What’s the History of Forex

Fiat currencies have been exchanged for the longest time in history. Nowadays, forex, also known as the foreign exchange market or FX is by far the biggest trading market for financial assets globally.

Everyone who is involved in the forex market, and not only, is to have knowledge about the key events that had an influence on its development. It is not only because of curiosity but also because some things may be repeated, not exactly the way it was before, but similar, that affected the market and the knowledge of past experiences would be quite a handful in this regard.

Forex Trading: History, Practices, and Trends

Forex Trading

In this period, if you wanted to become an owner of any goods, you had to give another one in exchange. When we say acceptability we mean that the public agreed on using those coins in order to receive anything they wanted, it was like an agreement that had an actual shape. After several centuries, people realized that those golden coins were too heavy and this is when the governments accepted. In other words, the foreign exchange market became popular and many started using the same as a means of growing their wealth.

Trading Today With The Forex:

Nowadays, this is the largest market in the world. The platform is changing on a daily basis in order to give its clients vast opportunities and modern ways of exchange. Some of the innovations are even difficult to perceive for those who are not familiar with the industry. For example, comparison of MT4 with MT5 and cTrader might be difficult to analyze for the general public, but if you ask the forex traders, they have a clear answer to that, since they are widely used software because of their characteristics that make the trading process easier, quicker, more convenient and profitable at the same time.

In order to become successful on the platform, there is no one formula for that. It demands a lot of time and energy, as well as being updated about the latest forex events and real-time currency data. The platform even suggests trading webinars to those, who are interested in the trading process in order to have the trading insight from successful traders and experts.

It is a matter of long-time innovation procedures that are caused by the technological advancements that people are now allowed to trade with many different sources, whether it is stocks, bonds, shares, fiat currencies, or cryptocurrencies on one exchange platform.

Important Events that Affected The Forex Market-

 It is no surprise that the forex market was affected by the numerous events that took place during its formation and those are the major events that are still worth mentioning.

The Bretton Woods System

Occurred after the second world war. In order to design a global economic order, the US, Great Britain, and France met in Bretton Woods. The system must have worked out as a resolution mechanism for the global economy and to create fixed exchange rates. The US was holding most of the world’s reserves. The system appeared to be not successful because dollar circulation was way higher than the gold.

Free-Floating System –

After the end of the Bretton woods system, the free-floating system gave the opportunity for the currencies and government landing, and spending was increased.

Internet Trading –

A lot of changes and innovations happened in the 1990s. People were given the opportunity to find an accurate price on the currency without going even out and searching for the traders, brokers, and telephones. This everything could be done by the internet. This happened because capitalism and globalization were given their way to thrive. Many markets emerged which were isolated due to the political agenda during the cold war, markets, such as Southeast Asia, flourished because it attracted the capital.


Finally, to summarize, the development process that was happening around the foreign exchange market is spread over a long-time period and it even has its historical roots. However, it is a fact, that the changes and innovations that this market has achieved in the last 20 years are way bigger than it was before that. The 21st-century technological advancements had an influence on the forex market as well and this is why, as a result, we have a platform that guarantees the quick, simple, efficient, and convincing exchange process.

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