Devops Benefits And Drawbacks: A Short Overview

According to the statistics,99% of business owners claim that DevOps strategies and benefits positively impact their organizations.

No wonder the DevOps market is also expected to reach $8 billion by 2022. But before entering this industry, it is better to know which are the pros and cons of this industry and how to recover from the issues.

What Do Development & Operations Imply?

Simply put, DevOps as a service constitutes a loop in which the IT firm plans, builds, develops, and tests software; so that development and operations teams closely work during all project stages.

The main objective of the methodology is to bring together all the actions related to the development process, following continuous delivery and integration principles.

Alongside the benefits of the approach, a practice harbors several challenges. In this post, we will discuss both topics, sharing opinions of PNN Tech development and operations teams. So let us start by considering the most visible DevOps benefits.

Four pros of DevOps practices: how it can level up your company

What are the benefits of DevOps? Here are the four common benefits of DevOps benefits.

pros of DevOps practices

1. Prompt development and delivery

As far as the approach presupposes automated testing, it results in the prompt fixing of bugs before they turn into severe malfunctions and, correspondingly, faster delivery. So if you strive to create an efficient solution promptly, select an IT vendor competent in DevOps practice and Agile methodology.

2. Increased efficiency of cooperation within the IT agency

Another important highlight is better coherency between team members from the development, operations, design, and testers teams. As a result, clients obtain a more advanced and robust platform in terms of user convenience, technological stack, and visual impression; in addition, all stakeholders become more open to sharing strategic initiatives. 

3. High-quality services

DevOps methodology emphasizes diligent testing of code before proceeding with further deployment, which leads to avoiding downtimes and massive disruptions. Following the approach, a team of vendors may conduct multiple testing comprising both manual and automated practices.

4. Achieving customer satisfaction

The prompt bug fixing mentioned above helps to prevent numerous customer support issues. At the right time, customer support comes under the best DevOps benefits.

Thus, instead of concentrating on solving malfunctions, the developer team may think of modernizing existing technologies or making the user experience even more interactive and individualized.

Four cons of DevOps or which aspects need to be carefully considered

Now you know all about the DevOps benefits but does everything come clean without any drawbacks? This is only partially possible.

cons of DevOps

1. Challenges related to integration

DevOps is a culture of interaction, which may be challenging to learn for big organizations with multiple departments or complex systems. Therefore, to help employees work with IT experts efficiently, you may ask for consulting and conducting introductory training on DevOps for your staff members.

2. Unintended results of process automation

Remarkably, alongside benefits, some drawbacks may potentially occur if automation is not monitored thoroughly. DevOps has quite an intense dynamics: developers regularly receive feedback loops from users. Sometimes, team members may need more time for product evaluation and developers — to set up automation properly.

3. Speed and Security

DevOps as a methodology is characterized by insufficient attention to security practices. You need to maintain a separate security strategy to protect the system from security shortfalls. The shared action plan between developers and operations staff will help you avoid crippling setbacks.

4. Technical And Operational Challenges 

DevOps presents a number of technical challenges. But one of the most significant challenges is when Dev Ops comes into the existing environment. The complex productions and adding the monitoring and logging challenges for all users. 

Another challenge for DevOps is due to technical difficulties as a large and complex process is going to run. And if your internet speed is not compatible, it is going to affect the DevOps operations.

We hope the article helps you make up your mind on DevOps practices. If you are searching for a reliable team of developers and operations staff members, feel free to contact the PNN Tech software development agency:

Wrapping It Up:

Hope you are getting the ideas about the DevOps benefits and cons. But many of the functions depend on professional users. More experienced users mean you will get the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of the program. But prepare for the complicated process. Every beautiful rose is a throne.

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      Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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