What Is The “ETD Control Center” And Should It Be Removed?

What is ETD Control Center? The ETD Control Center is also known as the Elan Trackpad Device Control Center. It can provide additional functional support to the touchpad of your laptop. Even the user can adapt multi-finger operation to their laptop precisely like a smartphone if they use the ETD Control Center. 

Since some people regard it as the ETD Control Center virus, they often wonder whether they should remove it or not. However, it is better to disable it rather than obliterate it if you want to use it again in the future. You just need to open the control panel and choose the program and features option for disabling the ETD Control Center.

What Is ETD Control Center?

What Is The ETD Control Center

Developed by Elan Microelectronics, the ETD Control Center is a type of software driver that modifies the settings of the laptop’s touchpad. With its help, the touchpad’s functionality maximizes, and it also grants the user a multi-finger control over the computer. 

In the Windows directory, there is a subfolder named etdctrl.exe, and this file is responsible for managing the entire operation of the ETD Control Center. The etdctrl.exe is mainly a configuration screen. This screen can also provide the user a lot of options to change the settings of the Elan Intelligent Touchpad. 

ETD Control Center’s software driver software configuration enables the zoom in and zooms out option, window switching option, window tapping option, screen magnification option, screen rotation option, intuitive scrolling option, and many more besides the two fingers and three fingers gestures. In addition, this application allows the ETD Control Center to run in the background that we can see through the task administrator. 

ETD Control Center In Start-up

ETD Control Center In Start-up

The software driver, named ETD Control Center, is located at the start-up section in the Task Manager bar. First, you need to right-click on the taskbar and select the task manager option from the context menu. Then you need to choose the start-up option in the task manager section. After choosing the start-up option, you need to scroll down,  and there you will find the ETD Control Center option. You can pick to damage the application there by clicking on the right bottom window.

What Are The Issues With The ETD Control Center?

What Are The Issues With The ETD Control Center

In Windows 10, the ETD Control Center takes up almost 51% of the space in the CPU. Therefore, it creates space shortage and memory shortage in the machine, contributing to lower laptop performance. This issue often occurs because of conflict between other third-party applications and obsolete touchpad software in the device. 

On the other hand, if the ETDCtrl.exe is located in the user profile folder, it increases the security risk to 85%. Since the file is not a core Windows file, there is rarely any factual information on the file, and neither it has any visible window. That is why the ETD Control 

Center sometimes poses a significant risk to the functionality of the laptop.

However, if the ETDCtrl.exe software is located in the temporary file option in the Windows folder, then it increases the security risk to 92%. This program is also not visible to us because the ETDCtrl.exe is a compressed file. In this case, the software is loaded when the Windows boot process goes on. The file size is typically large here, approximately 209,408 bytes. As it is now a windows system file, this software sends data and asks for the same on open ports on the Internet or LAN. 

The technical security rating of this application is 17%. Nonetheless, it is not an actual application for Windows operating system, so it tends to cause a few problems when it is externally installed. 

ETD Control Center In Windows 10

ETD Control Center In Windows 10

The ETD Control Center is available in Windows 10, but many Windows 10 get more errors in this software application than other versions of Windows. If the driver does not allow you to add the extra functionality to your laptop touchpad, then you can choose to fix it or disable the control in Windows 10.

First, you need to right-click on the Windows logo and then click on task manager. You can also choose to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the Task Manager option together. Once it opens, you need to click on the ‘More Details’ option and then click on the ‘start-up’ option. There, you can right-click on the ETD Control Center and press the ‘Disable’ option if your use Windows 10.

Can We Fix The Issues?

Can We Fix The Issues

Uninstalling the ETD Control Center driver might also affect the touchpad in general, so rather than uninstalling it completely, you can follow some other ways to fix the issues above. 

Updating your drivers is the first solution in this context. First, search for the Device Manager option in the search menu. After opening the device manager, also find the ‘Mice and other pointing device’ option. Then right-click on the Elan Touchpad Driver option and click on the update button. Once the update is finished, then install it again. It should end all your problems with the ETD Control Center because, with the up-gradation, it becomes the default touchpad on your laptop.

If you use an ASUS laptop, you will probably notice something blinking in the taskbar if the ETD Control Center supposedly uses a lot of CPU space and resources. In that case, you need to repair the ASUS thoughtful gesture by pressing R while holding the window key. 

Type appwiz. CPL in the Run window, and when it pops up, then select the repair option to fix it. You can also choose to uninstall it from this option if you desire so.

Another potential solution for fixing the issues here would be removiwng the virus with antimalware and antivirus. Most likely, a Trojan virus is present in the ETDCtrl.exe if it is located in the windows subfolder. 

In that case, you need to download the security task manager to check the severity of its threat to your machine. Then, install and update a renowned antivirus for scanning the laptop and deleting potential viruses. You can also install anti-malware to eradicate the malware from this driver. 

Should You Remove The ETD Control Center?

Well, you can choose to remove it if you do not need it at all and if it causes severe problems to your laptop.

However, if you can fix the issues by applying the solutions mentioned earlier, ETD Control Center’s software driver, we suggest that you go with those options instead of removing them. If you happen to remove the ETD Control Center, then your computer might not be able to detect a touchpad at all. 

Now that will cause more problems because you will need to install a touchpad again. Henceforth, disable it via task manager if it poses too many problems, but we will not recommend you uninstall it.  


What is ETD Control Center? As you can see the ETD Control Center demonstrates some potential threats to your laptop, but with the correct fixes, you can also overcome those threats. The potential issues in the ETD Control Center software driver can be removed with antivirus, antimalware, and driver up-gradation. Moreover, this feature adds various features to your touchpad, making it compatible with the multi-finger operational mode like a smartphone. Therefore, instead of removing it, fixing the issues, or temporarily disabling it will be better. 

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Sharmita Shee

Sharmita Shee

Sharmita is one of the top contributors to onlinehealthmedia. She is a full-fledged member of online health media. Her articles are informative and aim to bring value to readers' lives. She is a contributor of Top preference , Smart Business Daily.

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