Buy Scannable Fake Ids with the Best Security Elements

The fake id cards business is booming from the high demand by high school minors.

In the US and across the world cities, minors, mostly teenagers, seek Fake identity cards to secure entry to social joints and clubs to buy alcohol.

Most of these social joints are age-restricted. Therefore, under age are barred from accessing the joint. In common practice, bouncers and security officers will require the people entering into producing their identity cards.

Therefore, because it is a tricks requirement, most high school and college students would purchase a fake identity card to fake their age and gain access to the clubs. However, even adults would seek fake identity cards for various reasons. 

Reasons People Seek Fake Identity Cards 

Fake Identity Cards 

1. Verify accounts online 

Most adult people seek fake identity cards instead of their legitimate cards to very accounts online. Most online businesses would require users to verify their accounts using their identity cards. However, due to the increased fraud cases online, most people seek fake id cards to verify their accounts online.

In most cases, online accounts would not scan fake id cards to verify their legitimacy. Therefore, even simple cards that show the users’ age and particulars would complete the verification. 

2. Pass entry barriers at borders. 

Borders between states and countries are highly restricted from people without the legitimately required documents given the pass. However, in many cases, people would lack the required documents to pass interstates or countries. Though this criminal offense in many countries, people seek fake identity cards to pass through these borders’ barriers.

However, if you are seeking a fake id card to pass through the barriers, you must be sure that you have a quality card that can pass the stingiest security details. Moreover, it is essential to check on the regulation of the cards in your host country or state and the state and country you seek to enter. It is important to ascertain whether passing through these barriers is a criminal offense. 

3. Pass traffic police checks 

Every country requires that drivers possess a valid driving license. The driving test is only taken by those who have attained the age to drive on the highway. However, minors admire driving on the road even when they have not attained the age to go to driving school.

Moreover, adults may also find themselves in situations without a driving license and require driving. In such cases, these people may seek fake driver’s licenses to pass through the traffic checks on the road. Failure to have a driving license is prosecutable in American law and can attract penalties.

Possession of a fake driving license may make your valid license revoked. Therefore, you need to be very careful to have a license with all the security features and be sure it can pass the strictest security checks. 

Scannable Features In An Identity Card

4. Magnetic stripe 

Every US identity card and driver’s license comes with a magnetic stripe at the back of the card. This magnetic stripe is a critical security feature of identity cards. When the magnetic stripe is passed white light through, it becomes clear, allowing light to pass through. This is a common security verification of the validity of the identity cards. 

5. Barcode

The barcode is located below the magnetic stripe. It is encoded with the cardholder’s details, including the date of birth, address, and physical properties. Therefore, when scanned, it can display the particulars of the cardholder as a confirmation of the details on the front page of the identity card.

Importance Of The Scannable Features In Fake Identity Cards 

The two scannable features of the identity cards are critical security features in the US ids and driver’s licenses. Every state must have these features in their ids. However, the states are allowed to add features that can identify their ids and driver’s licenses. Therefore, a fake id card that fails to have these features fails the legitimacy tests and may be easily nabbed on the road and at the security checks.

It is an easy technology to engrave these two essential security features in ids. Therefore, many fake id makers would skip the step and place a barcode that cannot be scannable. Therefore, the fake id maker must invest in the technology and ensure that their ids possess these essential security features. 

Where To Buy Scannable Fake Ids With The Best Security Elements

1. Internet search 

Most searches begin on the internet. You may find the best scannable fake ids on sale on the internet. However, avoid the ad-supported websites that rank first in the search engines. As opposed, check on the organically listed websites that appear in the search engines without ad support. These websites are picked by the sophisticated metrics of the search engines and, therefore, may contain the best security features.

Moreover, even after picking a site, do your thorough search on the site to ascertain that they sell the best scannable fake ids with the best security features. Check on the reviews of these sites online to check what the past customers say about them. You may also search those websites on the review sites for free. Some of these review sites are popular to vet fake id card makers and would list approved sites on their websites. 

2. Referrals from friends and relatives 

Those lucky to have friends and relatives who have interacted with fake id sellers producing scannable ids with the best security elements can refer you to the makers. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you also vet the recommended fake id makers to ascertain that they produce quality fake id cards. 


Magnetic stripes and barcodes are essential security features of the ids of most countries. For instance, in the US, all their ids must possess the two security features.

Therefore, if you need a fake id card, you must insist that it contains a valid magnetic stripe and a scannable barcode. A scannable barcode should display the particulars of the cardholder.

Nonetheless, the technology involved in these security features is expensive; thus, many fake id makers fail to deliver these features. You must be keen when choosing a fake id maker to ensure that the fake id has the best security features. 




Sumona is the publisher for TechTrendsPro. In terms of professional commitments, she carries out publishing sentient blogs by maintaining top to toe on-page SEO aspects. Follow more of her contributions in SmartBusinessDaily and RealWealthBusiness

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Sumona is the publisher for TechTrendsPro. In terms of professional commitments, she carries out publishing sentient blogs by maintaining top to toe on-page SEO aspects. Follow more of her contributions in SmartBusinessDaily and RealWealthBusiness

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