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Under experts, about 54% of enterprises worldwide can’t effectively track their actual KPIs. And that decreases such companies’ project management (PM) efficiency generally. This trend leads to the world’s businesses totally losing up to 12% of their assets because of poor PM. That’s especially true for IT companies.

Development teams use the agile concept to manage assignments to improve their effectiveness. The specified strategy was created in 1940 by Toyota managers. This technique implies dividing projects into simple subtasks, giving regular feedback, etc. To make the mentioned process easier, development teams frequently use agile project management software. However, experts recommend implementing such apps only with the help of reputable companies (e.g., Project Management Migration Service).

Choosing Agile PM Software Features

First, business owners need to determine the mentioned technique’s most suitable framework. Among the well-known agile structures, it’s worth noting:

  1. Scrum – involves separating tasks into iterations called sprints. Here, employees should give feedback, and managers have to organize short meetings after each sprint.
  2. Kanban – implies prioritizing workflow steps within a project according to available labor resources. As a part of this agile framework, employees cannot move on to the next subtask until they have completed the required amount of work within the current one.
  3. Extreme programming – involves evaluating the effectiveness and detailed planning of the workflow. It’s commonly used for the continuous release of qualitative software.
  4. The adaptive project framework – helps to cope with constantly changing requirements for a digital product and improve the development quality.

Before choosing the right framework, business owners should clearly define the problems that need to be solved.

Popular Agile PM Apps

Initially, it’s worth noting Asana. It is a cloud-based application and assignment management tackle for organizing, planning, and tracking assignments’ progress. Asana offers its users boards along with timelines. As a part of agile PM, the specified application may track iterations and launches, just sprints or project plans, and ensure communication with teammates.

What Should Be Known About Jira?

This tool is applied for agile testing as well as for PM. So, this app helps:

  • manage subtasks within software development processes;
  • track bugs and issues;
  • set priorities for subtasks.

Jira allows teams to get insight into long-term purposes along with real-time release data. This application’s toolbar may be customized to suit various business processes.

Key Wrike Peculiarities

Efficient PM implies immediately making necessary shifts to increase revenue and save costs. Wrike is perfect for centralizing or merging multiple projects as well as making development teams more effective.

The application regularly updates its releases and improvements. However, the mobile versions of this app are a bit behind here. So, users occasionally don’t see changes on their gadgets simultaneously as the shifts happen on their PCs.

Primary Smartsheet Features

This software assists in evaluating the interaction of development teams on projects, tracking marketing campaigns, as well as planning various events. It enables free and open collaboration, unifies cross-functional priorities, as well as allows the creation of teams without any restrictions.

There are many more agile PM applications worldwide. And each app has its own pros as well as cons. Business owners may find information about other agile PM software in thematic blogs (e.g., on

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Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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