Top 5 Advantages of Successful Data Governance

In the last few years, businesses, governments, individuals, and society, in general, have been captivated by ‘data’. What is data, how to use it, is it safe, what kind of investment is required are some of the questions, which have been dominating search engines.

First things first, data governance is not something, which is new. Man has been collecting information, which is relevant to his well-being and survival for ages. However, the advent of technology has enabled the usage of such data in multifarious and advantageous ways.

Data Governance is the process of collecting, storing, securing, processing, analyzing, and executing data. Different stakeholders in our society have different usages for data governance. While security and national interest might be a priority for governments, corporates look tp use it to grow their businesses, reach out to consumers, and improve revenues.

In this article, we will look at the top 5 advantages of data governance. So let us begin.

Top 5 Advantages of Data Governance: The List

1. Improves Efficiency in Decision Making:

Decision Making

Sometimes running a successful business is all about making informed decisions. Accurate data management and governance inform proper decision making by a company’s top executives. According to, a business can use data to not only grow in the future but also learn from the mistakes of the past and improve efficiency in the present times.

Taking key decisions, based on facts, studies and accurate research will always ensure that the margin for error is very low. This means that businesses can avoid huge sums of investments when it comes to failures and bad decisions.

Data also informs companies and organizations as to the best way to proceed with regard to a certain business function. The scope for wastage reduces, resources are optimized accordingly, and business reputations are intact.

This is why the biggest corporations lay so much stress and emphasis on their data governance programs. From start to finish, the right data can help organizations at every step of the operation cycle. This streamlines structures, processes, different departments and contributes to the final execution process.

2. Better Customer Service and Reputation Building:

Whenever you approach a company for the first time, they will always want you to share some data and personal information. This can be your name, email id, cell phone number, or social media link. Have you ever wondered, why do they do this?

Data is not only about making sales and pestering people with daily and routine information. Some of the experts say that the primary purpose of data lies in its future use. Everyone and everything is a prospect. If you have purchased a vehicle from a brand, that brand will never want you to leave it for any other brand.

This is where data becomes so powerful. By connecting points in different data, brands can help in building their reputation, help customers, increase repeat buyers, and grow their relationship. Remember, why some brands ask you to write down your birthday or anniversary date?

3. Improves Revenues:

Most businesses focus on data governance with this advantage in mind. In fact, improving revenues, profits, and growth, stand right on top of any commercial entity’s interests. By critically using and planning strategic executions and campaigns, businesses can capitalize on what matters most to them- profits and revenues.

If businesses know their interested customers, what they like or dislike, how they make purchases, what are they looking for in a product and how should they make the outreach, the scope of conversion becomes easier.

This also lessens the speculation-based investments in marketing and sales promotions. Targeted attention to interested parties offers a better chance of conversion and reduces budgets. Every commercial entity wants to pursue a data governance strategy for itself.

4. Improving Customer Service:

Customer Service

Let us assume for a moment, that you are searching for travel options in France. Some tour operator like Air BnB starts showing you (through remarketing), options in South Africa. What are you going to do?

For starters, this is a failed attempt at remarketing, as it might have not been a successful data collection operation. If brands already know what people want, they are in a better position to offer it. There is a definite plan, strategy, and execution, which is intended to help consumers in the best manner possible.

From comfort to the ease of availing a product or service, data governance is exceptional, when it comes to creating unique and fantastic customer experiences. This is why brands always look to invest heavily in order to improve their customer experiences.

5. Long Term Vision:

The beauty of data is such that it can help you analyze the past, execute in the present, and plan for the future. With the right kind of data governance models and strategies, you can plan your marketing, product launches, sales projections for the next decade or so.

Every entrepreneur or business owner wants to think long term. This is critical for growth and development. You cannot just be doing things in the present. Unless you have a vision for the future, your company or you will never be successful.

Data governance helps in long-term planning. Reading of the same ensures that businesses and individuals are better placed in addressing the challenges of the future. This not only helps in safeguarding one’s interests but also helps in future planning and decision-making.


Data Governance is the watchword in the industry right now. No matter where you go, everyone is talking about data. The advantages of data far outweigh its negatives. Yes, there might be misused. However, governments and international bodies are working overtime to enforce and maintain strict data laws in our society.

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Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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      Arina Smith

      Arina Smith

      Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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