking to boost your search rankings organically by following White-Label SEO strategies?
  • Do you know how you can choose the best SEO agency for all your needs- rankings, metrics, and lead generation?
  • Have you tried working with SEO resellers only to be disappointed by their poor working styles and lack of reporting?

Even though Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies in the world, it is still very much in demand. Every business looking to gain from digital performance has to engage with SEO for sustained periods.

Unlike pay-per-click paid advertising on Google and Social Media, SEO helps your website rank organically for a very long time. This enables it to climb the search rankings, gain more visitor clicks, and ultimately convert to sales and revenues.

In this article, we are going to help brands hire the best White-Label SEO partner for their digital marketing needs.

Why is Hiring a White-Label SEO Partner Agency a good idea?

First things first. SEO is a complex and complicated digital marketing strategy, which requires you to have an expert at your disposal. From making numerous outreaches to publishers to creating content and placing links, the entire task becomes a tad too tedious.

You also need to focus on your site’s On-Page optimizations like page loading speed, bounce rates, title tag fixing issues along with ensuring mobile responsiveness. Rather than hire five people to your internal digital marketing team, a better solution would be to work with a White-Label SEO partner agency.

White-Label simply means that they are legit in following the guidelines and regulations laid down by search engines like Google. It also means that they will not be following any Black-Hat or illegal strategies, which can get your website penalized and fined.

List of 5 Things to know before you Hire a White-Label SEO Partner

1. Research Multiple SEO Agencies

At no point should you go with the first search result thrown by your search engine! Talk and discuss with at least five SEO agencies and understand what they say about your brand’s growth strategies. Take multiple quotations and compare the targets and goals they have set and are projecting for your brand in the next few months.

2. Look at Online Reviews and Cross-Check Credentials

Your brand needs to work with an agency with a proven track record of excellence. This means seeing online reviews, looking at customer testimonials, and checking for their licenses and certifications. You do not want to work with a business, which is illegal or does not have the necessary paperwork in place. This will simply endanger your SEO project at hand.

3. Ask for Targets in Writing

There are times when your SEO agency will show you the stars and set astronomical targets just to win your account. However, in reality, they will not be able to deliver the results and point to one or the other shortcomings. This is why leading business CEOs say that it is better to take the same in writing and then hold them to their word when making payments.

4. Will the SEO Project be Scalable in the Future

If you are engaging and paying for white label SEO services, you need to be sure that it is scalable in terms of aspects like lead generation, building credibility, and promoting branding. A comprehensive SEO strategy should include lead generation services that target your ideal customers and capture their interest in your products or services. At one time, you will not require high site metrics. What you will require is to connect with niche-specific bloggers and better-sponsored posts in leading journals. As your business grows, you can continue to refine your SEO strategy and expand your lead generation efforts to attract even more qualified leads and drive greater revenue growth.

5. Look for Progress and Status Reports

As a client, you are entitled to look at and study your brand’s SEO reports of work undertaken by the SEO agency. This can be in the form of a Google Sheet, or a PPT presentation, which shows you the areas of progress, the number of links placed, the articles written and the jump in metrics, traffic figures, and so on.

The Final Word

Selecting the right White-Label SEO services might just be the toughest business decision you will have to take for your brand. By paying attention to the five points, you will be in a much better place to take those business decisions.

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