Free AI Photo Enhancer You Should Try In 2023

AI photo enhancers have become incredibly popular in recent years. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to improve the quality of photos and make them look more professional. In 2023, there are several excellent free AI photo enhancers you should try.

AI Photo Enhancer From Aipassportphotos

AI Photo Enhancer From Aipassportphotos

One of the best free AI photo enhancers is Photo Enhancer from AiPassportPhotos. This web-based tool allows you to upload a photo and it will automatically enhance it. The AI examines the photo and makes improvements to the lighting, color, sharpness, and more. It’s optimized for enhancing passport photos but works great for any portraits. The enhanced photos have brighter colors and skin tones, balanced lighting, and sharper facial details.

Photo Enhancer also offers handy tools like cropping to passport photo size, removing red eye, and resizing photos. The enhanced images can be downloaded in high resolution. is another impressive free AI photo enhancer. It provides advanced editing features powered by AI including lighting fixes, color correction, sharpening, face retouching, and upscaling images. The enhancer is easy to use – just upload a photo and let the AI work its magic.

After processing, you can compare the original and enhanced images side-by-side. does an excellent job at automatically improving image quality for portraits, landscapes, and more. The enhanced photos can be exported in JPG or PNG format up to 4K resolution.


Remini is a photo enhancer app for Android and iOS devices. It uses AI to sharpen details and textures in faces. The app can fix blurriness, enhance facial features, and improve skin tones. It’s optimized for editing portraits and works by separating the subject from the background.

Remini has free and paid subscription options. The free version adds a watermark but allows you to test the powerful AI photo enhancements. It can improve old and low-quality photos captured on mobile phones. The app is also easy to use with an intuitive interface.


InfiniPic is a powerful AI image enhancer website. It uses machine learning to superscale images up to 4x larger while preserving clean details. This allows you to resize and print small photos at a much larger high-quality size.

InfiniPic’s AI adds natural data to enlarge images so they don’t look pixelated. It also sharpens and digitally enhances photos for increased clarity. The website is simple to use – just upload a JPG, PNG, or BMP photo up to 8K in size and let the AI enlarge it. The enhanced images can be downloaded for free.

Let’s Enhance

As the name suggests, Let’s Enhance is a user-friendly AI photo enhancement tool. It provides fully automated enhancement with options to improve JPEG compression, upscale images, correct colors, sharpen details, reduce noise, and more.

Let’s Enhance uses cutting-edge AI that has been trained on millions of photos. The website has a free version that applies basic enhancements. You can sign up for a paid subscription to enable the most advanced photo corrections and upscaling up to 4x resolution. Enhanced photos can be exported in PNG or JPEG formats.


PIXimperfect offers powerful photo enhancement with both free and paid features. The web app applies AI algorithms to automatically improve photos. It can fix underexposure, overexposure, white balance, and colors. Face retouching is available to smooth skin, brighten faces, sharpen eyes and teeth, and more.

You can also tap into PIXimperfect’s AI to increase resolution up to 2x size. The free version adds a watermark while paid subscriptions allow downloading clean enhanced photos. It’s easy to use and provides effective AI-powered corrections.


PICfixer is an AI photo restoration service with free and premium options. It specializes in enhancing old, damaged, and low-quality photos. The AI digitally restores images by upscaling resolution, adding natural colors, sharpening details, removing blemishes, and fixing rips or folds.

The free version allows you to test PICfixer’s restoration abilities with a watermark. Premium accounts provide up to 600 DPI photo enhancements without watermarks. PICfixer does an amazing job at revitalizing old and blurry photos with machine learning.


IMGEnhancer is a user-friendly AI photo enhancer that works right inside your web browser. It uses AI algorithms to upscale, denoise, and sharpen images. The website also provides automatic colorization for black and white photos and can convert photos to pencil sketches or paintings.

The free version adds a small watermark. But it allows you to test the AI’s ability to superscale and enhance photos. Paid accounts enable downloading high-quality enhanced images without watermarks and unlock additional filters.

AKVIS Enhancer

AKVIS Enhancer

AKVIS Enhancer is a desktop program for Windows and Mac. It uses AI to restore details and improve digital photos. The software enhances colors, corrects brightness, and can sharpen even blurry photos with advanced machine-learning algorithms.

You can download and try AKVIS Enhancer for free. The trial version adds watermarks to exported photos. Paid licenses remove the watermark and provide additional batch-processing features. Even without paying, it’s a powerful free AI photo enhancement tool.


These free AI-powered photo enhancers can breathe new life into old and low-quality photos. They enable anyone to digitally improve their images with powerful machine-learning algorithms that automate corrections and upscaling. In 2023, make sure to try tools like Photo Enhancer,, Remini, InfiniPic, Let’s Enhance, and PICfixer to enhance your photos for free using the latest AI.



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      Mony Shah

      Mony Shah

      With an adept skill of curating content on multiple genres, Mony has harnessed success as a Content Writer quickly. Find her sharing profound thoughts and opinions on technology, gaming and lifestyle.

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